spanking your child in public

Do you think that it is ok to spank your child or children in pbulic areas. waht is your view on this issue?

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spanking your child in public

Feb 24, 2013 Not right
by: Shirley

I don’t think its right to spank them in public. Last week I saw a woman spank her son (about 8) at the park. He threw sand at another kid. She took his shorts, shirt and underwear off and whipped his butt with a strap.

He was screaming that people could see his bare penis. She then whipped his penis a couple of times with the strap and told him he was going to get more when they got home. That was awful to watch!.

Feb 22, 2013 Just embarass
by: Anonymous

I have 1 child (9 year old) who acts up all the time and I always tell them to come to me and I take their pants all the way off and underwear too and after I spank them really hard I make them stand up and say “I was being bad so that is why I got spanked”.

And if they don’t I take them into the bathroom and spank them until they promise to say it and once my 9 year old would just not listen so I went over to her friends house and asked my daughter friend to come outside And once she was out there I spanked my daughter like 50 times and her friend just stood there but after that my daughter would always do what I told her to do.

Feb 19, 2013 SPANK THEM!
by: Anonymous

I have 2 sons and a daughter. boys are age 11 and 13. girl is 9…

If they act up in public I give them 1 warning to stop before I make them come over by me, get on my knee, and putt their pants down enough to expose their butt and then I give them 10 spanking at least.

I do this to them all. once at the mall my 13 year old was acting up and I spanked him in the open mall. my girl was spanked in an elevator before for pressing all the buttons. never get them completely naked though the 1st time. I don’t use my hand either, I always have a hair brush I use.

If they still don’t behave I spank them 20 more times this time and take their pants off completely. once in the car at Target I spanked my 11 year old. If they talk back or swear the get soap in the mouth applied like brushing teeth on a toothbrush.

If they continue to misbehave I bring them to the bathroom to a stall, strip them, and spank them hard until they cry really hard. If they try and cover their butts I smack their hands, then take off their pants throw them in the toilet, and carry them with only underwear on like a baby until i get what i need and then to the car.

Feb 04, 2013 naughty kids have to get spankings
by: Anonymous

if my kids are bad i tell them get your butts over here i strip them and spank them bare butt. then they have to follow one of us naked and if he`s bad then he gets the paddle 100 times that makes him less naughty.

Jan 26, 2013 no bare bottom spanking teenagers
by: Anonymous

I wanted to say, stripping children going through puberty and including teens, especially if teens are boys, stripped by mom, or teen girls stripped by dad for bare bottom spankings is against the law, especially in the state that I am from.

It is sexual abuse. I asked a friend of mine who is a chief of police in neighboring town here in Oregon and also my niece who is a state trooper. They said spanking is legal, but you can only use the back side of your hands, not the palm of your hands or other instruments to spank. If children go to school and tell school officials. The parents will be arrested and children removed from parents.

I am a believer in spankings, I was spanked as a child, but not during my teen years. I didn’t get into trouble. I was too busy working and going to school to get into trouble. When my dad spanked he spanked with clothing on not off and it did hurt believe me.

I am a christian, I believe in spare the rod spoil the child. But, I do not believe in stripping them of their dignity to do it. I think parents are absolutely sick to do so. No where in scripture does it say take their clothing off to spank them.

Moms should not be seeing their teenage boys naked, and dads should not see their teenage girls naked unless children are sick or have physical health problems. These teens are adults in their genital areas, and are not for moms and dads prying eyes to see.

I feel so bad inside for these kids. I was a single dad who raised a daughter and I would never violate her dignity by doing this. I love my daughter very, very much. She is a grown woman now, we are still very close. Moms and dads, don’t do this to your children you could destroy a lasting relationship with your children as adults.

From my own personal experience with my own mother, it can and does happen. My mother never knew her granddaughter, as I did not permit her to see her.

Jan 24, 2013 Unbelievable!
by: Bing

Jill wrote August 23 that she received spankings at home in the bare on her bum and private areas. Yet she considered that normal.

Jill this is abuse!

Jan 23, 2013 It is very sad
by: Johno

In response to Jean’s entry:

There is something sad in this reporting of this spanking mother. She does not care about the children and their shame and hurt when spanked in public; she only considers the impropriety of the situation.

It also appears as if this mother looks forward to stripping her children bare and spanking them harshly-with a belt no less. One can almost discern the pursed lips of this woman when she orders the little wretches to undress completely, before she rains spanks on their immature cringing bodies.

In it all, this woman forgets that this forum is not meant to be about a person inflicting pain on children; but rather what is the best outcome of chastisement now & in the future, for our off spring’s well being!.

Jan 18, 2013 I pay my respects
by: Bing

To Anonymous who commented “Spanked – yes; Warranted – NO.”

My fullest admiration for this young man, who can objectively and without a twisted personality look back on his spanking days.

It is sad that even when helpless in hospital parents gleefully announce a spanking, not even considering the son’s privacy in a shared ward.

But by rising above these unwarranted invasions of privacy and inflicted pain by parents, hopefully this young hero will never inflict injury and misery on his own off spring.

My best wishes to a fine young man, who is an example to many!.

Jan 17, 2013 No
by: Jean

I don’t spank my kids in public because I spank them naked. Even though my kids are little I don’t want anyone seeing their bare private parts. We wait till we get home and I tell them to go get undressed and bring me the belt.

Jan 09, 2013 Spanked – yes; Warranted – NO
by: Anonymous

When I was eleven, I was injured in a bike accident and was hospitalized for ten days. I was in less than a good mood and one evening I said something – can’t recall what it was – and
my father threatened to spank me.

I wrinkled my nose, and my mother joined in with,”and it’ll feel good, too. You haven’t had a spanking in two weeks.”

All this in front of the lady who was sharing my room with me. My mother was also fond of retelling the times she spanked me or one of my siblings for something like the time I peed in my pants and she took them down and punished me on the spot – on the front porch in broad daylight. I was about 18 months old at the time!.

Dec 31, 2012 2012 spanking teenagers bare bottoms.
by: Anonymous

I am a Christian. I am a single man who has raised a daughter by myself with the help of paternal grandparents. Bare bottom spanking is a sin and is immoral. Especially a teenager going through puberty.

I do believe in spanking and am firm believer in spare the rod spoil the child. But, spanking only with clothing on. If a teenager misbehaves they need a spanking. If they act like little children they need to be treated like little children.

The last time I had to spank my daughter she was 12yrs old. All, I had to do is say I would spank her if she acted like a 2yr old, and most of the time that worked. I would use other means such as grounding and taking away privileges. That worked for her. All in all she was a good kid. She and I are still very, very close. She is now 24yrs old. She is married and her and her husband are both registered nurses. I have 2 beautiful grand children by her and her husband. They are twins boy and girl. I love my children and grandchildren.

Like I said at first, I am a christian. I was saved at age of 14yrs old. I am an active member of our local southern baptist church. I believe, that we teach our children morality, and I do not think it proper for a true christian father to spank his teenage daughter going through puberty bare bottomed. It is not right for him to see her naked. She is a young woman physically in her private areas. I also don’t believe it proper for a mother to see her naked teenage son and even spank him bare bottomed.

We teach our kids not to be sexually active and seeing opposite gender naked is to be seen by their future spouses and spouses only. My daughter when she needed help with personal things. My grandmother would help her. Now, that being said. I was very open with my daughter on the subject of sex and boys. We always had open dialog about issues and puberty and body changes.

I never held back any questions or answers. Fathers and mothers and human even as Christians we are sinners. The last time I seen my daughter naked she was 10yrs old. She became modest and I respected her modesty and dignity. I do hope moms and dads can understand this?.

I know in today’s world a lot of things kids are exposed to on tv, and computers. In this town where I live they are training 16yr old boys and girls to be Certified Nursing Assistants right in high school. These girls are training in assisted living centers that elderly and even teenager who are in rehab situations from accidents. These 16yr old girls are bathing, dressing, helping men and boys going to the toilet. Teenage boys are learning how to take care of adult women like this as well.

I personally think this is wrong and they are too young to be seeing adult men and even teens their age like this. I would hope fathers would stop spanking their teenage and even college daughters bare bottomed. Moms stop spanking your teen sons bare bottomed as well. You can still effectivily spank them with clothing on just as effective.

Oct 26, 2012 Eyes are everywhere!!!!
by: Johno

Anonymous has a son who apparently without much reason destroys property. This suggests impulsiveness and lack of due reflection. I gather that the son inherited these traits from his father.

Surely ,what message does his behaviour,spanking a ten year old in this manner and I quote: “I found a quiet bowery at the park where much wasn’t going on and made him strip to his underpants. I than took him over my knee and paddled him until he cried. So, I guess that was out in public, but no one was nearby to observe it.”

Anyone passing by could have (and in fact un-be known)may have observed the near naked lad copping it from his Dad. Surely a thinking and caring father would have done the chastising at home where prying eyes may never have observed this.

That’s what caring for children is all about!.

Oct 19, 2012 Park
by: Anonymous

When my son was ten, he got into some serious trouble. He and another boy destroyed some property. They broke a window and got into a maintenance shed at a park near our house. I don’t know what inspired them, but they than proceeded to dump salt, fertilizer and some other things kept in the shed on the floor and grind it in with their shoes.

I arranged for my son to help clean up the mess he made the next day. I made him sweep and gather up the mess. Than I made him mop the floor. But I wasn’t done with him. When we finished, I told him there was still the matter of a spanking he needed to get.

I found a quiet bowery at the park where much wasn’t going on and made him strip to his underpants. I than took him over my knee and paddled him until he cried. So, I guess that was out in public, but no one was nearby to observe it.

Aug 23, 2012 Spanked
by: Jill

You bet I got spanked, in public or private, wherever I needed it. In public my parents always kept my pants up an only spanked my butt. But at home I had to take all my clothes off and they’d spank my butt and privates hard with the belt. I think it taught me how to behave.

Aug 10, 2012 back
by: Anonymous

Wow.its been almost 8 mths! Spanking dd has been excellent and today was the first time I had to spank in 8 mths! She regressed with a huge tantrum today at the store or she was testing her chagrin,even though 8 mths had elapsed,we immediately took a trip to the ladies room where she received a few swats.once hone she rcvd the the full spanking on her bare fanny with the paddle.early to bed.hope another almost yr goes by.her red tail is proof we will be consistent

Aug 02, 2012 public spanking
by: Anonymous

i spank my son in public and always with his pants down so everyone can see his bottom and privates and then over my knee so he cries and is humiliated at the same time

Jul 18, 2012 Spank in Private 
by: Anonymous

While I am not opposed to spanking, I do object to spanking a child in public. Public spankings are needless spectacles that reflect badly on both parent and child.

Spanking should be between parent and child. The best explanation I have ever heard of this came from a woman recalling that her mother ALWAYS closed the door before putting her over the maternal knee even when she and her mother were the only ones in the house. It was the time when she and her mother worked out their differences together and without distractions. Consequently, the woman said, even as a teenager, she had no reason to not be fully cooperative and focus on learning her lesson rather than upping the ante by taking an embarrassing situation and making it worse for both of them.

As a parent, I never found a situation in which was I was doing was so important that I could not take a few minutes to take a misbehaving child to a private place and remedy the difficulty.

Jul 14, 2012 I would pay for a warm-hearted open-palm spanking any day but……….

Hello there parents,

i am 30 years old and grew up in a very abusive country-Ghana. parents here don’t spank. they use rattan canes which are readily sold very cheaply everywhere you go. canning is done in schools ( all of them except those for westerner which cost a great deal more), homes and churches as well. put simply, it’s not fun to be a kid in some places, this one included. there hasn’t been much of a debate for it widely believed there is no need for one. kids mess up you cane em. all adults do it on the slightest provocation. police don’t respond to stuff like this cos it is considered culturally compatible. you can inflict all sorts of injuries under the banner of discipline when all you want to do vent some anger out. what better outlet than helpless kids??

having gone through all this myself, i am now an adult and highly against it. i wish parents here would at most resort to open palm spanking on the knee instead. it is more reasonable and the feel of a parents hand-delivered discipline should be far better than foreign implement which leave scars-physical and emotional. the effects are many and the benefits are too few.

corporal punishments teaches that if you have strength, you are right.
it teaches impatience since it is metted out instantly.
it discourges reasoning and place emphasis on might.
it sanitizes intimidation, and makes abuse seem acceptalbe.
the worst and most painful of it is it builds walls between the abuser and the abused. many abusive families never say more than a few words to each other in a day. they go about their business very officially saying only what is neccessary.

