Spanking my teenage daughters

I am a single mom of 3 lovely girls ages 15 13 8. I use spanking as discipline and it works. When they here go to your room they know a spanking is in order.

I was spanked up to age 17. My 15 year old is now stating that she is too old to be spanked. I only spank her for severe rule violations such as late coming home or lying or defiance.

My question is is she correct and is she to old to be spanked?.

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Spanking my teenage daughters

Feb 01, 2013 me too
by: Anonymous

I’m a 14 year old girl and get spanked sometimes too, like the lady with the 3 girls.It hurts a lot but it sure makes me try to do what I’m told.

Jan 24, 2013 In the main I do agree
by: Johno

I agree with the most recent Anonymous, ‘no bare butt spanking’.

Yes it will have future consequences in all but a few rare cases!. Ripping the clothes off a child or telling them to strip is prisoner of war stuff!.

This is what it tells the child: “you now have no more rights child! Your intimate body areas are mine to do with as I please, I sneer at your modesty and at your fear. Do you feel shy with your most private areas exposed? That’s good because I your loving???????? father / mother have no regard for your feelings!”.

Then comes the hurt of the spanking and at times the gleams of lust and joy in the eyes of the parents.

Then follow the parent up with I love you darling! All is forgiven and forgotten (forgotten by the child, never!).

A horse and a dog remember cruelty and even an elephant never forgets; the child also remembers cruelty forever and a day!

And one day as was the case as we read with anonymous, perhaps when you are old and feeble and face eternity, your child may pay you one last visit and ask the most dreaded question: (Mum, Dad)why did you abuse me why did you ruin my life!….then the child will leave never to see you again, why????????????? Because your cruelty extinguished their love! The child sees not a mother not a father but a cruel twisted concentration camp commander.

Jan 06, 2013 pro-spanking but not bare bottoms
by: Anonymous

Fist I want to say. I do believe in spanking. But, I would never spank kids bare bottoms.

Especially teenagers. It is against the law to force anyone naked especially where your from. You could get into serious trouble for it if she complains to the right people about it. I am a single father who raised a daughter who is now grown woman. Both her and her husband are nurses.

I am very, very close to my daughter still. We have a wonderful father-daughter relationship. Last time I seen her naked was 10yrs old. During puberty she became a very modest girl and I respected her modesty and dignity. I never had to spank her during her teen years. I told her I would if she acted like a 2yr old I would spank her.

She was a normal teenager and did teenage things. When she got into trouble. I would ground her, take privileges away. That all seem to work well. I am a Christian, and I do not believe a father should be seeing his teenage daughter naked, unless she had physical or health issues.

I also don’t believe a mother should be seeing her teenage son naked either, unless again there is physical or health related issues with her son. You should respect their modesty and not embarrass them. This could hurt them psychologically for rest of their lives.

With my daughter I had my grandmother who raised me, who is also a nurse help her with her puberty issues when it came to hygiene. With my daughter we did have open dialog about body changes, boys and sex. We have always been open about those things. Now she is grown and nurse she isn’t as embarrassed about her body as she was when she was teenager.

She gave birth to twin babies, and she and her husband wanted me present during their birth. She gave birth to a boy and a girl, and to me was one of the most wonderful event I have ever seen in my life. I was hesitant at first to watch the birth, but now glad I did. My daughter and son in law are very very close to me. I love them both.

My son in law calls me dad as well. I also wanted to say. That I was sexually abused by my mother, my aunt who is only 3yrs older than me, and my cousin who is same age as my mother. I was sexually abused by them until I was 13yrs old.

At 13yrs old, My father and mother divorced and my paternal grandparents got custody of me. My grandmother was a very special woman to me growing up during my teen years. My daughter always wanted to be like grandma. She wanted to be a nurse.

With my mother, I did not have a contact or relationship with her after 13yrs old. I asked her once when I was 22, how come she sexually abused me, she started to cry and asked me to forgive her. In my heart I forgave her. But the scars will be there for rest of my life.

I did not talk or visit her after that. I have been hurt by this all of my life. It has ruined relationships with women. I was almost married twice, but it just didn’t work out. I am still going through psychological counseling to this day because of it!.

Dec 19, 2012 Daughter
by: Strict Mom

I think it’s more that her friends Probably don’t get spankings and she does. So it may be embarrassment factor.

Dec 18, 2012 What is she complaining about
by: Anonymous

If its only once a month at the most then she should focus on not getting into trouble and stop worrying about being too old for a spanking.

Does she get embarrassed in anyway from the bare bottom spanking, like being exposed?.

Dec 18, 2012 Daughter
by: Strict Mom

There is no corner time but they are to stay in there bed and think about why they got a spanking. My 15 year old is once a month if that so not that often.

Dec 17, 2012 Do they get corner time?
by: Anonymous

Do your daughters get corner time or lay on bed for 15 mins.?

How often does the 15 year old really get into enough trouble to be spanked with a paddle?

Dec 17, 2012 My daughters
by: Anonymous

To answer your question they are spanked bare bottom. The youngest is spanked just with hand and the 13 and 15 get hand or paddle.

Dec 15, 2012 What do you use
by: Anonymous

Is your daughter spanked clothed or bottomless?.

Do you use a hand or other implement?.

Maybe she’s not happy being spanked like a little kid so maybe you should spank her lie big girls do with paddles, straps, or switches.

Even threaten with ginger root if she keeps complaining!.

Dec 14, 2012 Spanking
by: Strict Mom

I don’t think there is a reason. All my kids have been spanked since a young age.

I feel even at 15 she can still be spanked. Again I was spanked for the last time at 17. I plan on doing the same with mine!.

Dec 14, 2012 Your the parent
by: Anonymous

She’s not right, you have the right to discipline her anyway you see fit. You received it up to 17 so can she.

If its embarrassing then She needs to not do the things that get her a spanking, you’d think after all this time she would understand that.

Do you feel there are some other reasons she doesn’t want a spanking besides it hurts?