my 12 yr old daughter is touching me what do i do

I woke up in the middle of the night to find my 12 yr old step daughter playing with my penis what do i do does this mean shes been molested and i wld i aproch her to find out if shes been molested

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my 12 yr old daughter is touching me what do i do

Apr 17, 2012 Askk
by: Anonymous

Ask her why she did it

Dec 14, 2011 bobby
by: Anonymous

Yeah why is she sleepin with u in your bed ?? Where is her mom at night ? And if that happen to me i would talk to her and ask her ” why did u do that and have you done it before to someone else ” tell her she is not in trouble to find out and yes dont let her sleep with you !!! At 12 i think she should know it is wrong to do that i would say !

Oct 06, 2011 Act now
by: Jack

What is she doing in your room at night? Make sure swhe can not enter your sleeping area, and if she does get her away, by giving her a slap on the bottom and scolding her. Let her mum know all about it. By not preventing her access to you at night you leave yourself wide open for a false accusation so it must never happen again.
If this access of the girl can not be prevented for some reason, then at least for a time the girl must be out of your home -perhaps with a trusted relative.
Act now, before its too late