In fairness to frustrated parents, i don’t have any kids of my own yet but i have many nephews and nieces and know that kiddie problems should not lead parents to resort to such desperate measures in the wrestle for control. if you believe in corporal punishment, i implore you to use it in moderation, with love and a great deal of communication.

it’s sickening to read of parents using duck tapes to silence their kids while they spank. can’t you at least allow them to plead and make promises while “warm their behinds”? if you listened more, you might find a need to spank less. For heaven sake. spanking them in the mall and at home?? you have a chance to avoid the mistakes many have made.

so much has been said about the link between corp. punishment and fetish sex. the need for humiliation, pain and indignity in a sexual relationship. many decent-looking people have shocking discrete sex-lives that reflect their childhood treatment. next time you get your child on laps for correction, please bear in mind he/she is a husband/wife in the making and you are mostly responsible for how they turn up.

Jul 06, 2012 spanking
by: Anonymous

when you are going to spank in public make sure that it is for a very good reason.
if it is for a good reason i am all for it

Jun 22, 2012 spanking
by: colle

I think the worse spankings I got was the ones with the paddle on my bare butt. First it was with a bare hand to warm my butt and then it ended with the paddle. And the paddle had a say one it the board of education on the seat of understanding. Beleave me you understood after the hand and the paddle hit your bare butt a few times. the most spanks I got was 20 to 28

Jun 02, 2012 a good hiding
by: tony

This is a true account of my past

May 03, 2012 When I was 10
by: Anonymous

When I was 10, this was in 1970, I was at an open market with my mother. I foolishly stole an apple. I got caught and my mother was quite rightly very angry. She immediately took down my shorts and pants, held my hands with one hand and gave me a very sound spanking with her other hand. Yes there was a crowd round us and they all thoroughly approved. Times were different then and kids got spanked in public without any fear of intervention by the police etc. I remember howling with pain and embarrassment. When mother has finished she said to the onlookers, that I would be getting another spanking when she got me home. And yes as soon as we got home my bottom was bared and I got spanked again. Did I steal again. Absolutely not. Both my wife and I were raised with strict discipline. Our kids are grown up not and at university, but we did did spank them when they needed it. Never in public though, but they knew when they got home that if they had been naughty when we were out that they would get a spanking. Its up to individual families to decide how they discipline their kids. Spanking is not abuse.

Apr 18, 2012 no spank for me
by: Anonymous

Spanking is not my thing. Im 13 and one Day I got 12% on my important test and I was rude to my teacheers. So my mom told me to bare my bottom and to get the belt as soon as we get inside our house. At first I was going to fight her but I said “okay.” Immediatly as we got inside I ran to my moms room and grabbed the phone. I then went to the bathroom and proceeded to call the police. My mom kept calling for me and then she heard the siren. She then paniced. Anyway, I don’t like spankins and will continue to call the cops if I spect any spanking coming for me.

Mar 28, 2012 Not Unlawful, but not a Good Idea
by: Anonymous

I support spanking because I think some children are out of control and it can be an effective way to discipline. However, spanking a child in public is a terrible idea. You are bound to attract the attention of someone who opposes spanking simply because so many people do these days. It can lead to a messy and unpleasant scene as well as unfounded accusations of child abuse.

There maybe a situation where you are out in a park or such where no one else is around. In that situation, I might consider taking a misbehaving child to a far corner of the park and paddling them there. However, I’d be very careful if I did that.

A better idea is simply to wait until you get home. In appropriate circumstances, I was not against spanking a child in the presence of their siblings. Particularly, when a child did something dangerous or threatening and I wanted all my kids to understand it wouldn’t be tolerated. One advantage to this method is if you feel the need to pull down their pants to spank them in their underwear or such, you won’t feel the reluctance you would out in public.

Mar 21, 2012 No
by: Anonymous

I can promise you, a good 90% of the time, spanking is not done out of abuse. I have been told by my mother since I could remember, that if I was in her house, I would follow her rules. No matter how old I was. She always said she could lay me over the bed if i go to big for her knees. And guess what, I learned, and I respect and love my mom. When I was 16, I decided to test her. I went out with some friends, was told to be home by 11:30, and was reminded about parties and drinking. I had 1 beer that night and came home at 2. She was up waiting for me and sure enough whipped my butt with a belt. I had a hard time sitting for a couple of days after, but I learned my mom was serious. I’m 19, still living at home, and I can promise you, when my mom tells to do somthing, I do it.

Feb 28, 2012 camping
by: Anonymous

I am a mother of a 6 yr old and 5 year old boys, on a camping trip to the beach,the boys ran to the near edge of a drop off of at least 20 ft. i ran after them and stoped them, after i caught my breath i took them too a low wooden railing sat down and put the oldest over my knee pulled his pants and underpants down to his ankles and hand spanked him good and red! the little one had his turn over my knees with his underpants down also.

Feb 18, 2012 Excuses 
by: Anonymous

I do not believe in spanking children …if this is the way to go in order to teach, then also certain adults should be spanked too from their superiors (employers, professors, even the police and court) in order to be taught a lesson and certain people need it much more than kids ( children are only doing trivial things, its just the parents inability to cope with that) since they commit far more serious crimes.

But since the society has progressed how is it that certain parents believe in this inappropriate methods that actually risk the children’s mental and psychological health?

Poor excuses if you ask them, they can not cope with their children frustration and they spank the children. Then in order to justify the unjustified, they invent excuses which are pathetic to parents that are able to teach and discipline through positive methods their children.

As parents you should be ashamed to spank a child that can not defend itself. I hope that one day someone with the same ideas, applies your principals on you; spank you in public to teach you not to embarrass yourselves in public because you are embarrassing modern society with your ways.

Spanking can result to psychological problems, and emotional instability; and this concerns the society and all of us, since we are all living in the world and you are responsible in raising as healthy individuals as possible rather than risking raising sick individuals that can harm my children or other children in the future. You do not live at the trees, detached from the world, but you do not seem to understand that.

And to finish here my post, you have no right to spank a children in public and disturb the public’s peace and quit. Is this the way YOU RESPECT the other people?

As for spanking having effect, if a giant comes and beats you, do you know how effective that shall be? You shall even confess crimes that you never did. So who are you kidding with “its working”? Its working to suit you, not to teach the child. That’s why “beating” is taking place to every power that wants to force itself without persuading anyone of its intentions. You are having the problem, seek help and save yourself, the child and the society from such behaviors and lies.

Feb 13, 2012 spanking on holiday
by: maureen

when were on holiday recently my 10 yr old son had been very bad near pool- after few warnings i took him up to hotel room where his trousers and pants were lowered and he was spanked soundly over my knee up to 10 mins. i let him off my knee once his crying has stopped and he then rubs his sore red bottom.

Feb 11, 2012 HANGARS SUCK
by: Anonymous



Jan 30, 2012 I think spanking is good; not beating or abusive punishment.
by: Anonymous

I do spank children. I draw a line of clear distinction between proper discipline with love. Improper discipline with anger,sexual intentions, … ect.

1: Spanking a child whose cross a line between being good or naughty.

2: A spanking ought reenforce the parent demand: ‘ Do not do this behavior again.’

While I was in the MILTARY in boot camp. The cheif petty oficer said,’You learn with your brain or you learn in pain.’
His meaning the pain is extra psyhical exercise I.E. your pain.

3: A small amount of pain that is a minute or two of your bottom stinging. I think a child remembers.

Whether on the childs clothes or not, I dislike hearing about a child being marked because of the spanking.

Jan 29, 2012 No Spanks in Public, please!
by: Anonymous

If I see someone in public spanking a child, I immediately call 911 and demand an officer come to check for child abuse. While I agree spanking doesn’t always equal child abuse, too many people substitute the use of force for actual discipline. Personally, I feel it is child abuse if you aren’t

1) Holding yourself to a higher standard than your child at ALL times, in their view or not. How would you feel if your boss demanded a high standard from you but continually failed to do so himself? Enough said.
2)You are not making the effort to catch your child succeeding & complimenting them on it at a ratio of at least 15x the amount of times you catch & comment on them failing. If you aren’t rewarding good behavior, your kid is never going to truly learn.
3) Choosing a punishment that offers a chance to correct one’s mistakes is much more educational and will bring about better results in the end every time. Instead of spanking, the child who makes a mess should clean it up.
4) Expectations should be clearly delineated beforehand _each time_. Kids are forgetful & distractible just like adults. If the child can read, you can just make a list for the fridge & the back of the seat in front of them in the car. Specific limits like “Today we are buying only clothing, and you may spend up to $20″ or “Today we are shopping for Mommy. There is no money for purchases for you. Your turn will come on Friday” makes it easier for kids. I have raised 4 kids successfully to adulthood & never had one of them throw a fit in a store when I remembered to do these things. Not even in the “terrible twos”.

From a more practical viewpoint, if you’ll spank your kid in public, you are much more highly likely to be doing worse to them in private. Of the times I have called 911 over people spanking in public, more than half the times the child is found to have burns, bruises, or other signs of repeated abuse. To those who were simply disciplining their kids, I’m not at all sorry. I would much rather be wrong than fail to do what I can to help even one child who is abused. Besides that, spanking in public is rude to the people around you. The definition of rude is doing something that embarrasses or hurts the people around you. We don’t even want kids of our own screaming around us, so we sure don’t want to hear yours scream in pain and shame. It makes us feel bad for them and it hurts our ears. Especially in the bathroom. Having to use the public bathroom is nasty & uncomfortable enough without some whack job pounding on their kid while we listen to their pathetic screams of pain echo off the tile walls. Seriously, just stop that.

Jan 23, 2012 young man needs a spanking
by: brent

yes im ayoung man ive ben bad i need to be spanked only to tech me live in portage la pririemb im serious any mothers out ther pleas respond tto this

Jan 12, 2012 Paper Bag
by: Caroline

I have never spanked my girls in public (except at a relative’s house). I have given them plenty of corner time in public including stores and at church.

One time in the grocery store when my oldest daughter was 13, she was being a major brat and after several warnings I marched up to the checkout, asked for a paper bag, and proceeded to tear eyeholes in it and write on it, in big letters, “PUNISHED FOR BEING A BRAT”

I made her put it over her head and wear it until we got home (which included going to another store). I got some evil looks and whispers from onlookers, but I ignored them. I believe in humiliation as essential to discipline.

When we got home, she was of course spanked and given an hour of cornertime both with that paper bag over her head.

Jan 09, 2012 Its not child abuse
by: Anonymous

Bare butt spankings are not child abuse… I deserved every single one i got when i was growing up. We would get 2 warning, if the bad behavior continued, my mom would chase us around and would eventually get us, take us o the restroom, pull down our pants and underwear, then she’d wet her hand and start slapping away. She never took it easy on our behinds, we’d hop around in pain, and were unable to sit down for hours.

Jan 06, 2012 I hate spankings!!!
by: Anonymous

Once when I said shit under my breath at the grocery store, my mom told me to take off my pants when I didn’t she did. I put up a fight which got me into more trouble. Anyway she finally got my pants down but I ran (yeah emberissing). Anyway she took me to the bathroom and gave me 30 strokes with her belt. Bare. I was 11 at the time now I am 25.

Dec 18, 2011 spanking it hard
by: Anonymous

one time my child was misbehaving in a school program i spanked her on the butt intill it was red in front of every one and took all her cloths off

Dec 14, 2011 new spanking ways
by: Anonymous

She will be 12 soon.we began spanking at 11.we have set down rules.we will only continue spanking one more she is turning 12 there will be no more bare bottom ladies rooms she will get spanked with a bolo paddle over her home she will get spankings with her underwear or bathing suit bottom on and always 12 spanks and 1 hour early bed

Dec 12, 2011 ladies room
by: Anonymous

I carry a small hairbrush with me for these home we have a small bolo paddle or we use paint stirrers.we don’t spank to cause severe pain,just heat to the seat to let her know its time to stop.

Dec 08, 2011 Testing
by: Anonymous

When brought her back home for her spanking in her bedroom. Did you spank with hand only or did use a wooden spoon or hairbrush. Yes kids like to test us, to see if you will follow up.

Good for you on keeping you word.

Dec 05, 2011 testing
by: Anonymous

Well.. all anti spankers need to read dd had been doing wonderful. I have been posting abt her walmart today she threw a tantrum.I thought we were past that.since we were done shopping we went right home and right to our bedroom.a long hard otk spanking on her bare fanny was given. She is in bed and will get up to eat and bathe and be in bed quite early.during her spanking she cried and said she was testing me. These kids want love

Nov 28, 2011 Mama taught us a Lesson
by: Anonymous

Did your mom ever spank you with her sandals or flip flops growing us as well.

