My 10 year old daughter is developing breasts and the boys in class have noticed

And she asked me how to get them to stop looking. I did not grow at her speed and never encountered this as a child. Any advice??

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My 10 year old daughter is developing breasts and the boys in class have noticed

by: Alexa

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by: Anonymous

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by: Anonymous

Hi All

This thread I feel has now run it’s course, it has adequately answered the many sub-questions that have arisen over the period of time.

It has also generated an equal quantity of sick & perverted comments that were deleted with those who submitted them also being banned!.

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Oct 07, 2012 STAHP
by: An adult.

Okay, you idiots. It’s been 4 years. I’m sure her daughter is fine by now. Seriously, quit. The issue has been resolved. This was back when Bush was in office. And I’m sure the mother didn’t want advice from 12 year old girls flaunting their A-cup breasts.

Oct 07, 2012 get her a training bra
by: Anonymous

I’m a 8th grade girl. I started to grow boobs when I was 8. I really hated it, and everyone noticed. My teacher even told my parents to get me a bra! If she needs it, she needs it. Last year I was a c cup and a lot of guys told me that I have big breast.

Oct 07, 2012 BooB AbusE
by: Abuse

Im 11 and i have regular growing boobs and someone in my class last year had big boobs and one of the BOYS WERE REACHED IN AND SQUEZED HER BOOB AND START TOUCHING HER he got switched to the class next door.


Oct 05, 2012 get them to stop starring
by: PrincessSwagg

call the principle of the school and her or him and tell them your concerned about the boys in your daughters classroom and she growing tits and ask can the principle call all the boys parents 4 a ptc parent teacher conference and if it doesn’t change call the board of education:0

Oct 04, 2012 Dont worry 🙂 
by: Anonymous

It could be worse, if you are having problems about this you should confront her teacher about it and she can deal with this situation with those boys if your daughter is able to name those boys to you, this problem will be no stress to you or your daughter. 🙂

Sep 29, 2012 Um…..
by: Izzy

I babysit. I once sitted an 8 yo girl with breasts and when we went for a walk, ALL the boys were staring at her boobs and my boobs.

I got her home quickly. I’d recommend calling the boys’ parents and telling them about the inappropriate behavior.

Sep 28, 2012 boys are boys 
by: 12 year old boy 

i’m twelve ♂ my advice is to make sure some one knows and also boys are boys sometimes i even look down and if a boy is staring at your chest all day tell him ”my eyes are up” here or kick his little pervert balls

Sep 26, 2012 I need boobys!!!!!!!
by: catgirl

I am 10 years old and i dont wear a bras or i dont have boobys and every body does I NEED BREASTS I WANT THEM NOW!!!!! and my mom does not let me get a bra!!!! im sad and mad

Sep 20, 2012 Same Issue
by: I don’t want to say my name I hope this is OK

Hi I’m nearly 9. I’ve been developing boobs for months and I really don’t like them.

All the girls in my class have a flat chest but they wear bras and I have no idea why.

Also, I don’t get girls who like it when boys touch their breasts.

And finally, the advice. It’s OK about this whole boob thing, it’s 100% normal. I bet being a boy would be worse, so I guess we’re pretty lucky. 🙂

If you are getting bullied that you have big boobs, slap the boys in the face. Just don’t tell.

I hope this information helped. 🙂

Sep 20, 2012 the truth
by: Anonymous

I’m in the 8th grade and a boy so I know about this stuff and really the only boobs I look at are my girlfriends and every one of my friends only look at them online and if there are really kids in the 5th 6th grade doing that then theyre just retarded little perverts so girls out there if a little kid (. younger than 13) does somthing like that kick them in the nuts so it doesn’t happen again I mean I’m not promoting violence but I’ve never and I mean never seen a kid grab some strangers breasts and dont hide your boobs their buetiful don’t flaunt them either just be natural that is my advice.

ps don’t be a slut

Sep 16, 2012 Heyy
by: Anonymous

Im 11 years old and in 7th grade i wear a size 36A bra but the boys in my class really hadn’t notice but if they do i suggest you get her a bra just like a training bra or if she needs support get her a small padded bra.

