Neighbor slapped my child on face

I live in a condominium in Singapore. Today was my neighbor child’s birthday. My daughter who is 5 years old was also invited.

While I was upstairs, she was playing in the birthday hall with her friends, when she accidentally tripped a mid-size table that had some lemonade plastic throwaway glasses on it. My neighbor’s husband reacted rather rashly and slapped my child on her face in front of everyone.

She ran away from that place and cried a lot before coming upstairs. She also pee’ed in her pants. She refused to divulge the details to me and kept begging for me and my husband to not go down.

My husband and I earlier thought she got scolded for dropping the table and that she had got scared. We went downstairs and the neighbor’s husband immediately came up to us and apologized profusely. We suspect he was drunk. Any ways it settled and we went away.

Later my daughter told me that the “uncle” had hit her on her right cheek. We are absolutely furious and want to complain to the police for this misbehavior.

I ask for your opinions? Is it the right thing to do?

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Neighbor slapped my child on face

Dec 03, 2009 Dicipline is Asian Areas
by: Anonymous

Are far more severe then American children…. ever notice how well behave the were? It something he does to his children(nieces/nephews) so an apology was very thoughtful. Their parenting styles are very different.

Apr 26, 2009 Absolutely
by: Anonymous

I am not sure what the laws are in Singapore, but in America that would be considered assault. Nobody has the right to hit a child in the face, not even the child’s parents. That man had no right to smack your child, on the face or anywhere else for that matter. I would definitely file charges! If anybody ever hit my son’s like that, I would probably be the on to end up in jail, and the perpetrator would be very sorry indeed!