Nov 28, 2011 spanking in public
by: Anonymous

when spanking is a form of discipline it should be done in public in the toilets if need with my daughter who 7 years old if she misbehaves she knows that she has 1 warning which is smack on clothed bum in public then the second time id take to the toilets where i get the wooden bum spoon out of my bag and pull down her pant and panties and she get 10 swats and when she gets home she would get the belt on her bare wet bum and in the corner for 10 minutes then if she naughty again that day she will just get bare wet bum spanking with bum spoon or belt depending on the offence. at the home she is made to walk around in drop seat pj s with her naughty knickers so we can give insistent spanking and does get a hard maintance spank on sudays if she had more than 2 sessions of spanking

Nov 26, 2011 not abuse..its correction overdue
by: Anonymous

When I take her to the ladies room,I use a small more than six spanks. I do not feel I am abusing her.a warm fanny isn’t trauma

Nov 22, 2011 Mama taught us a lesson
by: Anonymous

My father was mild mannered and small. My mother was bigger, sronger and dominant. One time she demanded that my father beat my brother and I with his belt for coming home late. He faked a couple of swings and we faked some tears. My mother then grabbed the belt out of his hands and applied the belt to our bare bottoms a with a vengence. The screams and tears were now vey real. He tied to stop her a few times but she kept lashing us over and over again until she finally got tired.

We were never late again and I loved my mother more than ever.

Nov 21, 2011 Divided on the subject
by: Matthew

I can�t imagine myself ever spanking one of my own kids, though I was often spanked as a child and teen, nearly always by my father. If I had done something wrong he would usually tell me the day and time I would get spanked. Often because of my yelling and begging he started taping my mouth shut. My brother and I were usually spanked bent over a bench or table, usually with a belt or paddle. We had to be crying, and crying hard, before he was done. I don�t think we were ever bare bottomed. I was constantly trying to cover my rear with my hands, because it simply hurt. It infuriated my father to no end. So he would tie my hands in front of me, and my brother�s hands, with a short length of clothesline, so we couldn�t reach back. Then it really stung. I don�t think my brother ever got his mouth taped shut; usually just me. Then we were nearly always sent to bed, where I had to leave the tape on my mouth till he said otherwise. I was usually crying so hard from the pain and embarrassment that I could hardly see. My brother does not spank his daughter. We never saw the need to carry on the �tradition�. There are so many creative ways to maintain discipline, and we can�t bring ourselves to hit our kids. But we did survive the process ourselves. We usually had to act up pretty good to get spanked in the first place.
Being spanked in high school and college was not unusual for kids my age, but I don�t personally know anyone from my age group that spanks their own kids. I�m somewhat divided on the subject, by I personally have not seen the need for it. Though I have seen some kids with major maturity issues, especially in public, that makes me wonder. But I also wonder how a 12 year old having a tantrum on the floor has gotten that far in the first place. One couple I know are far too permissive with their two kids, but they let that get out of hand long ago�.

Nov 17, 2011 teach a child whats right and wrong!
by: Anonymous

If they are really making a big seen and you told them to stop then take them to the bath room and make more of a sern voice if you have to lay a hand on them do so on the bottom ,that what it for , Try to treach your child how to ack at home with guildness and you won’t have inbasment later in a busy place,

Nov 17, 2011 How it should be done
by: Bill

I think spanking bare bottom is fine just not in public. I Spank my 15 year old daughter bare bottom and she accepts it and learns from it. If making the bare bottom spanking the norm in your house hold your children will know what to expect when getting into trouble and not be offended by it, but if your going to Spank on the bare it must be done the correct way. I punish my daughter in her room to keep it private. We talk about what she did and why she is being punished.She places herself across my knee and I pull her pants and underwear just past her bottom. Anything lower is not needed and just plain wrong. I then use a hairbrush to Spank her with because I do not think a parent should touch their child in that area. I give Her a very hard spanking until I think she’s learned her lesson. With her bottom being bared I am to still Spank very very hard with out actually injuring her because I can see the damage. I usually Spank until her bottom is a deep red then pull up pants while still over my knee preserving her modesty. I give her a warm hug and we carry on with our day. Spanking like this let’s u get a good point across without humiliation or abuse.

Nov 16, 2011 To: Spank them Hard by Anonymous
by: From: You are F ‘ed up!

I have two words for you. CHILD ABUSE!!!!!!!
If I knew who you were I would call the authorities and report you to child protective services in the state that you live!

Nov 10, 2011 Demeaning
by: Belamby

I am surprised with this question, (and the poser of the question does not mind carrying out the act of spanking kids in public, obviously). Surely, it cannot be too hard to comprehend that making a public spectacle of spanking children is ludicrous.

Have you know respect for that child you are responsible for bringing into the world?
Your child will always remember-the horror of being knocked about by mum or dad. The horror also of leering ratty people enjoying to see a child treated like that, is enough to make the hardiest vomit.

One day surely you will ask ‘is it all right for my son or daughter never to let them see my grand kids……………………?’


Nov 07, 2011 still going great mild setback 
by: Anonymous

When you took your daughter back to ladies restroom to spank her bare bottom. Did use your hand or one of your flip flops to make your point to your daughter, that spankings will continue to happen when she throws temper tantrums in public?

Nov 06, 2011 Spanking
by: Anonymous

Bare bottom spanking is just not required. If things have got to this stage you have already lost it. I am beginning to think this site is attracting some very odd people indeed.5UNPAY

Nov 06, 2011 tactile punishment
by: Anonymous

I don’t know why but I have an uncomfortable feeling about people who write up in such detail about their child spanking experiences. Whilst I agree that the occasional ‘dusting’ can be of benefit I just don’t see why we have to read about the ritual associated with it. It seems to me that some people are getting a little overtly interested in the mechanics of the thing and others enjoy reading it. Whilst it’s perfectly acceptable to discuss such triggers as public behaviour and tolerances within the home, I feel that we do not need to hear about under-ware and other personal details. Incidentally, who ever set up the spell check on this site must be using a specialized American form of English, certainly not the Oxford Dictionary that I was brought up with. Behaviour is spelt as I have spelt it here BEHAVIOUR yet the site spell checker won’t have this at any price.Likewise ‘SPELT’ as used here does not require a double L. It might perhaps be an idea to look into the proper spelling of the Queens English as a sub-section of this site, you certainly need it.

Nov 06, 2011 update
by: Anonymous

Its been eleven days since I have posted..eleven glorious days of family joy and a happy child.I am learning to be consistent and since our original rough spot I am more relaxed now and dd is doing wonderful. Today is the first time I have had to apply discipline since I last posted.I so wanted to let it go but I would have regretted it. We got up and had a nice breakfast and got ready to go to friends.dd wanted to mall shop first. My answer was no.I thought that was the end of it but at the friends she asked again and I said no.she slapped my friends table and screamed she hated me and kicked the table.I asked my friend if we could use her upstairs bathroom.she knows what I have been doing.she handed me a wooden ruler. Dd fought going up the stairs but a firm swat got here there.once in the bathroom the pleading began but also ended with a well spanked red fanny.she apologized to my friend and we had no further problems today.stay consistent!

Oct 27, 2011 still going great mild setback
by: Anonymous

I am not going to let myself be upset.after eleven yrs,in nine days we had a major change in our daughter when we began we had a small setback. She had a tantrum about not getting the nintendo game she wanted.the tantrum was nothing like the first time but still a tantrum.I debated over what to do since she’s been so good.then I realized I had to be consistent.I took her hand and marched her to the ladies room.this time she knew why and begged and was hard but I didn’t say a word. And bared her fanny and applied heat to the seat.we finished up and went home.her dad sent her to bed.he told me not to give up… I am trying!

Oct 27, 2011 reply
by: Anonymous

My first spanking was at fifteen by my dad with a hairbrush.I was spanked a few more times that year with a paddle…the funny ones from country said ” for the cute little dear with the bear behind” the spankings were always the same. On the bed,pants down and set on fire. Then we carried on

Oct 26, 2011 Response to: growing up getting spanked…in a very loving home. 
by: Jim

You graduated with a 4.0 GPA? I don’t think so, unless composition was not part of the curriculum. Why is it that all the “pro” spankers are such dullards?

Oct 26, 2011 you have to be Americans
by: Rob Broughton

You pro spankers have to be American. Duck taping a childs mouth? No wonder your country is in such a diabolical moral decline. You used to lead the world in radical social development.

I can hardly believe that people seriously think they need to hurt to teach.

On reading some of the pervy contributions one cannot help thinking there is some ground for real concern here and that this site should try to address it.

Control can be exercised by patient, educative process. I used take treasured objects from my disobedient son. I never hit him and, as far as can be ascertained, he is now a fulfilled and resonably happy individual who loves his mom and dad.

The word I have to enter to post this is ARCANE. How appropriate!

Oct 25, 2011 growing up being spanked
by: Anonymous

Did your dad ever spank you with just his hand or implement when needed

Oct 24, 2011 happy day
by: Anonymous

Today went great and bedtime was fight at all.woohooo. I know there will be some not so good days that will require a reminder but overall I think the battles won.I hope you all consider pro spanking and wish we hadn’t waited eleven yrs. I will check in and am here to help anyon don’t give up if the first fanny warming doesn’t seem to may take a few but consistency wins. Have a happy home:-)

Oct 23, 2011 growing up getting spanked…in a very loving home.
by: Anonymous

I grew up in a very loving home and although my siblings and I were well behaved we on occasion would go over our three warnings and would be sent to our rooms where our parent would explain to us why were getting a spanking bare bottom and all we received these till 18yrs of age. I am thankful to my parents for doing so it made me think twice about doing something that would earn me a spanking. When I was eight I cut school with a friend and went to a mall clowe to where my dad had his law firm. Where his business associate saw us and told my dad who picked us up wyen he took us to his office where I got by skirt pulled up and my panties pulled down for a sparking infront of by friend the next day at school my dad told my teacher and principal that he spanked me. Well my friend the one who was with me never got in trouble her parents just said don’t do it again needless to say she did I went on to graduate with a 4.0 GPA while she cut so much in later years that didn’t graduate. So yes spanking in a loving setting can work I never was hit with anything other than my parents hand and I never got a spanking I didn’t earn.

Oct 23, 2011 the battles are done:-)
by: Anonymous

I have been updating our daughters progress so that I see its working and I hope helping other parents.the days have been amazingly great,outings have been joyful.yet the bedtime issue would not quit.I thought abt it all day yesterday and realized she seems to be holding on to this control and tantrum.sure enough,even though we had a perfect day yesterday,bedtime was a rage.I tried a harsher approach. I told her she earned another spanking from me.I made this one a 6pm I told her to get her bath.her bedtime is usually 10pm. She bathed.I went in and took her out of the tub and used a switch on her bare wet fanny and told her to put her pjs on and go to her room and stand in the corner. I went in after five minutes and sat on her bed and told her to drop her bottoms and come across my knee. I used the hairbrush until her fanny was cherry red and sent her back to the corner. Ten minutes later I brought her a snack and told her she was going right to bed..very early. She submitted and got into bed and allowed me to put cream on her rear.I went in fifteen minutes later and found her with her pants down sobbing and rubbing her fanny.she told me today she will go to bed on time and tonight went great.I think her training is complete and don’t think the need to spank will be was all worth it.thank you.

Oct 23, 2011 better yet
by: Anonymous

Well, I will always be pro spank now. I wish we had trained our daughter that way but we can have yrs of joy now. She is happier and a joy to be around. We are still working on bedtime and she’s struggling to control her tantrums which are mild she stomped her feet when I said to do her homework.I let it go to see if she would control herself but her frustration was building.I calmly said I was going to help her calm down and took her to our room and gave her just a mild fanny warming.she still seemed tense so I asked her if she needed more help and I knew she did so we went to a bare fanny until she was calm and rcvd her spamkimg.she did her work and we had a good night…

Oct 20, 2011 still getting better
by: Anonymous

Thank you all who are supporting my reparenting.yesterday was a lovely day.we all got along great and went out.there were no demands,no fits, just peace. No bedtime hassle:-) tonight she had a moderate tantrum abt going to bed.her dad sent her to our room and over her underwear gave her a spanking.she went to bed without further ado.should we be giving her an occassional break? Its going so well…

Oct 19, 2011 So good so far
by: Anonymous

Your right spanking is a great tool. I use spanking with my 3rd old most of the time. all I have to say you want a spanking and he calms down.

A red sore bottom does wonders for kids that throws tantrums and misbehaves in public.

