my eleven year old daughter is a victim of emotional bullying

Last year my 11 year old daughter had many friends and was very happy go lucky..this year however she isn’t. She is being emotionally bullied by girls that have come to our home, spent the night, had dinner at our table and now I have to watch when my daughter leaves school, these girls never even say good bye or include her in their after school hanging around the front walk or patrol groups and she is a LT. in patrol.

I work in the ELL program at this school and it is killing me not to step in and confront this behavior but since I work there I have to separate my mom vs. employee hat. I am ready to quit my job to have an opportunity to talk to these girls.. what do I do? It hurts so much to see my daughter sad.

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my eleven year old daughter is a victim of emotional bullying

Sep 22, 2008 Encourage her to talk to the “bullies”
by: Julie

The sad thing is, a child can be emotionally abused without anyone knowing about it. Because emotional bullying does not leave visible scars, it is less often recognized or addressed by adults. Its good that you recognize this now and perhaps talking to your girl will help her. Its important not to let her suffer in silence.

On the other side of being the bully, they are usually insecure individuals who crave power over others, and they tend to seek out those who will not fight back or defend themselves. They may pick on others as a way of dealing with his own problems, or to feel more important, popular or in control. You may want to consider these should you decide to talk to the bullies in her school.

All i can say is that you need to reassure your girl that that she is special and loved. Nothing means more to her than a mum who loves and care for her. Perhaps you can also encourage your girl to face her friends and talk things out. While doing so, you may want to stick around in the back scene and hear her out after their talks.