should single mother paddle her 14 year old boy when all else has failed

Boy put $4000 on my credit card which I had to pay and has vandalized neighbors cars, and lies all the time.

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should single mother paddle her 14 year old boy when all else has failed

Jan 21, 2013 Shocked
by: Anonymous

I’m from europe,19 years old and I’ve never been spanked or bitten by anyone and I’m successful,independent and thoughtful but still I can’t figure out what you want from your children?, by hotting and annoying them you will lose them in a near future definitely.

at the age of 14 your child is supposed to think about his future and plans, not being paddled.
by these punishments you reveal your stupidity and make your child thoughtless and close minded.

Nov 15, 2012 Follow up 
by: Anonymous

This is a follow up post. I had written about my two teenage boys verbally abusing their female bus driver. I spanked them both yes bare, and washed their mouths with soap. Several months have passed and they have been really well behaved.

I know this doesn’t always work but I know my boys and they know what will happen if they misbehave. We have discussed their punishment and telling the woman they were punished and apologizing was very hard for them and left a strong impression!.

Oct 13, 2012 NEVER force anyone’s underwear down!
by: Whit Warden

I used to teach pre-school and run an afterschool
program where I handled up to 24 (but usually 15)
kids singlehandedly. A comment I heard from my co-workers almost a dozen times was “I don’t know how you do it. You’ll have over a dozen kids and they ALWAYS behave for you!”

While it’s not true that they ALWAYS behaved for me instantly, they always behaved EVENTUALLY, because I would keep on them (upping the ante on discipline measures) until they went along with my requests.

I PERSONALLY disagree with spanking, but I’m not in your place, and it sounds like grounding and loss of priv1leges have not given you the desired results.

However, I’ve learned that when a man wants to have power over and violate a woman, they will rape them. When a female wants to have power over and violate a male they forcibly pull their underwear down (usually in front of other people).

I hope we agree that if a teenage daughter becomes a major discipline problem, the answer is NOT for her father to RAPE her, then spank her afterwards.

Similarly, while it MAY be necessary and effective to spank your son, doing so in a manner that leans a bit towards sexual assault doesn’t seem like the right way to treat a human being.

Is it possible that having him face the LEGAL consequences of his actions (juvie for the vandalism) AND having him work off the money he stole from you will help correct his behavior?.

In the majority of cases, children repeat the behaviors that lead to positive results for them, and cease the behaviors that lead to negative results more than once or twice.

I apologize for the lengthy post. Good luck to you and your son, and I hope you’ll post again with and update on how things are going now.

Oct 13, 2012 **Whistleblow this**
by: Anonymous

Er No, Of course not,runs the risk of being seen as abusive, twisted & not just a little bit sexually kinky.

DEAR GOD WOMAN, you’re a grown-up, an ADULT an apparently mature woman, with (we would hope) appropriately matured moral sense and developmentally appropriate capacities to nurture your children.

Instead you go on the internet to seek approval to physically assault a minor-your own son (as it happens). Hello?? If you grown-up person, guardian of a young soul need assistance see help from professionals, get a reputable support,even call social services.

Please do that. If you take the online advice to pursue violence from **profanity removed!** remember the recent case of Jimmy Saville & those parents who uncritically left the care of their kids to a alleged sadistic pervert like him. SEEK REAL LIFE HELP!.

If you don’t do right by your kids the law falls on you, Your Kids, family & neighbours who see what you do are the ones called for evidence for wha you do. WATCH YOUR BACK, Watch your back, better yet, ACT RIGHT. You’re being Watched!.

Sep 23, 2012 Paddling the 14 year old
by: Anonymous

Yes by any means do so,. If you really want to give him a memorable Paddling experience,
which isn’t done too hard or overly painful for him.. Before you bend him over the chair. Table . Etc,. Tell him he’s going to Experience what get a Girls Paddling is like instead of an old boys form of swatting.

Believe me this is going to grab his attention allot.. Especially a thick headed narrow minded boy,. You’ll see him react in a manner that adds to him not liking it even more,.. But he also doesn’t know what I real Girl type of paddling really consist of at this point,.

Everything is the same except the amount of force to be used on him,. The Force used will only be mild to moderate threw out the paddling…

This will also force him to man up a little more since he’s a boy that has been told he’s getting a Girls Paddling and knows it before its done to him in that way,.

Sep 09, 2012 Yes
by: Anonymous

As hard as it can be to face it, sometimes our children need a good old fashioned paddling.