Boys like that are just weird and it most likely their hormones doing that to them they will eventually get over it but if they don’t then let the teacher know and they’ll help!!!

Sep 16, 2012 no problem
by: kay

hi i am 11 i started developing when i was 7 and when i was 10 one of the boys was looking at our school pictures and he asked me how could a 10 year old have such big boobs.

When i was in the 5th grade and i was a 36a now i am in the 7th grade and i am a 36B and a lot of boys older and younger than me hit on as in they tell me i am cute and that i have big breasts.

My advice is too get her training bras and tell her to ignore them if it goes overboard just tell on them or slap him in the face and it is normal to get breast and boys will be boys they are naturally attracted to boobs as you should know. i hope this helps you and you daughter!!!!! 😉

Sep 15, 2012 Hey
by: Anonymous

Well, I’m 11 yrs old and I’m a 34B. I started developing breasts when I was about 9 yrs old, so i know what kind of changes she is going through. All of the guys in my class stare at my chest and it makes me very uncomfortable.

One of the guys told his friends that he liked my “tits” and you can imagine how I felt. I’m 11 for God’s sake!! So what I’m trying to get at is well, your little baby is growing up, and I think it’s time for you to start accepting her as a young woman.

Start being more open with her about sexual things. Trust me, she will thank you in a couple of years. Good luck!!:)

Sep 15, 2012 Dont worry
by: Anonymous

Right now I’m in sixth but don’t worry I started getting breast in between 3rd and 4th grade.If I were you I’d give a little beware to your daughter.Talk to her about how guys in the future start to get curious and everything.Its a natural thing that can happen most anytime.

Sep 14, 2012 Hmmm
by: Anonymous

I’m 10 years old and in 5th grade!!I wear a 32a and my breast are not big!!. Boys have never even noticed I have them!!.

Sometimes I wish I was not so flat chested!!My BFF is a 34a and you can at least tell she has breasts!. It makes her look more mature. My friend is in 7th grade and she had big Ones!.

Nobody where I live wants to touch my breast or anything same with my friends!I started wearing them when I was in third grade…Once we were at the store and my mom just put in these training bras and to tell the truth I was REALLY happy!!Just go bra shopping with your daughter!!.

Try making it fun like a girls day!. Say how weird boys are and why can they bother you!. Your a girl and your proud to be one!!. If I was her I would yell at those boys and if that’s does not work go tell the teacher!!.

Just remember to tell your daughter your a girl and you should to be proud to be One!!Hope this helped!!!!:)

Sep 14, 2012 Please stop with the advice for this woman’s child.
by: Anonymous

I’m a boy, aged 14. I’m politely requesting that the 15 year old girls stop giving this girl bad idea’s; Just because you messed up your life doesn’t mean she has to!.

For instance, saying that you should kiss/hug boys that you’re friends with, as a girl would with another friend that is a girl (though, that too is strange, almost like kissing your parents at that age? Boys don’t do it for example), you should not reward with things like kisses/hugs because after that a boy will only be expecting more from you.

It would make you seem easy and become like the vain, self-conscious, face-caked-in-make-up girls of society. This would be turning your daughter into a slut. The funny thing is that the 9-10 year old’s have been giving the best advice like “wear baggier shirts and training bras”, which would help to conceal her cleavage; which is what you asked us to tell you how to do.

Thanks for reading all of that!

Sep 14, 2012 Don’t worry
by: Anonymous

I’m in year 6, flat chested. When boys stare at my friends (who are in year seven I say things like “eyes up” or “Look at her face!” but that just because I like to defend them and don’t want them to feel humiliated. Be strong lol. good luck 🙂

Sep 14, 2012 I Want Smaller Breasts
by: Anonymous

hey i think u shud stop worrying its normal i guess… breasts started developing when i was 10 now im 13.

The guys in my class noticed when I was 12 so I suggest you should stay away from boys keep your distance always the right choice.