Oct 18, 2011 so far,so good
by: Anonymous

I wrote the post abt my eleven yr old daughter starting to rcv spankings.its working and we are all less went smoothly and usually all day was a seems we are only left with bedtime tantrums.she did pitch a fit tonight and I reminded her what was going to happen.we went to my room and I bared her fanny and gave her a sound spanking.her dad spanks on her undes.she went right to bed and didn’t yell or scream.I think we are making excellent progress.she was great at the store today. I used to be anti spanking but I advise any here to reconsider.. I even see a sense of relief in her…

Oct 17, 2011 Anonymous
by: Anonymous

I think you did the right thing to take to ladies room to spank her bare bottom for throwing a fit and rolling all over the store floor.

No parents should have to put up with that crap from their kids.

Oct 16, 2011 trip to the ladies room
by: Anonymous

My daughter is 11 and very spoiled.her behavior lately has been getting even worse.she was never punished and has been running the house.taking her shopping has been a misery and I usually gave in to her we went clothes shopping and she wanted a inappropriate top.I said no.this resulted in yelling and to my shock,she threw herself on the store floor kicking and screaming.I had had it.I told her I had to go to the ladies room.she was in shock when her fanny was bared and reddened.she didn’t say another word.we finished shopping and went home.she has been told we will be spanking her from this point on until her attitude adjusts. She tested us by refusing bed but a swift five swats on the seat of her pants sent her to bed promptly without a fight.we are the parents.any advice welcome

Oct 07, 2011 sick!
by: Anonymous

it’s sick just spanking a kid and spanking a kid in public?you are crazy!I was never spanked and i gets pretty good grade,and i turned out to be a doctor!

Oct 06, 2011 spanking without humiliating
by: Anonymous

I do believe in spanking but not humiliation.we only give bedtime spankings. We believe in warming a bare fanny but are very sensitive that nothing else is exposed.we solved this by getting drop seat pajamas.when a child well be receiving a spanking,he or she takes their bath,puts on the pjs without underwear.we drop the flap and heat the seat. Since we began this our home is much more harmonious.these can be purchased on ebay.we use a bolo paddle two times the childs age

Oct 06, 2011 glad i was spanked
by: Anonymous

I am now an adult.I was never disciplined until age fifteen.a friend and I went to a concert.we were to be home by midnight and didn’t go home until the next day.when we entered my living room my dad told me to go to his room for a overdue licking.I was in shock but friend waited in the living room with my mom for her parents.I had to drop my jeans and lay flat on the bed.I begged and squealed to no avail when I felt my underwear coming down.I was paddled long and hard and sent to bed early.that spanking may have saved my life.I never stayed out again.don’t be afraid to spank

Oct 04, 2011 No spanking
by: Anonymous

Seriously? What parent is ok with giving their child pain? Your children won’t apreciate it and don’t say they will be grateful. They don’t know what it feels like not to be spanked. I was scared of my parents, would you like your children to feel the same way? I maintained perfect grades for the promise of money not threats. If I did something wrong then I would be punished by having something I cared about confiscated. Why would you give your child selfesteem issues in the future?

Sep 21, 2011 Say So Think So 
by: Anonymous

This is what I meant about pro-spanking people being illiterate.

Sep 21, 2011 Negative Comments
by: Chris

I say to people that don’t believe in spanking to keep their negative comments to them self’s. If I want your input on how I raise my child and how i spank him when needed, I would ask you.

If you don’t believe in spanking then that your right,but to put a parent down for how they discipline their kid is ridiculous.

If you have something Negative to say then you shouldn’t post at all. Each to their own how they discipline or spank their child.

Sep 21, 2011 Say So Think So
by: Anonymous

I agree that spankings ain not the why to go but calling it perverted only shows that the people who call everything and anything perverted have those thoughts them selfs and need to get there minds away from that frame set

Sep 13, 2011 No nudity
by: Anonymous

I am a father of 2 boys aged 11 & 13, I never spank them bare bottomed but always in their undies. When they deserve it, they get a quick spanking on their bottoms and upper thighs.
Why some humiliate kids by exposing their nakedness is beyond me.

Sep 07, 2011 Welfare Line
by: Anonymous

For those who spank an 18 year old… Good luck. You obviously cannot communicate very well. And forcing a child to leave his pants down to display the beating is just sick. I dare one of you rednecks to try that to my family. Most of you on here should just quit having sex. I wonder what the correlation between lower class and bare butt spanking is?

Sep 04, 2011 Jim
by: Anonymous

I have to mention that the pro-spanking posts are filled with poorly worded comments and very poor grammar. Are there any educated people who believe in spanking?

Sep 03, 2011 You bunch of jerks
by: Anonymous

How dare you hit your children in public or private. Your stories made me so sick I now feel hitting children IS A CRIME. I feel so fortunate that I was brought up by educated, diplomatic people who had enough grey matter to figure things out w/o using perverted tacticts ( possibly you people were meant to live in N. Korea ? If I ever see you hit your kid in public I,ll make a citizens arrest and hold you until cops arrive.

tj NFL

Sep 02, 2011 To Elisabeth
by: Chris

Would you ever sank your kids with a sandal or flip flop?

Sep 02, 2011 Rules for Spanking Continued
by: Elizabeth

I think that when a child turns sixteen it is appropriate to switch to a paddle with holes in it. Keep in mind that children, teenagers, and young adults should only be spanked for disobediance (deliberately breaking the rules after they were given a clear warning, one warning is enouph), being disrespectful to adults, teachers, or other children (some examples: sassing, back talk, cursing, and the use of any profanity), deception (an example would be that they know that they are supposed to eat their vegetables you have told them that you wouldlike them to eat them, and you catch them puting the vegetables on their napkin and throwing them in the trash when you are not lookig), and with teenagers especially you can set up a plan where if they get a grade of less than a B in school, you make it where they get 3 swats with a paddle for each letter grade below a B. For expample a grade of D would equal six swats with a paddle, and you would do this for each bad grade they received on their report card. Consequences should all be made very clear to the child/adolecent before the start of the semester, and my husband and I have a dry erase board on the refrigator where we write all of the rules and consequences. With teenagers you should acutally type out an agreement as to what the rules and consequences are going to be, and the teenagers and both parents should sign it. It can be reviewed at the start of each school year and modified as necessary to help your child reach his/her goals. You should never spank a child for making a mistake or accidently breaking something including teenagers that have their first car accident. Assuming that they were being as careful as they could be and not speeding or drinking and driving. Everyone that drives will eventually get in an accident, you just hope when they do that it’s just a fender bender and that no one get’s hurt. Don’t worry about the car that’s what insurance if for.

Sep 02, 2011 Rules for Spanking
by: Elizabeth

First of all, I think that all spankings should always be administered to the bare bottom, no exceptions. When spanking a child under the age of 7, I think they should be turned over the knee if possible. If you are in a public place, and you have no place to sit down, then, having the child bend all the way over and hold their ankles is the best way to position them. You always want the child to be completely bent over when spanking them, so that you don’t injure them in the process. The child should always be spanked on the seat of their buttocks. They should never be spanked to high on their buttocks, and they should never be spanked on their upper thighs. I think that spanking a child anywhere other than the seat of their buttocks should be consiedered child abuse! I also think spanking a child without turning them over your knee or having them completely bent over holding their ankles should be considered child abuse because if they are not positioned properly you can end up injuring them. The number of swats should always be three times their age, and I think that it is appropriate to spank up through age twenty two, or until they graduate from college and get married. I think that dad should always administer the spankings. Mom should only do temporary interventions like a single swat until dad gets home from work. I don’t think that schools, day cares, babysitters, and other family members should spank your child, even with a parents permission. It is a parents responsibility to discipline their own child, mainly dad’s responibility. The spanking should be administered as soon as possible, usually when dad arrives home from work. Sometimes, If I know my husband is going to give a spanking when he get’s home from work, I will give my daughters their baths before he gets home. A little techniche that I use. It works really well. The spanking is much more effective after sitting in warm water. The spanking will hurt more than what it would if they don’t bathe first. I think the opened hand should be used up till age 6, and then at age seven – twenty two years of age a flat wooden spanking paddle should be used. The paddle should be simular to an old fashioned school paddle, but about half the size, unless you have an obese child, then it needs to big enouph to cover the childs seat(bottom). Our girls are age 3 and 6, so we haven’t started paddling yet, but when we do, we will be using an small ash school paddle. If you are using a paddle, it should always be displayed where the children can see it. That way they know that you are ready to use it at anytime. We will be displaying ours in the kitchen.

Aug 26, 2011 Sandal or flip flop spanking
by: Chris

Have you ever seen a parent take their kids to restroom for a pants down spanking with a sandal or flip flop in public?

Hope to hear from you soon.

Aug 25, 2011 spanking
by: kath

i have a daughter not perfect all the time but she missbehaves she recives aspanking never in public always in private and the spanking can always wait until its private . bare bottom i do my daughter is 15 years old if on her period knickers stay on and i do check her vigina i have been caught out i spank with a hair brush twice her age

Aug 21, 2011 Spank them HARD!
by: Anonymous

I say if they are acting up in the store bring them to the restroom pull down there pants and underwear then give them 4 swats hard on the ass then tell them if they cry/scream they are gonna get it when they get home ,most children will so when you get home tell them to walk to there room, and put your groceries away then go and find something hard that will hurt them very bad (wooden brush,belt,hanger) I got a wooden brush that was hard as a rock and a belt that was leather and 15 thick plastic hangers I walked to her room pulled her pants down and she was already screaming then I pulled down her panties and started dragging her to my room wich I tied and duct taped her to her. Bed then I put a little duct tape on her mouth (if they scream loadly) and I started beating her ass with the 15 hangers each hanger last about 1 min then withe brush and belt ! :) that WILL work!

Aug 20, 2011 Yes To Public Spankings
by: Chris

I don’t see anything wrong with spanking a kid in a public restroom. It Teaches our kids that we won’t tolerate misbehavior of any kind in public.

A pants down good spanking with hand on their bare bottom will teach kids we mean business.

Love to hear from others.

Aug 20, 2011 Never
by: Chris

I believe that spankings work. But there is no reason to shame the child. Therefore spankings should be in private rooms.

Aug 20, 2011 Yes! Spank way in Public
by: Chris

I would spank my son in public restroom. I don’t see any thing wrong about it. But i haven’t done it yet. I am afraid what others my think. But what you going do if a kid acts up in public. Your not going to ignore it.

Take to restroom and pull his pants and underwear down and spank his bare bottom good to teach him a lesson.

Aug 19, 2011 I agree spanking bare bottom is o-kay.
by: Anonymous

I was spanked as child bare bottom. I was never abused when I received my bare bottom punishment.

Today, I am,a parent of two boys;age 7 name Jessy, and age 5 name Sam. I must admitt I do not wish to spank their bare bottoms. I aslo admitt that more than once; each has had his bare bottom spanked with my open hand.I am, carefull not to leave marks or welts.

I am, my boys dad.

My wife; name Mandy, has spanked each as well.[ She spanks with her open hand on bare bottom of children only.] Last summer; we had Mandy’s god-daugther staying with for three weeks. Mandy felt ed Susan should be punished upon her bare bottom. Susan was spanked by Mandy’s open hand on her bare bottom until her bottom was sore.

I later on,I spanked Susan for lying.I also spanked her with my open hand on Susan bare bottom until I beleived her bottom was sore.
I then made her tell her god-mom [Mandy] how her spanked bottom felted. Susan did as I told her.

Note: I after being bare bottom spanked as a child; my mom would have take completely off my tousers, and under pants.So I would be bare bottom for at least two hours.I remember, other adults seeing my freshly spanked bare bottom. I was not embrassed.

I have wittness other parents paddling their boys, or girls bare bottom in front of me.
Some children were 10+ years old receiving a sore bottom from mom or dad.In one case, a girl 12 years old was paddled by her mom in front of me; bare bottom.This girls bottom was redden with that paddle.

I have also wittness a 12 year old boy asking his grandma to tan his bare bottom instead of mommy doing the spanking.Grandma did redden his bare bottom,for him.

Aug 18, 2011 spank but not in public
by: Anonymous

I think that kids definatlly need to be spanked if they do not obey. After being warned and they disobey, they need it. I would not recomend that you do it in public though. Do it at home. Do it on their bare butts. And spank accordingly with a tree branch switch. It really hurts. Do not spank when you are angry, but do it because you love them and don’t want to see them grow up to be criminals. You have to teach them right from wrong before it’s to late. So spank them hard, till the butt is red & they are going to listen.

Aug 15, 2011 Bare Bottom Spankings
by: Anonymous

Children can learn without violence. They should not suffer because their parents lack the skills to teach. Unfortunately, the cycle of violence passes from generation to generation.