I’d recommend you march him to the living room and do it right there. If you have other children, they can benefit from seeing the lesson. By all means, pull down his pants.

You might want to leave his jockey shorts up though. They won’t offer much protection and will preserve some modesty. Than paddle him good. A few tears will be a good lesson for him and your whole family.

Aug 28, 2012 Pushing the Limits
by: Anonymous

Growing up, I had a 14-year-old friend whose single mom made him drop his pants and bend over and take a whipping with his own leather belt. It was the the kid’s first real spanking in his life and it made him behave! On the other hand, another single mom tried something similar with her 15-year-old and confessed she couldn’t go through with it. So, be sure you can do it.

Another downside is, especially with moms, the early teens is pushing the limits. Teenage boys aren’t like girls. Sooner or later the testosterone kicks it an paddling can actually make them behave worse than alternatives.

Aug 08, 2012 Only if problems persist
by: bert

Yes a mum should paddle her son of 14 if he will not be obedient.
It should be done bare bottom, that’s the real thing. Then he will know that mum means business and the fun is over. The boy should not be hurt but the spanking should be short but firm. After the spanking he should have 20 minutes corner time and apologise to his mum.

by: Anonymous

paddle him even nude butt if thats what ti takes but as his mother u should be able to know his limitations all to well. if there is any chance at all that this form of punishment will humiliate him and damage his mental health possibly for years to come then u may want to reconsider , . if absolutly nessesary it might be almost as painfull and much less humileating to insted of a spankiing on the butt at his age to just give a few hard liks with a leather belt while he is standing not bending over and while he is fully clothed, and preferalbly on the back of his legs or butt if u must , but again fully clothed and dont make him assume the position,,,,,,unless u know in your heart he is the type strong enough to not be humiliated.
U may even want to offfer him the option of a fully clothed paddliing or a few liks with the strap so he knows u respect him even thoe u still have the rite to punish him. a respectfull loviing punishment is always beter, always remeind him u love him most of aALL

Feb 12, 2012 Never bare
by: Marja

As a single mum without friends or relatives to call on I have to chastise my teen kids.
My girl of 15 is little problem. But Remy my 13 year old boy is regularly in trouble. He makes problems at school and at home. For minor bad behaviour I take away a privilege like going out. For lying and stealing he gets a spanking always by hand. He strips to his undies and I position these undies so that they fit neatly into his bum crack. Then he gets up to 10 bare handed smacks on the exposed bum cheecks. This humiliates and hurts my boy but does not affect his modesty.It is a lesson well learned, but it does not harm him, and I have a better boy.

Feb 02, 2012 Simple way to do it
by: Rahja

Well my boy is now 15 and has been a headache for long.Its OK for dudes like Bim to tell single mums how to rear kids. But we have to do it-any idea for the likes of him to know when a
kid steals and lies and is rude and does not clean himself properly.
Mine way works very well I don’t let my brother all ways spank him but he just helps me.
And it works he is getting better all the time.
SoI agree that it is not possible well maybe for some mums but not for me to handle boys that age by yourself or it is not good to let others do the spanking. But to have help and then do it is good. Ofcourse I would never spank my boy bare bum-no way not and not to much or to hard at all. But get the message accross yes!

Jan 11, 2012 Some admiration!
by: Bim

Nora, has highly spirited boys, that I admire.
It’s unpleasant that these boys of 11 and 14 cause headaches for mum, but on the other hand, the are not silly.
It has to be silly that suddenly the boys are expected to strip for punishment.One of the lads in the very bloom of puberty and the other just entering puberty. Nora, you said that they will take correction from your brother, he probably gives them a stern lecture and a smack on the bum (fully clothed). Then, suddenly boys who at that age by nature need privacy are told to go bare-bum or else! Evidently what these guys need is male guidance, your brother seeems by and large OK. But he went along with the pants down nonsense you requested and thereby lost the respsct of the boys. Simply both of you aplogise to your sons and have a more reasonable way of dealing with lads when they get off the right path.

Jan 05, 2012 Yes, yes….
by: Nora

Well Josina has the ideal kids, I’m not so lucky.
My 3 kids (girl OK)the 2 boys 11 and 14 are not.
These guys often are in trouble, meaning I’m in trouble, really.
I was happy to read what Josina did with her rebels. No food,no pocket money etc.Then they will submit to punishment.
I tried it, the 11 year old was happy to take his trousers down and get some smacks on the undies.
The 14 year old, said me taking my pants of old lady, git, git…….!
So back to my brother again. They will do as he tells. But when he told my boys to take their pants down, they refused, kill me first, screamed my oldest.
So it does not work with all, but good luck to Josina, and her gorgeous boys (I’m jealous!).

