what is the appropriate age to stop tucking your child in bed?

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what is the appropriate age to stop tucking your child in bed?

Oct 08, 2011 Not all the time
by: Felix

It is lovely to have children who want their parents to tuck them into bed at night. Particularly since many children have parents who do not care for them.
For children this means I trust mum and dad-what a privilige! Also in such a close relationship it is easy for a child to share fears and problems which often can be solved before these become big problems.
But sometimes when the boy/girl gets older 10-12, give tucking in a break-they appreciate it all the more, when you resume. If kids don’t want to be tucked in anymore, oblige them they are growing up.
When the kids get into puberty, wean them slowly off the tucking in-this will help them in their psycological development. When they are distressed or sick tuck them in at any age if it benefits them Only on rare occasions should children get into bed with mum and dad-mainly for fun. The bedroom belongs to the parents-and they must respect your privacy.
All the best!

May 30, 2011 yes and no
by: dave

I believe this is a tought question 1 you want to keep the closeness on the other hand you want your child to go up but I think there might be a middle ground at a certain age maybe just have them say good night and when they do give them a good nite huge and kiss.And if your child agree’s this could go on for years there’s nothing wrong with it as long as it is kept in the family and this is a family thing no one needs to know. If this does not bother your child then so be it.Today familys are so disconnected and people try anything to keep the family together.Nothing stop you from keeping this up but if your child has a problem with you have a problem but that can be solved by tell your child these is a family thing like spanking you do not tell your friends when you get back than this is the same thing. If there are sleep overs than like most kid do they find there parent and exchange hugs and kisses or if your child prefers just a good nite will do. Yes your child is growing up but you can keep them little in one very small way. Lets try to keep familys together not apart stop the tucking keep the kissing and hugging.

Dec 23, 2010 You are all goofy! 
by: Charles 

My daughter is almost seventeen and we are having issues with her being self sufficient because of doing things like tucking her in. She knows she is loved because we tell her and we spend lots of quality time together as a family. If you are doing it past ten years old, you have issues letting your child become an adolescent. They want their own space and time. Which includes mom and dad not being there everytime they goto bed. My. Sister is still dealing with issues with her child because of the same thing. Now at age 21, it’s mom do this and that and I want it now! And she does it. So let’s take time to think about this and wonder is it worth it?

May 10, 2009 Thanks for the wonderful post-I agree!
by: Comforted

I asked this question some time ago when my spouse and I were disagreeing on this issue. I contended I will tuck my sons until…forever if I could! My one of our sons had reached Jr. High and my husband felt he was getting too old to be tucked in. The two of us always tucked him and his brother in when they were younger and I continued on beyond. The youngest one always came asking to be tucked in if he had stayed up late on a weekend and it was time. My husband and I now agree. I still tuck them in often, in fact most nights, with rare exception.

I will follow your parent’s lead and do it as long as I can. What a wonderful post to respond to on Mother’s Day! I hadn’t thought of the subject in quite sometime. It was a delight to be notified there was a new post on the subject about which I inquired. Thanks. God Bless you all for caring enough to post.

May 10, 2009 tucking in until married
by: Anonymous

My parents still tucked me in during high school, and when I visited from college, they would knock and check on me. I felt loved and cared for. Sometimes my mom would bring a snack, or just give me a kiss, or sit for a minute and ask about my day. It was special time. I never felt intruded upon.

My two kids are age 8 and 3, and we tuck them in every single night with a story and a quick song. They go to sleep quickly and sleep long and hard. Routine makes them comfortable, as does the show of love and caring. I think kids are never too old to be tucked in until they are married and the job is passed on to their new spouse. Who doesn’t need more love in their life?

Nov 23, 2008 but what is too old ?
by: Confused

My ex-girlfriend still tucks her son in at the age of 13. I think there are times she would be content on letting him go to sleep on his own, but he will then come looking for her so she can do it. There have been times where he has stayed up later than her playing video games till the early morning (12:30 TO 1:30 AM)and will come into her room and wake her up to be tucked in. I’m pretty sure there are times he is still sleeping in her bed, it was still going on regularly up until last February. Why does this situation upset me or make me uncomfortable….

Jan 15, 2008 For as long as you possibly can
by: judy hansen

I don’t think there is really a specific age when you should stop tucking your kids in at night.
It depends very much on what you want actually. The longer you do it, the more the bonding between you and your child will be. When they are older, perhaps you can missed a few times. But its still essential to at least say good night or a good night kiss. This keeps the closeness between parents and child.