Aug 14, 2011 Bare bottom spankings do work for teens
by: Anonymous

Bare bottom spankings done properly with a parent in control and not showing anger definitely work and by the time a child reaches the teen years he or she would probably need it seldom if it all but if it is necessary it is far better than grounding or loss pf priveleges. It is better for both parent and child or teen to get the disciplinary action over as quick as possible. It is not perverted just proven effective discipline.

Aug 14, 2011 Bare Bottom Spankings
by: Anonymous

Bare bottom spankings are not only abusive, they are perverted as well. If they work as a deterrent, why do they still have to be administered to teen-aged children? As I said before, hitting defenseless children is perverted.

Aug 14, 2011 spanking is fine
by: Anonymous

I was spanked growing up and I don’t know what this fear is soem of you parents of jail birds or future jail birds speak of is. Was I afraid of the spanking? yes, but once it was over it was over and I was not afraid of my parents or anyone else who spanked me, and with me, that was the only thing that worked. As for in public, usually I’d be pulled off to the side and given a few swats, and told because I acted up in public, that one was just for imbarassment, when I got home, i was going to get worse than usual because of my parents’ imbarassment and I sure did but I didn’t do it again you can bet on that. I really learned from it and my kids to now too.

Jul 21, 2011 bare bottom spankings work but not in public
by: Anonymous

Bare bottom spanking has been proven to work over the years despite the liberals ideas and beliefs. It provides a deterrent for future misbehavior even for teenagers compared to grounding and loss of priveleges.However spanking of any kind in public even in the United States is risky if seen by an anti-spanking zealots.

Jul 18, 2011 Spank in private
by: Anonymous

Last year, when I was with my mom at the mall, I was praying for her to buy me a shirt,and at some point, I yelled at her … at that time and she took the belt from her pants, then she spanked me to bare bottom for 10 minutes in public … Or , another time I saw a 5 years boy on the street crying and screaming and then his mother take down his pants and panties and began to beat about 5 minutes with shoes … but was not all after the boy’s father entered the car and ran, and took off his belt and began to beat harder… the boy could not scream for pain …

Jul 17, 2011 once
by: Jenny

I prefer to punish my children in private, since in public there is a humiliation aspect that may be harmful long term.

Having said that, where it was a case of bullying a neighbors child, I spanked my two with a slipper over the sofa, pants down but underwear up, in front of their victim and the victims mother.

I do not allow my husband to spank my daughter, except in front of me.

We both believe in corporal punishment. The children are daughter 8 and son 9. They are basically good kids but do stray once a month or so.

J and d


Jul 15, 2011 Ignorance and violence
by: Jim

It’s hard to believe in this day and age that grown people believe they have to abuse children. Children can be taught without being beaten and without having their childhood’s turned into nightmares. Shame on anyone who would raise a hand to a defenseless child. May you live to regret your sin.

Jul 15, 2011 Bare bottom spanking works
by: Anonymous

Bare bottom spanking is NOT child abuse. Children behaved better when it was more common.It is better for the child because the punishment is over quicker and the temporary pain provides a deterrent against certain behaviors in the future. I dont eben see a problem with teens being spanked bare bottom.

Jul 09, 2011 no to public
by: claire

i dont believe in spanking in public but i would take my child to a disabled toilet for pants down and over the knee spank until i felt they,ve had enough for punishment

Jul 09, 2011 I believe in spanking
by: maureen

as my husband is disabled if my children (aged 8 and 9)are bad when iam out he reports back when i return and they get taken to their bedroom – i explain to them why they getting spanked – i get their chair which i sit on and i pull their trousers and pants down and there put over my knee until their bums are very sore or until i think theyve had enough.

Jun 21, 2011 Wrong is wrong
by: Anonymous

Spanking defenseless children, hitting anyone for that matter, is wrong. Adding the humiliation factor of having the child undress, etc., is perverted. If you don’t have the intelligence to raise a child without violence, don’t have them.

Jun 21, 2011 thankfully spanked
by: Anonymous

I am a grown woman now and I am blessed that my parents cared enough to correct me.I was allowed to go to an aerosmith concert with 3 friends when I was fifteen.I never came home that night.when I went home the next day I was sent to my parents rooom.I was spanked on my bare fanny until it was cherry red then sent to eat,shower and go to bed.this was my first and only spanking but if I hadn’t rcvd it,maybe I would have stayed out again and not made it home

Jun 08, 2011 Not in Public
by: Anonymous

I support spanking and think sometimes its the best form of discipline available. I would never spank a child in public though. There are too many people out there who refuse to mind their own business. One call to the police or CPS and you maybe dealing with an unwelcome visit and having to explain yourself even when you are in the right.

The only exception I could see to this is if you were at a public place like a park and there truly was no one around. If your child has behaved badly enough, you might chance a trip over to a unoccupied picnic bowery or a quiet corner of the park and correct them there.

The best place for spanking is at home. If you have other children, I’ve never felt you had to take the misbehaving child to his room. On the contrary, we used spankings to teach all our children what was not allowed in our family. If the behavior was serious enough, we march them to the living room and have a family talk about the behavior and consequences. My husband would do the paddling when the talk was over. We never bared a butt, but we did make them strip to their underpants. The embarrassment was often more effective than any pain the spanking caused. No child wants to be seen in his/her undies by his family.

May 26, 2011 Spanked in Public
by: Anonymous

Tell me thee worst spanking you have ever given or got mine was when I was in a supermarket I will give a detailed story I was 9 years old me and my mother and little sister 8 at the time were shopping at Costco and me and my sister were going to have a race she beat me and I pushed her into a shelf the things on the shelf tumbled off and my mother yanked me over her knee flipped up
my skirt yanked my panties to my knees and I sobbed no mommy don’t spank me over and over she swatted me a few times and we went home I went to my room when daddy got home he came into my room with a old wooden hairbrush we dreaded to be spanked with he spanked me 5 times on
my skirt then flipped it up I howled no daddy he spanked me 10 times on the panties then yanked them to my knees I screamed and clenched my bare bottom no not bare bottom I yelled he pulled up my hands and told me to lean over my bed I knw this was coming because I put my hands on my bottom I leaned over the bed and my dad paddled me 5 times bare bottom then I was carried
down to the living room my crimson bottom burned like fire I was put over dads knee and paddled 10 times on front of my mum and siblings I was so sore and my dad promised if I ever did it again I would get whooped with his belt bare bottom I never did do it again

But I did get the belt for a different thing and it killed on bare skin

May 25, 2011 Spanked at school and home
by: Molly Jean

I remember living with my much much older sissys they were both 21 tiwns and me and my younger twin brother and sissy were all three 3 year olds and we knew if we dident behave in public inspeacialy in school that big sisys would take us into the ladies room lift up are skirts or pull down our pants and pull down our panties and spank our bare behinds just like this one time at our pre school elementery midd and high school and they were the princeable and assistent princeable at and we werent behaveing in class so are teacher knowing that they were the princeable and assistent princeable got over her walkie talkie saying misses Fisher to miss Jonsens go ahead this is princeable Jonsen go ahead this is assistent priceable Jonsen yes i got your three little 3 year old sisters and brother not behaveing 10-4 will come by and get them 10-4 girls thank you and they left the office which was right up the hall from our class and we heard Molly Beth Holly Jean Timmy Lee yalls sissys our here and we knew what that meant we were getting a spanking and they both grabed onto our ears and we went into the ladies room and into the stalls locked it lifted up Holly Jean and mines skirts and pulled down our underwear and pulled down Timmy Lees pants and underwear first was me since i was the oldest of the triplets smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack smack then it was Holly Jeans Turn and se also got ten then Timmy Lee who also got ten and were now calming us down as they were pulling up undies and pulling up are pants and pulling down our skirts and unlocked the stalls and let us out and then took us out of the ladies room and went on our way back to class our 15 year old triplet live in cousins and babysitters saw us on there way to be student assistents in our pre school class and said oughhhh i see three little 3 year olds who got in trouble yep they sure did we will spank there bare behinds again when we get home and guess what cous yall are smart enough to graduate from 12th grade already oh man how deid yall know because were the princeable and assistent princeable oh man yall spoil all the supprises it helps being the princeables so that was yalls last senior class yall just left yep can we anyway become all day student assistents in pre school class please ok i will talk to misses Fisher hey misses Fisher yes and she talked to her for a couple of minuets ok then they can start tomarow ok then thanks yall are welcome and they went to take there naps with there cousins rubbing there backs nighty nighty nights nighty nights sweetys and kissed us night nights and covered us all three up and gave us are stuffys and pillows and said sweet dreams and then an hour later we rode the bus home got spanked on our bare behinds by older cousy

Apr 28, 2011 Why is it that all the comments are written by illiterate people?
by: Anonymous

Why is everone so illiterate? They can hardly string two words together.

Apr 28, 2011 Not in public
by: Anonymous

I don’t spank in public because I don’t want strangers seeing my kid’s bare bottom and private parts. I always spank them naked and use I belt, so I either find a restroom or wait until we get home.

Mar 30, 2011 public spanking
by: Anonymous

I would spank my child anywere any time.

Mar 09, 2011 My story
by: Anonymous

I beileve spankings should be public to enforce better

one day my mom and I were in thr mall and I was mouthing off to her she told me angrilly to knock it off but I guess I didn’t so she said really loudly I will slap your face if you say another word so I was silent. When we got to the check out line my mom asked me if I would go get her a box she left by a couch so I did and brought it back really fast trying to get her to forgive me this store was very crowded and I knew almost everyone in there my mom got Angry T the saleslady and got kinda loud I said shut up mom your getting loud (wrong thing to do) she slapped me hard across my face I was 13 and over reacted and mummbled jerk under my breath she grabbed my hand tight I fought her as she pulled me over her lap securing me between her legs and smacked my bottom 3 times lightly almost. I fought her to get up but she pulled down my skirt and panties barring me to the large circle of people around us. She the used her hand to give me the spanking of a lifetime it stung with every swat but I knew it would only get worse she then made me stand in the corner of the store with no pants on and my blouse lifted so the world could see my crimson bottom. This was my 5 spanking but my worst my classmates where there and adults I knew as well. I rubbed my burning bottom which got me another 10 smacks and I sobbed as aces girls from my class laughed and asked how I was naughty I turned around and smacked the girls face which I knew would get me spanking butwas worth it this time my mother used her shoe and it lasted about 15 to 20 minutes of hard spanking.

However it wasn’t always public but this was not the extreme my mom caught me fooli g around with a boy in the front yard he was touching my leg And slot of other people were around my mom was enraged brought me inside and gave me a 40 minute paddling not remebering my brother and his tutor (my princable) were there she asked mrs bitloy if she had any suggestions she told my mother to follow with a spoon a belt and then a hand then I would stand on the front porch displaying my bottom to thr neighboorhood I did as instucted but my father came home seeing me on the porch and right outside pulled me over the knee and spanked me with his hand. He told the neighboors watching I had been naughty eventhough he didn’t know what had happened

in other cases I wouldn’t be bared like when I was 8 I was being rude and was spanked by hand only on my panities and in the privacy of a bathroom my mother and father only made it public if it was necessary

Mar 09, 2011 Spanking
by: Julio weber

I thank you should spanked your child in the Bathroom and pull his or her pants down and Underwear down then spanked there Butts int ll it turns red and gift them a time out after that
pull there pants and Underwear up when you are don


My name Julio weber
my Email is

Feb 15, 2011 bottum’s up – pants down
by: BIL

Waeming a child’s bottom did wONDERS for an attitus adjustment,

Jan 25, 2011 Spanking works
by: Anonymous

I believe in spanking on the bottom clothed or unclothed although I have only had to do this to my oldest son once. I have taken parenting classes on my own before my children were born and do find it very helpful. We talk about their actions before I will even consider spanking him and if it continues I will spank him no more than three times and send to their room for the night. One of many examples I believe in spanking. My son is seven years old and already knows that he can push his teacher only so far. The school district that he is in uses a 4 step behavior chart for corporal punishment. Green for well behaved, blue for warning, yellow for inacceptable behavior, and red for paddling, every day he comes home on yellow which is the step right before paddling 3 times, call home and a parent teacher conference. During his teacher conference she told me that he makes it all the way to Yellow within the first hour of school and she will not have a problem out of him for the rest of the day. He has learned that there is a consequence for all bad judgment and a reward for good judgment at this young age. I do believe that all parents should take and apply the parenting classes tactics before considering spanking. Some studies have shown that spanking on a regular basis could cause the child to feel insecure and unwanted if there is little or no communications between the child and parent. I know first had as being one of many of these abused children and still to this day I do not trust my family around me or my children. It is ok to spank if it is not done out of anger or resentment or to humiliate the child. You can?t teach a child to do the right thing and make the right choices if they no longer have self-esteem. I still struggle every day with what I went through and will have better for my children.