Dec 30, 2011 No problem
by: Josina

I do have a son of 13 and a son just 15. The boys dad left me with them.They are strong, happy gorgeous boys.
I’m just average height and weight and the boys are stronger then me surely.
But if they give me the creeps they pay with a nice correction the way I want it.
Yes they would laugh at me, when I want to spank them, but no longer. They refuse to have a spanking no worry brother, no food, no pocket money, no outings, no nothings!
Even the 15 year old soon asks mum can I please have it over with?
They know what to do, get the gear of, but leave under pant on. Then on the floor on the back now take of undies when I tell, knees pulled to their chest.
With nice acces to boy bums, they get 5 spanks if they are not to bad 10 if they are real bad.
Don’t spank to hard. With me it is not to hurt them but have them submit and be ashamed.
Then stand in the corner for 20 minutes, now they tell me they will behave better for next times. A hug and kiss and the boys behave much better.

Dec 05, 2011 Look at the question…
by: Joris

The question which the mum posed was should she paddle her 14 year old son. Some correspondents fail to see that the mother does not disagree with spanking or paddling as she calls it. But rather should she do it. So to answer yes he should be spanked or corected hardly answers anything. As many have observed for a single mum to handle a 14 year old and then spank him could almost be impossible, unless she is very strong.
For that reason I think that she either needs assistance in the correction or have a trusted male do this for her.

Dec 02, 2011 Yes absolutely
by: Tim

Of course he should be spanked, that is a no brainer. He should also have any and all privileges revoked for a period of time. And paddle him good, not just a wimpy little spanking. He has to know he will have severe consequences for behavior such as this. The next time it happens paddle him again and take him to the police station so they can have a word with him too.

Nov 17, 2011 You are lucky Stu 
by: Coby

When a naughty boy my mum, spanked till I was 11 then got my uncle who is not married but likes kids. But he was 50 or so and I never liked him. He spank me after a cold shower,as my mother ask him to do from 11 till I was 15. This was bad, then wet and shivering he put me over his knee and spanked me not that hard but painful,till my bum was red. The he spanked my thighs high up. My mum was happy for his help when he did it. I am sure that he did not mean to be nasty, because my mum asked him to do it he helped by paying my school fees, but I did not like him spanking me.

Nov 13, 2011 My uncle spanks me
by: Stu

My mum brings me up by me self and I am 15 a boy.
My uncle my mum’s brother is called in when I need a spanking.
He jus spanks me with his hands when I am over his knee. I keep my clothes on. But I don’t like it, because he makes me feel so small.

Oct 18, 2011 He is a good man!
by: Mabel

So, Pollyana, thinks that the kindly neghbour could be doing wrong to my Billy. He is a good man.
But she got point, from now I don’t let him have Billy bare or whatever. The kid has so improved that all is good now. He jus comes to talk to him and gives him a warning smack now and again.
Anyway I was there always and he never did nothing wrong. But I agree you always have to be careful, he is my kid.

Oct 18, 2011 Be careful
by: Zachary

To the single mum, I would say, yes be careful.

Since I am a profesional man with 5 children who are quite well behaved, I have been approached by single mums at times to have a hand in trying a correction for their kids. About 2 months ago one mum asked me to take care of her 2 sons one 12 the other one 14 nearly 15.
My wife felt that I should help, so I met the family as arranged a week ago at night time.On my request I sat down just with the boys and we discussed if they misbehaved and why? They said both yes we have made mum’s life dificult, they didn’t know why. Next we discussed openly the type of correction they deserved.They said that they did’nt like to be spanked bare because an uncle had made them strip and spanked them in the diaper position. This spanking was not very hard but very embarrasing, as he made often spanked on them on the tender anus. I asked the mother if this was true. She confirmed it. The boys were so relieved that I said that I never ever spanked bare. We agreed on no TV watching for a week and no other outings for a fortnight. If their behaviour improved fine, otherwise just a fuly clothed correction spanking for both.
After, I told the mum never to alow anyone to spank her precious boys bare. She cried and said how happy she was with my advice, and that she already mistrusted her former husband’s single brother. The boys never have needed a physical correction so far and all are happy.

