punishment deserved! still over the knee

Daer sir/miss
I have permission from my parents to find tinks out.
I am a boy from 15,and if I have something very bad(drining beer,that kind of things,problems with keeping the rule)my parents occasionly pu me over the knee, for a preety hard spanking.
i think I am the only boy who still got it.I am naughty too,in rough words)please, Am I too old for this punishment?

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punishment deserved! still over the knee

Oct 08, 2012 Can’t understand
by: Kent

Dick, I can understand in sheer frustration for wrong behaviour a parent spanks you, a 15 year old, bare butt, for once. But you are too old for that. What I can’t understand is younger bros observing and no doubt enjoying the circus.

That’s outrageous,parental correction is not ever to demean but a means, gently-& at times painfully to help overcome problems. Dick buzz your parents about this, explaining that your wrong is no excuse for their wrong. But anyway, please get out of this bad stuff, because your life-your future is at stake! (Kent, 18, who also at times copped it).

Oct 06, 2012 to kent and bjorn
by: dick(15)

thanks for your answers.I am as I said from europe.Ans occasionly still gewt it.But only for serious missteps.I am always honest,not thast I am the pewrfect son. I am stil punished, for as I siad,drinking some beers and smoking pot, and acting out behaviour.But i thik that my parents shouls punish me in my own room,not in front of my younger btothers.And i don’t argue about still spanked,but maybe now that i am 15, on my briefs.The best option is to leqarn from my punishments. I try to do.i don’t know why i act so extremely naughty.

Oct 06, 2012 I admire Dick also, but………?
by: Kent

In agreement with Bjorn praising young Dick for letting parents spank to overcome drinking and smoking pot.

Now if this cures fine, otherwise, Dick should not be spanked bare butt at his age. Apart from that yes, Dick will get over the problems I think, because he wants to.

Oct 01, 2012 My admiration………………
by: Bjorn


I truly admire you for being honest enough to feel that you deserved a punishment by your parents for mucking around with pot and alcoholic drinks.

It is so hard for a 15 year old boy to submit to punishment. But yours is a cry for help and boy do you need help! But now that you actually got the spanking, you feel bad and that’s understandable, no one likes pain and humiliation.

But your parents are not killing you are they? They give you medicine-in this case a bare butt spank-to help you quit your smoking and drinking.

You also ask am I not too old for this type of punishment. In one respect at 15 yes, but you admitted that you deserved it-meaning 4 things:
• You let the family down
• You let yourself down
• You believe it may help clear the matter up with your family
• You hope that you will not walk on this path which leads to misery and degradation any longer.

Dick, you implied that others were present during your spanking; I take it they were brothers or sisters? I can understand that that can be humiliating.

Friend I hope that with the help of your family and their ‘hard’ but essential love, you will become the fine young man, which I believe you can be!

Best wishes for a great future, B.

Sep 29, 2012 Bjorn; I think you are right, but………..
by: dick(15)

Hi Bjorn,

My parents take care for me.i know.I have had a lot of talkings with my parents,and received warnings,and a time out/ grounded.But for smaoking pot, or drinking beer(just one or two glasse!!).

I think I felt so embrassed,because I get it in the living room.So my dad put me over the knee,pants and briefs down.Watched by the two!.

I was sent to bed immidiatly after the spanking.I made the mess I know.But I lay in bed at 7 pm.It was an awful spanking,but sent to bed is also embrassing!

Sep 19, 2012 You have a problem!
by: Bjorn

Dick, you have a problem which affects the relationship with your parents and family.

Drinking of alcoholic beverages at 15 is horrific. If your parents don’t care for you then they would not punish you.I think you deserve a spanking!.

Hopefully this will cure you of your bad behaviour.
Do they spank you with clothes on or bare butt?