Jan 06, 2011 Spanked At Mommy’s Work

My mom used to spank us all the time in public. Usaully it was my younger brother who got it more.
ONe day we were at my mom’s work cause she could not find a babysitter and she told us that is we miss behave some of the other employs will see us get spanked. Well my brother kept hitting my sister and was told to stop but he didn’t. So my mom called him over and whisper in his ear so that no one could here her. Then she told his to pull down his pants and boxers. He started to cry. But tears don’t help. once he had ,y jeans doewn he refused to pull down his pants he said that there were to many girls in the room. so my mom did it for hime. You could see in face that he was really embarrassed. He got 14 harnd slaps to the bottom and was then told to go stand in the corner. In the corner he face the wall so that no one could see part. He was still crying really hard so when he was in the corner i when over rub his back and treid to comfort him. Even those i am his sister and i one year older i still saw part that he didn’t want me to see but he was a lot better than before.

Jul 24, 2010 Do it in privacy!
by: Anonymous

I believe in spanking, but it should always done in privacy.

Jun 17, 2010 Spanking children in public
by: Anonymous

I remember when my much older sisters and i were young like when they were 17 and i was 3 whenever i would misbehave out in public mommy with her or my twin sisters with i was with them would take me into the nearest ladies room lift up my dress pull down my panties and spank my bare behind even at church if they found out that i dident behave in sunday school which was there job at church to pick me up and this one time when they did there other job which was after there high school picking me up from pre school and there school daycare princeable when they came to pick me up the princeable came out and asked to please talk the older twin and the spanker and while the other one went to pick me up when we got up there from the 3 year old class i heard Hannah Sue get your little behind over to that ladie room while she was getting her belt taken off and followed me in and into the stall and lifted up my skirt and pulled down my panties and spanked my bare behind then at bedtime i got it again from her while she got me ready for bed

Apr 15, 2010 spanking your child in public
by: Anonymous

I think if it is just a spanking it is fine to spank your kids in public.There are some times that the child needs a bare bottom spanking and for that it should be done in private

Apr 03, 2010 The pros and cons
by: Anonymous

The pros of spanking children in public are: the behavior is punished right away. This may help the person know why they were spank and also will not perhaps will not have to think about getting a spanking later.

The cons are: it can be humanity and someone may reports them to the police even if the reporter saw what the person did before they were spanked.

Last year I told my counsel who has a doctrine about People magazine said in the 1990’s, Prince William was spanked by his mom when he ran away from her after she told him it was time of go home after soccor practice. My counsel said, it Princness Di embarrassed William after he embarrassed her. My counsel said William was disrespectful and deserved to be spank. Perhaps they next time his mom told him to do something in public he obeyed his mom. When the media attack Princeness Di, Prince William appeared to try to protect his mom. I think his big issues may be his parents divorce, his moms death, the book his mom “friend” wrote about her, and perhaps dealing with his dad second marriage. I think remembering the whole world knew he was spanked in public is a lot smaller problem.

I do think when people are spank in public, it might be better to find a private place. I think it is wrong to spank where people are trying to listen to a preacher and other people, in restaurtant dinning area other places that might disturb the peace. However 10 1/2 years ago when my niece Sarah was almost 4, I forced her to sit down and raised my voice the second time I told her to stop throwing things across the table. Now I think she is a friend a well behave 14 year-old her sometimes behaves the way other teenagers girls acts. She goes to church and tries to live the way Christ did.

I do think it is okay to spank a child is an empty room at church. Once I saw an 8-year-old boy after church. He looked like he had been crying and his dad told him to say he was sorry. Another time I saw another 8-year-old boy being taking to probably an empty room in the church. I think both boys were spanked in the church and the punishment was probably just and well deserved.

Jan 31, 2010 generally against / sometomes deserved
by: Rob

I don’t really agree with spanking in public but sometimes it might be justifiable. I deserved to be, and was spanked yesterday when I was caught fighting with another guy, both high school seniors, by the shop and home ec teachers at school during lunch. We were both paddled ten hard swats with ‘Ouchie’ the twenty two inch board of discipline with its name drilled through in half inch holes by my wrestling coach while the principal called our parents.
My mom met us in the principals office during fifth period and I confessed to picking a fight with Brett. I got a three day suspension and another five hard strokes from ‘Ouchie’ and Mom slapped both sides my face-twice! Before we left the building she pulled me into the girls restroom and made me lower my jeans and shorts, whistled at the color of my paddled butt and strapped my bare butt long and hard as I stuck my buttcheeks skyward with my hands and feet shoulder width apart on the floor as I do when she disciplines me.
There were like twenty excited girls gasping in unison with their hands to their mouths when the door opened and we walked out into the hall, a hand full of my hair firmly in my moms right hand. the strap still in the other, bawling me out with the prospect of a proper bare bottomed thrashing over the love seat when we get home. She did. I am now grounded to my room during my suspension and am doing very little sitting down. I don’t like getting spanked and I don’t look forward to the teasing i will get from my friends and mates at school who have all texted my sister saying I deserved what I got. Mom took my iphone too

Jan 08, 2010 stop the abuse now break the cycle NOW!!
by: Robert

At one time I believed that children should be spanked, but i have changed my feelings about that. children are young and do not know how they should act, we are supposed to be examples to them.
they need to know the rules but we need to show them how to act they will learn from our examples.

Dec 24, 2009 ing your child in public
by: JamesAnonymous

My dad was not afraid to me in public for mouthing off to him. I’m 13 yrs. old, and in the park my ing happened.
My dad put me over his knee, pulled down my pants and boxer shorts and gave me bare butt, a really red, sore hand ing that made me kick, squirm and asking him to stop ing me.
Although it was embarrassing, everyone walking by seeing my butt get red, and red, and sorer and sorer, I learned a very painful lesson that left me rubbing a sore butt for the rest of the day after I hiked up my pants and underwear!
I sat down very gently.

Nov 23, 2009 Okay
by: Anonymous

Well, alrighty then! There you have it. And his folks should probably be thankful that he stuck them in a cheap nursing home. He could have kept them at home and terrorized them during their helpless years til they died. I think that about it sums it up on spanking!

Nov 20, 2009 nursing home
by: lyndon

My parents used to always hit me when i was young
but now, being a adult i hate my folks and i threw
them in a cheap nursing home.So please folks
keep hitting your kids.

Nov 09, 2009 No child deserves to be hit
by: Jim

Children do need to discipline, which is to say that children need knowledge. Adults do too. I strongly disagree that hitting defenseless children is an effective way to teach them, unless you have no teaching or communication skills what so ever.

What “slaps across the bare buttocks” will teach is that might makes right, and that it’s OK for an adult to undress and violate children. Children will learn from this. They will learn to hate, to resent, and, most importantly, not to get caught.

Nov 08, 2009 Hitting children
by: Anonymous

I agree that children need discipline, which is to say that children need knowledge. Adults do also. I disagree that terrorizing defenseless children is an effective way to teach, unless you have no teaching ability at all.

Beyond the pain caused from the “might makes right” lesson that will be taught, you will also teach the child that grown ups have the right to undress them, and violate their privates. (Ever wonder if these are the folks who grow up and develop humiliation fetishes?)

Children will learn from this technique. They will learn to hate, to resent, to mistrust, and, most notably, they will learn not to get caught.

Nov 08, 2009 spanking in public
by: Anonymous

children need to be disciplined. there is nothing more effective than a few good slaps across the bare buttocks. think for yoursef: you want to do something but you know you will get your pants down and a bare bottom spanking , wouldn’t you think twice ?????

Oct 31, 2009 Let’s think about this . . .
by: Jim

If you reach the point where you are ready to strike a child, then you have gone way too far. It may be true that parents spanked more frequently in the past, but it is not true that the kids turned out fine. The kids, in many cases, grew up to become parents that spanked their kids. The cycle of abuse continues.

I agree that abuse is abuse. I look at it like stealing. Whether you steal five dollars or five hundred dollars, you are a thief. The same is true of abuse.

If spanking is the only thing that works, then you have very limited parenting skills. Unfortunately, your child will suffer the consequences of you ignorance. Your child will be better served by you if you learn to communicate instead of hit. Millions of children the all over the world learn without fear and pain every day. It can be done.

I’m not surprised that your daughter was involved in bullying. You have taught her that bullying is acceptable by bullying her with your spoon. You may have received the desired response in the short term, but your daughter will resent you and the child she bullied.

You seem to think that because children were spanked more often in the past, and they lived through it, that it must have been a good idea. That makes no sense to me at all. There is always a better way, and we should always be looking to improve and grow.

The expression “the rule of thumb” comes from a time when it was unacceptable for a man to strike his wife with a stick thicker than his own thumb. If the stick was larger than his thumb, it was considered abuse. I’m glad we got past that. Had we not learned and developed as thinking people, it would still be acceptable to give the wife a good beating when she needed one. ?After all, my dad beat my mom, and they were very happy together.? To borrow from your reasoning.

Children, even very young children, can be taught without fear and pain. Communication, patience, empathy, these are tools for good parents. Wooden spoons are for cooking, not for terrorizing defenseless children.

Oct 28, 2009 Sometimes.
by: Lynn

There’s nothing wrong with spanking as long as you don’t take it too far.
What most people seem to forget is that up until recently almost everyone spanked and kids came out fine. Abusive parents will be abusive parents no matter what, but the vast majority of normal parents will use spanking properly and the kids will be better off for it.

Sometimes a spanking is the only thing that works. When I found out my daughter was involved in the bullying of another girl I got out the wooden spoon and made sure she couldn’t sit properly for the rest of the day. Now days people will say that’s abusive but it fixed the problem completely, and if that were abusive then I think every single child who grew up before this liberal nonsense was around must have been ‘abused’ too, since I spank no ‘worse’ than I (and most other kids) got back then. Yet less people complain about abusive parents growing up back in those times than people do now.

At times, especially with younger children, you need to smack them a few times right away to get the point across. But sadly these days you’ll probably get reported and treated like a criminal, so for that reason alone I will never spank in public.

Sep 08, 2009 WOW
by: Anonymous

I cant believe that people still think it is OK to hit your child …. Obviuosly you have no idea of what it is like to grow up in a home built on fear. You should be ashamed of yourselves really. If you hit an adult you get charged with assault, what makes hitting a kid any different???? People who resort to hitting should maybe take a few parenting courses or better yet read up on child abuse and what kind of damage it can do. Kids need to feel safe and loved, if that is accomplished they will feel free to grow, learn and develop positive attachments.

Jul 04, 2009 Clarification
by: Anonymous

Sorry, I guess that I wasn’t clear in that post. I did not mean “all or nothing” as in discipline or no discipline, I simply meant spanking.

These posts that people have put up on here have made me realize that quite a lot if not the majority of parents out there simply cannot understand the concept of restraint or moderation, etc. In other words my “hot stove” example probably means nothing to them. They all seem to strike at will, out of anger, to humiliate, shame, belittle, etc. I find myself reading these being disgusted and disappointed, all at the same time.

Jul 04, 2009 You should give up
by: Jim

“If given the option between all or nothing as far as disciplining goes, nothing seems to need to be the word of advice for most parents who utilize corporal punishment.”

This is a mistake that many people who believe in spanking make. There is an assumption that if parents don’t spank, there is no discipline – “all or nothing”. This could not be further from the truth. Non-spanking parents are just as likely as spanking parents to discipline, and discipline consistently. The only difference is that they do it without fear, humiliation, pain, etc.

And, yes, there are in fact many adults who truly hate their parents for the way they were treated as children.

Jun 11, 2009 Okay Jim
by: Anonymous

Alright Jim, I give up. You are right. Apparently I am the exception to the rule. After those last two posts, I have to agree, most parents are in it for the pain and humiliation factor without the benefit of communication. They seem to be as well from the “children should be seen and not heard” crowd. If given the option between all or nothing as far as disciplining goes, nothing seems to need to be the word of advice for most parents who utilize corporal punishment.
You last two posters before Jim should really check yourselves. Your apparent enjoyment and thrill at physical harm of your children is frightening.
In public and then AGAIN at home with pants down??? Come on. Your kids are going to grow up and hate you as much as I hate my abusive mother.

Jun 10, 2009 Spanking in public
by: Jim

Spanking in public is cruel, and ineffective. Communication will work better, and will leave all involved with their dignity. Spanking at home with pants down, etc, is beyond cruel.