Oct 12, 2011 Get rid of these guys
by: Pollyana

To the question if a mum with a problem son should resort to spanking corresondents Mabel and Dot have the answer: entrust the thrashing 12 and 14 year old naughty boys to casual friends. These friends who make themselves out to be child modification experts. In the presence of their dear mums, the kids are stripped of their clothes and modesty and punished harshly.

As a mum, I would never trust any male who disrobes young boys under the guise of helping them to become better citizens. I think no boy should be spanked bare-but if it has to be done then the father but not a stranger should do this. Mums get rid of these guys and get help from a relative friend who would never spank kids bare or harshly. Depriving kids of games, computers anything and perhaps at worst a few smacks on the pants is all that’s required.

Oct 05, 2011 Well done
by: dot

I think Mabel does it right, my young 14 year old, when bad gets hit with the back of a hairbrush by a neighbour who is a teacher in a boy school.He has very good reputation and cares for the kid. He seen it all before, and spanks Stevie not to hard but very firm on his bare tail. He also spanks at the finish on the inner thighs.The boy screams like crazy. When Stevie is nice and red, he lets him stay bare for 10 minutes hugs and kisses the teen and all is forgotten since as a mum Im thereI know it is fine. And I got me boy back again.

Oct 01, 2011 Be careful mum
by: Flip

Dear mum you have a serious problem, burdened as you are with a 14 year old boy, who is untrustworthy and rebellious. As a mother you love him but all he does is bite the hand that feeds him. Sure he deserves to be spanked or paddled, but I doubt if you can handle this on your own. Because of the serious nature of the matter, you really need help from a professional counsellor, (maybe a Government sponsored one) urgently. Or perhaps help from close family you can trust. Things will not come right without action, so you must act. Obviously the boy would greatly benefit from a trusted male, but where are they? Meanwhile, beware of kind male neighbours and casual male friends ready to deal with the kid, as they may well walk away and leave you with more wreckage. She must find out if any such offering help are really trustworthy. So before letting anyone even lay a finger on the boy find out if they have a sound history relating to children and not a criminal one. Otherwise the situation will really get messy. I trust that in previous advice given by some correspondents they were fortunate to find the right persons to help—but beware. Don’t let flawed people near your flesh and blood- as some would gladly prey on young vulnerable boys. Also, even if they have the best intentions, never allow anyone to discipline the kid by bare bottom spankings (or by making him step out of his pants)-only parents have the right to such intimate procedures. I wish you the best.

Sep 29, 2011 Make him a good boy
by: Mabel

I am sorry you have with your boy problems. I had problems also with my 12 year old who missed school mixed with the wrong crowd smokes and caused much griefs. I hope that you may also find a good manner to overcome the difficulty as I have. He laughed when I try to smack him, he is so strong. Then a friend who only has daughters, but is good with all kids said he was willing to try taming Billy. I rang him on a Friday night, telling him my kid was home. My son always disliked this friend who is really a good guy. When the friend got at my place he got to Billy and he said you smell of cigarettes. Smell yourself my son sneered back and ran into his bedroom. My friend asked me to run a hot bath and shortly after went into Billys bedroom stripped of his clothes and plonked the yelling rebel into the steaming bath. Billy lost all his attitude, he was just a pale frightened swmall boy who was hand washed like a little kid. While he screamed with misery I was smiling with happiness, he surely needed a man to take care of him. With the bathing finished my son demanded a towel but my friend said you don?t need one, because you are having an attitude readjustment coming up. He picked the naked boy up and dumped him on the double bed on his knees. He tried to get Billy?s legs wide open and after a long struggle had Billy in the right position. It was such a relief to see him get many smacks which were not to hard but still painful. My friend did not stop until Billys bum was livid red. The kid was then put in the corner red bare bum on display for 20 minutes. After that time he wanted to get dressed but my friend said have you forgotten something. He got the message and Billy said mum I?m sorry and try to be better. Billy asked again could he please get dressed, but my friend said you haven?t thanked me for the bath and correction I gave you. He hugged my friend and said thanks for the bath and spanking. Now many months later and a few more spankings by my friend, I have again a lovely young lad for a son.

