My 20 year old son lies so bad. Why

My son, a 20 yr old whom dropped out of high school lies! He lies about the simplest of things. He makes up the perfect scenario to justify the lies. He lies about everything from the time he wakes up until the time he goes to bed. He has done this from the time he was in Jr High School when we would battle about his grades.

The kid has never been in any serious trouble and is very social with everyone. He is very polite and well liked by most.

He is a professional liar that makes me sick to look at him anymore.

What can I do to help him? Where should I look for support?

Troubled Father in Michigan.

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My 20 year old son lies so bad. Why

Dec 25, 2010 I hear you!
by: Anonymous

My son is 19, and he also is a liar. He is well-liked and very mannerly around people. But at home, he lies. He lies for obvious reasons, because the truth will get him in trouble, but also not so necessary reasons. We have grounded him, shamed him, spoke at length to him. He has been lying for a long time. I think he is terribly insecure and afraid. I think he lies because he lies about many things to hide his own insecurities. I think he has just trained himself to lie. I hate that he does this, and my husband and I are always trying to understand him. We have completely stopped trusting him at this point. Good luck…I wish I had good answers, but know you are not the only frustrated parent.

May 15, 2010 SON LYING
by: Anonymous

Im in my late 20’s single no children. I would try tough love on him and give hime some consequences to face for his behavior. I know hes 20 ok but if you support him finacilly then you sztill have some con trol over him. Maybe he si artistic he sounds like like Tough there a book by David and Phyliss York that may have suggestions for you they specialize in helping parents of late teens and collage kids and beyond. you caN FIND THE BOOK IN A LOCAL BOOKSTORE OR ONLINE. ALSO YOU MAY NEED TO SEEL COUNSELING FOR YOUR SON. GOOD LUCK.