Jun 10, 2009 I agree spank the child in public and then when they get home!!!
by: Anonymous

I agree with the last comment. If the child is doing something wrong in public turn them around and spank there bottom. I also agree that when you and the child gets home you need to tell the child that what they did was wrong and even though they got spanked when it happen that they need a big reminder that what they did was wrong and that you will not have it happen again and then take the child to a room and take there underwere and pants down and give the belt or paddle at least 10 times and then what I will also do when I have children is make them stand in the corner with pants down and if they touch there bottoms they will have to have the belt or paddle another 5 time. I know it is stricked but I want my child to know that I mean business.

Jun 09, 2009 spanking your child in public
by: stephanie

spanking was done in all generations,and should be done now too.even in public I would say just turn them around and give a few good firm swats on the buttocks,but when you come home …..swoosh!!!!!! pants and undies should be down and paddle them on the bare Tush ….. Good Luck!!!!!!

May 09, 2009 Last post
by: Terri

This thread has garnered more attention and posts than any other that I have seen. Said posts ranging from those who believe in spanking and can separate a firm swat on a padded behind or a firm tap on the back of the hand reaching for the hot stove to those who believe that the firm swat/tap must always mean that the adult is swinging with all of their might with injury and shame their full intent, to those posts who are obviously from abusive parents who are not aware that they are abusive or are straight up proud of it. I find it sad though that the main focus is not on education and getting help.
Often times, soft words written in an empathetic way might possibly save the life of a child. Perhaps there is a parent who is simply observing the thread, trying to find an opening to ask for help. Yet sadly, this person never speaks up because so many out there are just posting to show how PERFECT they are and to point their ever extended finger at all of the “bad” parents.
To anybody out there that knows that they are verbally, emotionally, or physically abusing their children and want help – I sincerely believe that there exists professionals that will be willing to help you change. If you have admitted that you need help with your parenting skills, then you have at least 75% of the battle won, that is the hardest part. Our children are our future, they deserve the best that we can give them. I attend parenting classes and we get family counseling to help us deal with situations and frustrations that are sometimes bigger than my husband and myself. There is no shame in asking for help. Sadly, this is not the place for that level of help. If you contact your insurances behavioral health provider, or local community outreach programs, or your church you hopefully will be able to find somebody that is willing to listen, and provide the help and education and family counseling that you need. Good Luck and God Bless all of you and all of the little ones.

May 07, 2009 I agree
by: Jim

Any time you’re going to do something that you would be ashamed of, do it behind closed doors. While many people are OK with spanking, many others will simply see the adult as a bully with no parenting skills.

May 05, 2009 OK with me, but not smart
by: Danny

I am all for spanking kids and it wouldn’t bother me to see a child getting disciplined, but with all the anti-spanking busibodies around, it isn’t a very smart thing to do. Wait until you get home and you can give the a kid a proper pants-down spanking.

May 03, 2009 spanking
by: Anonymous

jessica. you’re a good disciplinarian. I wish I would have a parent like you. I think all parents should learn from you

May 02, 2009 What is your point?
by: Anonymous

I have no idea what your point is. Are you saying that spanking is not hitting? If so, then I disagree with you. Are you also saying that inflicting pain is not the purpose of spanking? If so, again, I completely disagree.
There are a great many influences that children have today that have never been seen before in history. When we look back at life in America in the 50’s, we tend to romanticize it. We remember Leave it to Beaver and think, wasn’t life great back in that simpler time.
Well, I suppose it was, if you were Ward. If you were a minority, or a woman, you may not have thought life was so “perfect”. The idea that kids are disrespectful because they are not hit by their parents is beyond foolish. If children are to learn respect, they must be shown respect. There is nothing more disrespectful than to physically impose your will on another person.
I do believe that spanking is wrong, and that parents who spank are making a mistake. That doesn’t mean that all parents who don’t spank are good parents. The amount of caring, and effort that goes into being a good parent is enormous.

May 01, 2009 Oh and…
by: Terri

And by the way, you seem to not realize it, but you actually helped me to make my point. The key words that you used were, “…with the intention of inflicting pain.” That really does coincide with my idea of parents that have not learned to control their tempers and hence react out of anger, rather discipline and parent out of love, nurturing, and the desire to teach their children right from wrong, good from bad, respect from disrespect, and so on.

May 01, 2009 You made the comparison
by: Terri

If you are indeed the same Jim who made the comparison between parents who spank their children being the same ones that are uneducated, then that comment was a direct comment to you. You also mentioned it again in your last comment relating violence and ignorance, I am neither.
I see you have no answer as to the point of why many children today have no boundaries, rules, respect, etc. I am pretty sure that neither Eric or Dylan from Columbine were beat by their parents. In fact, I believe that the research has shown they were both from very good homes.

This is an endless argument that neither are going to win. I have immense respect for you and all parents that care enough to argue the points they feel strongly about and learn more from others on things where they are not so sure. More parents should make the effort. My main point is that there should be more parenting education out there that aims to help them find better ways, not to insult and reject them as violent people and “bad” parents. Insulting another is verbal abuse and can be just as violent. It is verbal “hitting” if you will. So while I will respectfully argue my point, I will not lower myself to fight with you about it or insult you, passive aggressively or otherwise. If you intend to make a wide insinuation about uneducated parents and violence, then prepare to have people defend themselves. Don’t further insult them for doing just that, like you did to me. If you bring up ignorance and being uneducated then it has everything to do with the discussion. Don’t you agree?

May 01, 2009 Yes. Violence
by: Jim

One person striking another person is an act of violence. Many people try to use semantics to avoid the issue, (spanking, paddling, disciplining, “whuppin'” – I love that one, it sounds so enormously backward). But, at the end of the day, if you strike another person, with the intention of inflicting pain, you ARE committing an act of violence.
Furthermore, if you are striking a defenseless child, you are simultaneously teaching that child that violence is justified, and that might makes right. Lessons that employ violence and ignorance should not be used.
As for your college credentials, congratulations! I?m sure we?re all impressed. But I fail to see what they have to do with this discussion.

May 01, 2009 Violence?
by: Terri

Who said anything about violence? Hitting and spanking are two very different things. I am college educated and while certain things can be taught to a child, they need to be able to be children and to understand danger.
It is people that do not understand the difference between hitting and spanking that either A) abuse their children; or B) Create what has become the norm in adolescents and teenagers in our modern world – Ill-mannered, self-centered, narcissistic, rude beings that know no boundaries and think that everybody owes them something. Guns have been around a long, long time. It is not coincidence that the past contains very few if any school shootings.

May 01, 2009 The world will never be perfect
by: Jim

I agree that children do not have adult reasoning skills. But that doesn’t mean that they can not be taught to reason, or that they are unable to reason. I taught my children about the hot stove, traffic, electrical outlets, knives, etc., etc., etc., and I never had to hit them.
I employed MY adult reasoning skills and used language that they would understand. The notion that some children, (or some situations), require violence is foolish.

May 01, 2009 In a perfect world
by: Terri

Not that there is much to disagree with regarding your post, but it is just too simple and too idealistic. It does not take into account children with learning disabilities, ADHD, and others. For example, I have a brilliant 11 year old with ADHD. Every morning he asks me for chips, cookies or crackers for breakfast and I am here to tell you, that I have tried empathy, logic, and reasoning and the little bugger still asks every morning! Actually asks for junk pretty much 24/7 even though he is also diabetic and knows the consequences for his health. Your theory also does not take into account different personalities of both kids and parents. One size does not fit all when it comes to parenting.

Also, you do not address the toddler to about 6 year olds, that even without any kind of behavioral or physical condition just simply do not have and should not be expected to have those adult powers of reasoning. Hence, the hot stove analogy.

Too many people over simplify and imply that spanking and abuse are synonymous when in fact they are not. As I have said before, any form of discipline performed in a moment of anger, whether it be physical, restriction, or verbal, can be abusive. Child parenting experts would do well to start focusing more on helping parents learn HOW to discipline depending on their individual circumstances, rather than just telling everybody that one way is the only way. So what do parents do when their child does not respond for whatever reason. It is very easy for people to sit back and dictate, much harder but more worthwhile when they take into account at least common scenarios.

May 01, 2009 Spanking does NOT work
by: Cindy

Spanking a child absolutely does not work. It has been proven time and again by nearly every parenting expert! Recently I was on a website reading a blog from Dr. Popkin which talks about using POSITIVE discipline. This applies not only to spanking but actually to punishment in general. His blog on says:

“As our young children grow into their tweens, many parents struggle with how to effectively discipline their kids and help them make the right choices. Punishment, or teaching by hurting, may work in the short run with young children, but usually backfires later. Punishment leads to resentment and retaliation and it undermines the parent/child relationship.

Discipline needs to be respectful, allow for youth participation, fit the situation and be firm, but not harsh. By consistently setting limits on behavior throughout a child?s life, parents will be more successful teaching their child to adhere to necessary restrictions as the child gets older. All children desire independence — so, by allowing more freedoms as they get older and act more responsibly, they are encouraged. If they act irresponsibly, freedoms are taken away. This teaches a child to be responsible for their actions and their choices.”

He also advocates using empathy with children. I try to remember to use this with my kids and I have to say that it really works! When I tell my kids “I’m sorry I know that you really want to have cookies for breakfast and I do too but we have to start the day off right with a healthy breakfast and save the cookies for after lunch,” I actually get some cooperation and less whining!

Apr 16, 2009 Crazy
by: Terri

First of all, let me just say that Tina totally makes Jim’s point for him. How sad is that. Second, it has become very obvious to me that people really do need parenting classes. This whole thread shows how the cycle of abuse continues with most totally unaware that they are taking part in a vicious cycle.
I too was beat with a belt, smacked across the face, over the back, on my legs, arms, usually everywhere but the behind. I am so thankful that I am somewhat enlightened. That I can be honest with myself, and admit when I need help with something. I am so thankful that I am aware enough to be able to choose between breaking cycles or continuing them. I am very far from perfect, but do not strive for perfection. It is enough to do my best to be a responsible, loving, and aware parent. My heart and prayers go out to all parents out there that you may all do your best to break dysfunctional cycles and create a new way.
There is a fine line between discipline and abuse. Bottom line is – if you are violent about it, or are doing it out of anger at all then it is probably not functional discipline, but dysfunctional abuse. REMEMBER!!! If you are angry, take a time out for yourself, then go and deal with the issue with a calm mind and peaceful heart. We all lose our temper on occasion, but that should be the exception to the rule, not the rule!

Mar 19, 2009 spanking your child in public
by: Jim

Spanking is good for parents that have limited parenting skills. Many parents are unable to learn, so they employ the same abusive practices that their parents used on them. The cycle of abuse continues and is passed to each new generation.
It is a coincedence that educated parents spank less than uneducated parents?

Mar 15, 2009 Nowadays, not so good!
by: Anonymous

If you travelled back in time to the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s, it was normal to walk in the bathroom and find a young child being bent over her mothers lap for a spanking. Nowadays, however, the law feels the need to raise the kids for us (which, people can clearly see, is not doing good for the economy) and made it clear that smacking a kids bottom in public is child abuse. (even though if the kid doesn’t get it in public, they are most likely going to get a spanking at home anyway) I think it is personally better to let it be done in public, because then it is being monitered what the parent is doing, and can be stopped if needed. Whereas if you can’t do it in public, it will be done in private, and this is where abuse can start.

Mar 13, 2009 Wait for privacy
by: Brendan

It’s a very bad idea to spank your kid in public because of how many idiots and busibodies there are. Wait until you get back to the privacy of your own home or car, and then tear that fanny up!

Mar 11, 2009 a swat on the butt is fine
by: Anonymous

For all ages………zaps the attitude, if you know what I mean. Anything more needs to be accomplished in private and more than likely on a bare bottom so you have their full attention and they have yours. Works like charm in our house, sixteen years and counting with my daughter. A mouth-off gets a swat back as my husband likes to say (and do).

Feb 18, 2009 It Depends…
by: Anonymous

Times have really changed and I doubt for the better when it comes to some things.

I’m old. But when I grew up usually every store and theater had what was called a “Mother’s Room”. It had bathroom facilities, but it usually had a mirror and some other things we ladies need. Every one I ever saw had a big easy chair off to the side. Very often mothers would use those “Mother’s Rooms” with their easy chair to correct a misbehaving child. It was not an unusual sight, forty years ago, to go into this room to use the toilet and see a mother spanking her son or daughter–often in their underpants–for some bad behavior.