Sep 27, 2011 Help him be a better boy
by: Josie

As a deserted wife, I faced problems like yours, with 2 boys 10 and 15. They was out of control, tried everything but nothing worked.
But then a neighbour who is a strong athletic man in his thirties heard of my trouble and offered help. One night he came over and talked to the boys by themselves. He told them that I had given him the right to deal with them. The boys said that they would not pinch money and swear or do other mischief anymore as long as he would not spank them. The man laughed, called me over and said boys everything off except underwear. He had them bend over, spread there legs wide pulled their undies tight into their bum cracks spanked first the young boy then the 15 year old boy on the bum cheeks. He turned them round pulled the undies up really high and tight in front and smacked them hard on the inner thighs. They screamed the place down. After that they went for 1 hour in the corner, the neighbour told them next time boys it will be bare bum and he left. They asked my forgiveness and promised to be better, I kissed them. I can truly say that this has really turned the boys around and our relationship is so much better.

Sep 20, 2011 He needs a firmer hand
by: Frank

Yes, he must be spanked. But probably is too strong for you to handle. Being most likely in the throes of puberty, he would fight to keep his bum and private areas covered.Maybe you can find a trusted male friend or relative to try solving this matter.
I can identify with your problem because a widow with 2 boys aged 13 and 17 has implored my help to chastise her boys. After some reluctance and encouragement from my wife, who met the lady at the school where my 6 year old son, attends, and where she spoke about the problem- I have agreed to do this task but only with the mother present.
The boys are handsome, but shy youngsters, desperately in need male guidance, because their mother is unable to exercise even a moderate control over them. The 13 year old is very immature and impulsive and his brother is not much better.
I arranged with the mother to have an introductory meeting with both boys and this worked out well. I explained to them truthfully, that unless they cooperated with my disciplining them in future-their mother was ready to make them wards of the state-they were horrified and agreed to do whatever it was to avoid that fate.
The mother had mentioned prior to my coming over the reluctance of the boys for personal hygiene, frankly they were on the nose. I took that as an opportunity to have both boys shower under supervision. It was sad but amusing to note their fear of being nude in my presence and both cried bitterly. I was surprised that the 17 year old was only just on the cusp of puberty he resembled a 15 year lad. This probably accounted for his immature attitude. After the showering I told both to remain undressed because of their bad attitudes they had a spanking coming,
I spanked them hard over my knees with my bare hands until the bottoms and thighs were a healthy red, I have since spanked them on 3 other occasions and their mum is in the clouds with happiness as their behaviour has improved out of sight.
I was particularly pleased when I spanked the 17 year old the last time and he told me that he did care that much being bare for a spanking. I said you are now so mature that I will never spank you again. He hugged me after that spanking, telling me that I made him a man, The 13 year old calls me uncle and I like them both!

Sep 19, 2011 Yes you should
by: Anonymous

yes you should paddle him and paddle him good. I have am 18 year old that I still spank. As I am taking his pants and underpants down I am chastising him about his misdeeds. And then it is on his bed for a sound spanking with my hand then a paddle.As long as he is living with me he will abide my rules and curfews.

Jun 18, 2011 what are you waiting for
by: Dave

It sees that you have lost contol over your son I think you need a man to help you with him do not have a brother or your father to help you. You need to out down the law that will tolerate bad behaviour. You mean to tell me that he did damages to a car and you had to pay for it.What did you do about it meaning in the way of punishment. I hope you did something about it otherwise you are showing you son he can do what ever he wants and you will get him out.You better stop him now before its to late.Your son need to know he cannot do what ever he wants. Mom you need to wake up and wake up fast I know its hard raising a kid all by yourself you work hard to give him what ever he wants and to feed and cloth him. Well descpiline is also part of it if you do not discpline him know its going to be to late if you try later.Yes you should paddle his butt. and make sure it hurts if you are not geting though to him than you have to have the pants down. its has to be hard this is not a game meaning you have to make sure he understand this behavour is not acceptable. I say spanking because I am sure you are working long hours so if you punish hi mhow do you know he’s actually being punshed if you are not there by spanking him you know he’s been punished.What did you do to your son?,

Feb 22, 2011 paddle 14 yr old son
by: Anonymous

U bet u should paddle him! If u think u are strong enough, make him pull his jeans and briefs off, bend over his bet, and give him 20 hatd smacks, busting 1 butt cheek and then the other, with the paddle! That should give him a beet red buttocks, and perhaps, if he knows more will come his way, he will behave! If u can’t do it, ask a male friend, brother, cousin, even church member to help do it with you!