The rest of us thought nothing of it and would just go about our business. Sometimes, the lady correcting her child would get support from the other mothers. I remember one time, my mother loaned my aunt a hairbrush to spank my cousin with.

Kids were better behaved back than. You didn’t see the kind of backtalk and disrespect you do when you out in public now. Today, if I did that I’d be afraid that the child welfare people would put me in jail. So, I think a parent has to spank in private if they want to be safe. Its a shame they have too. While I don’t support abuse, I think parents trying to discipline unruly children should have our support.

Feb 16, 2009 Take another look at your “line”
by: Anonymous

You might want to take another look at your “line” between discipline and abuse – legs are NOT for smacking! My mother did that to me and every time it was because she was looking for the closest, barest skin to take her frustration out on. If you cannot have the patience and presence of mind to swat a behind then you are already out of control. I am one that does believe in spankings, when appropriate “hot stove” type situations. But listen to yourself, you are trying to tell fellow adults (and Moms at that) that you make sure that your TWO year old understands why he is getting a spanking?! That is almost as bad as the “Its Wrong” poster trying to imply that a two year old can comprehend, “Mommy is disappointed in you.” They really aren’t capable of that kind of reasoning, hence the “hot stove” thing. If they go to do it again, that firm, quick swat on the rear will come back to them, not Mommy said I was bad, so therefore I must not try to pull this rack over on me again AND if I do I will get a spanking. Sometimes we tend to expect too much out of our children, sometimes too little.
Just last week I was babysitting for my friends 2 year old little boy. He kept going for the front of my washing maching where his hand could have gotten stuck (a door with a filter and hole behind it) and he had figured out how to get the door off. Now, after trying to keep redirecting him several times over a 3 hour period, I knew that something had to be done. I just knew that one of these times while I had my back turned he was going to get to that hole and get his hand stuck and then what? So rather than try to reason with this adorable little being (with extremely limited powers of reasoning)I waited for him to go for it again. When he did, I took his little hand, told him “No No, DANGER!” And, in essence, firmly patted the back of his hand. His little face puckered up and tears welled in his eyes and it darn near broke my heart – but not nearly as bad as him getting his hand stuck and possibly broke or amputated as a result. And guess what? He hasn’t gone back to the washing machine even once. By the way “Its Wrong” person, I tried to tell him how disappointed I was in him a couple of times and each time he just looked at me, smiled, and said,”Blehk!” So your method was not so successful in keeping a little one safe! It does not take much to let the little ones know that they have done wrong and that there is danger. Over doing it or under doing it, both can have bad consequences.

Feb 16, 2009 Agree
by: Crystle

I agree with spanking in public. My son gets spankings. I warn him first, though. Dependnig on his offense, he either gets a smack on the leg or i take him to the bathroom and he gets a bare bottom spanking. The worse he behaves the more of a spanking he gets. There is a line between discipline and abuse though. It also goes with age too. My son in two so you have to take that into consideration and what they have done wrong. My only problem is people who spank out of anger. You should never spank out of anger. Wait until you have calmed down before spanking. I always spank three times maximum if my son gets a bare bottom spanking. That way I know I haven’t overdone it. I make myself take several deep breaths and tell him why he is getting a spanking and make sure he understands why he is getting one.

Feb 10, 2009 ITS WRONG
by: Anonymous

hitting & spanking your kids is WRONG what right do you have to hurt another human being? I have 3 children and I would never hurt them. If they are acting up I tell them how dissapointed I am in them and how I raised them better. Guess what it works!!!! Only crazy messed up people would hurt there children.

by: Anonymous

A few weeks ago I took my sister 15 and little neice 3 to the shop. My sister had been so cheeky the night before and I sent her to her room. The next morning she was being cheeky, my other sister lynn 23 was at my house as well as my hubby was out. Lynn smacked her and told her she would have it on the bare bottom if she had anymore cheek. So when we went out to the shop i asked my little sister to push Mia in the trolley as i was collecting things. She was fine at the start but then as we went on Mia started to cry and Alison smacked her. I said to Alison that she was in trouble when Lynn found out she replied I dont f….. care! So i lifted me hand and slapped her bottom with a hard smack till she was shocked. When we got home I phoned Lynn to tell her. She came around and reddened her bare bottom

Jan 13, 2009 I don’t, generally
by: Janice

I’ll give a kid a warning smack if we are in a public place, but not more than that. If they need a real, bare-butt spanking, that can wait until we get home. My kids are 7, 9 and 12 so it’s not like they are going to forget what the spanking was for.

Jan 09, 2009 I agree with spankings
by: Anonymous

I think spankig your children is perfectly normal if you warned them once you shouldn’t have to warned them again if you tell them to stop doing some thing then they should stop and not have to be told again I don’t like the idea of spanking in public but if it results to it you should at least take your child to the bathroom or the car

Jan 06, 2009 Spanked in Public
by: Anonymous

If I had children yes if they were acting out I would take them somewere and give them spanking. I remember when i was about 10 my mum and dad and I were in a store with my younger sister and before we went into the store my dad told me and my siter that if we did not do what my mum or him asked that his belt would be on our bottoms but that we would get it worse when we got home if needed. Well we went into the store and about 1 hour went by and my mum asked my sister and i to try on shoes but I wined and cried because I did not want. I knew after my father looked at me I was in big trouble. My dad told my mum and sister that he was taking me for a walk. My dad grabed me by the hand and walked with me very fast and we got to a corner of the store and there was a washroom for peopel with problems and one of the workers asked my dad if we needed in there and my dad said yes and he let us in. Once we were in my dad took off his belt and took down my pants and i got the belt on my bare bottom 10 time and then we went back to were my mum and sister were and then when we got home I had to go to my room and get 40 hits with the belt and then stand in a corner.

Jan 05, 2009 Spankin in public
by: Jessica Andress 

Spanking in public was really hard for me to get used to at first due to the fact that I was a very young parent, but after a while i got used to it. I really believe when an offense occours it should be dealt with then and there. If at all possible you should use a bathroom but if not spanking in a public setting should never be a problem. I do get tired of the dirty looks from all the non parents and parents who dont discipline their children when i give out five of six swats to make my kids behave!

Jan 04, 2009 I caught him stealing
by: jessica

When i went shopping the other day with my 16 yr. old son, I caught him stealing. im a strict disciplinarian so first i looked for the store manager and made him return and apologize. then i asked if i can use a counter which wasnt being used so i can spank him. i didnt take down his pants in public, but his bottom did come up up over the counter. i only gave him 10 moderate spanks, while people were cheering “pull down his pants”. he thought it was over, but when we came home…..sure enough….pants down…then briefs down and a good paddling on the tush. now dont you think he’ll think twice next time about stealing

Jan 02, 2009 No2adult judgement passing
by: Anonymous

Just like life, child rearing is not black and white, there are some gray areas, What works with one does not work with another. Parents are different and kids are different. So why is it that there are always people like No2spanking who presume to know all, and judge all? No2spanking, who said anything about violence? And you usually reason with adults, and adults do not try to touch a hot stove, or pull over entire racks full of deadly heavy objects on themselves at stores. Spanking should definitely be few and far between and not done out of anger or violence, but why is it that people like you always assume that spanking means beating? In my opinion it is parents like you that are raising these kids that are more in control over there parents than the other way around. This nation is now full of teenagers who have no respect, are not taught manners, and who (to those of us who still believe that children need guidance and boundaries)have children that obviously could have used a little corporal punishment. Now, how did you like being judged and stereotyped? No , there is no place for abuse in parenting, but be very careful what you call abuse. If one is lucky enough to get to their child BEFORE they burn themselves on the hot stove or before they pull that rack over on themselves, then an attention getting swat is what is going to make a little person (without those adult power’s of reasoning and discernment) remember not to do that dangerous thing ever again. People need to get back to letting their children be children and stop confusing the poor little ones with adult consequences and benefits. Do you give your child a raise or a written commendation when they do good? No, you give them a treat! Thou shalt not judge lest ye be judged. And my all time favorite- Do unto others as you would have don unto you.

Jan 02, 2009 No Spanking Period!
by: No2Spanking

Not only should you not spank your child in public – you should not spank your child PERIOD. There are many more effective methods for discipline than spanking – and none of them involves violence. It may seem harmless, but when there are other ways, why are you so anxious to hit your children? You are not allowed to hit your employees or any adult when you don’t like how they behave, so why do you feel you have the right to hit your kids?

Dec 29, 2008 some kids are very sensitive.
by: Anonymous

Maybe your TUSH can take a good whacking but some kids are very sensitive. “Taking down the Pants of a teenager!!?? and youre asking whats the big deal?!

Dec 25, 2008 Whats the big deal?
by: frank

Whats the big deal? kids are kids and need to be directed and we all got a whacken’ on our TUSH when misbehaved. even in public, when kids or teenagers need to be disciplined then there is no questiones asked nor any pleading only PANTS DOWN and BOTTOMS UP.

Dec 08, 2008 Spanking your child in public
by: Beth Ann

My mom was a believer in spanking in public and at home like this one time almost christmass we were at a tree farm and mommy took us kids out shoping for a christmass tree and we knew with we ever dident behaved mommy dident have to get her belt or her hairbrush from her realy big purse all she would have to do is ask for one of the swicthes off the tree to spank our little bare behinds which as all kids do we dident behave and none of us children dident behave and grammy who went with us volunteered to help which she did and mommy said just yall wait girls yall grammy and i are going into the ladies room were mommy and grammy are going to spank yalls little bare behinds with are belts do we make are selfs clear yes mommy said myself and my little sisters ok girls which they went to the ladies room mommy took four of us girls and grammy took four of my other sisters into stalls and pulled down are jeans and panties and takes each one of usone after another one took us across her knee and spanked are bare behinds and we got other ones while out in public

Dec 02, 2008 Be prepared
by: Anonymous

In this day and age of child abuse, it is probably a very dangerous thing to spank in public. Personally, I think a few swats on the rear are necessary from time to time. However, my suggestion is this. If the need for spanking is because of behavior problems while out and about, try simply leaving your cart/stuff etc. with a manager or in a out of way place. (This is so you do not have to do your shopping all over again!) Next, take the little rule breaker home or to the sitter or wait for Dad to get home, etc. Kids love going to the store with Mommy. A few times of “missing out” might just end the need for the spanking altogether.

Nov 30, 2008 bottoms up in public
by: Anonymous

My dad and mom would never spank us in public. If we were out in public and were acting up usually dad would take us out of the store to the car where he would spank us. Mom hated doing that, so she would turn to us with this mean look and say,”when we get home you are getting a spanking.” Once she even bought a belt just for the spanking, it then became the spanking belt…haha. But I will never forget the time we were in wal-mart. I was 9 at the time. I was with mom and dad. I don’t know why, but I started acting up and goofing around when I knocked over one of those candles that are in the glass jar. Now my dad had warned me one already to stop and even threatened to spank me. I knew I was in big trouble. So when the guy from wal-mart came over to get it cleaned my dad asked where the bathroom was. The guy was like oh well they are repairing something so they are currently closed. (oh btw the tires on the car were being replaced this same day) Thinking i was out of the clearing until were home I was secretly smiling. Dad turned to me and said “Lily, why are you smiling, you are not getting out of this spanking.” So he grabbed my hand and we went to walking. Outside of wal-mart they had benches. So he took off he belt, and explained to me that he clearly told me to stop and now something broke. He pulled down my pants and bent me over his knee. He spanked me three good hard times and pulled my pants up. He said I was in more trouble when I got home bc he should never result in spanking out in public. When we got home I got 4 more bare bottom spankings. Other than that one time i was only spanked one other time in public and that was at school by my mom. I got in trouble so they called her. She asked to use a conor in an office and bent me over in FRONT of the principal and spanked me BARE BOTTOM. the principal even asked if she needed a belt. aparently they were good friends. Once again i got another bare bottom spanking at home. I grew up in a very strict household. we hardly ever got warnings more than once.

Nov 23, 2008 I really tried not to spank in public…
by: Jenny Lewendon

I tried hard not to spank my child in the public. the key thing is that i really tried. At times, he caused me to be so angry that i lose control. Honestly, i really feel very bad about spanking my child, especially in public! I heard that it will affect their self esteem , etc….
Perhaps its my problem. Should have more self control myself.

Nov 20, 2008 I wouldn’t do that to my child
by: rachael

hi there,
i do not criticized parents who do that in public as i can understand the frustration. But personally, i wouldn’t do that to my child. Children needs respect too, especially when they are being exposed to public eyes. What i usually do when in public is to pull my kid to a corner where there is little or no attention from the crowd and there, i will discipline him.