I know what i’m talking about coz one of my friends of 8 yrs actually touched my breasts when I was half asleep so i couldn’t stop him but wen I finally did the damage was done so keep your distance and i’ll forever regret that moment hate that friend now!!!!!

Sep 11, 2012 Bra or No Bra?
by: Anonymous

Well do you mean with the bra just staring or no bra now I’d see why they would look no bra even tho there being pervs it’s nature but if no bra get her a bra no bigger than her and there to young to be perverts so I guess there hormones go off I think i don’t know but yea get her a bra!.

Sep 11, 2012 Attention
by: Anonymous

Youll get a lot of attention when your 12 or older!.

Sep 10, 2012 It’s sort of normal
by: Anonymous

I’m 12 and I’m wearing a size 34A bra. I probaby got my buds at about 10 1/2. I’d say it’s okay. Maybe she should tell her teacher(s) to tell the boys that it’s making her uncomfortable and it’s not appropriate to ‘notice’. Yeah, and she should wear a bra!.

Sep 08, 2012 Answer
by: Anonymous

She should wear a bra. Just a sports bra is fine or a real one if she wants. Let her pick out a few designs and also get an off-white one.

(if she’s wearing blue or neon green bras you can see it) also say she’s size 10-12 get a plain 12 so it’s a little baggy. Also tight shirts will make it more noticeable

Sep 08, 2012 just walk away or tell someone
by: amber milburn

I’m in 12th grade and wear a 48DD bra i’m proud if them but if someone is staring at you just tell someone or just try to walk away and ignore them ok that’s my advice!.

Sep 06, 2012 Sports bra
by: Anonymous

Hi I am 11 and I’m not sure if this is still helpful but if you haven’t figured it out yet but before anything you should explain WHY the boys have noticed and that as she grows up her feelings about boys will change. If you’re daughter is still uncompftorable I would reccoment a sports bra for school underneath her clothes it will take away dimension and stares hope this helped!!

Sep 05, 2012 It all depends
by: Anonymous

Hey umm hi I’m in 6th grade and I dunno my size. I and one of the biggest not huge tho, no notices, it all depends on what school u go to. And also what kind of boys r in ur grade. I didn’t feel in comfortable at first but I got used it quickly.

And if so that does happen tell ur daughter to tell the school counselor. Also if the school doesn’t, tell a close female teacher, if any boy is going to touch ur daughter in any way u or her doesn’t like it again tell a teacher or simply go up to them and tell them to leave me alone.

They have no right to touch u in any way that u don’t like. Ur body I urs not theirs. And they need to learn that and understand it good!

Sep 04, 2012 anonymous 
by: Anonymous

hi i’m a 12 year old girl and all i can say is that your daughter is going through a completely natural thing and in the end its all worth it i should know i’m a 45A cup .

Sep 03, 2012 ‹3
by: Anonymous

dont be mad its natural…when i was in 1st grade i started getting boobs and i was fine and i got my period when i was 11…im in 7th grade now and i a 38C and to be honest im so happy to have them lol…but its no biggie dont worry it’ll be OK 🙂 good luck honey ‹3

Sep 03, 2012 Not alone
by: Anonymous

Hi I am nine about to turn ten in sixteen days I have 36b bras having boobs is good at some points but I never use a push up bra they are uncomfortable and unnesisary.boys stare at them and alot my male class mates gather around me and try to touch them I tell them to back off but they always ask me if I have a bf I am to young to have one!none of you are alone.

; )

Sep 01, 2012 You should be grateful!
by: Anonymous

Well, I am a flat chested( around 32A) and most of my friends are actually showing off their breasts!.

Most of my friends tease me and say I am a flat, but the truth is theirs are smaller than mine, they just wear bigger bras! They just wanna trick us, they want big boobs! You should be more grateful than ever!

Aug 30, 2012 I’m 11
by: Anonymous

Ok so I’m 11 and I wear a lot of hoodies because I I don’t want the boys to stare. Sadly this is a natural thing that early developers like me have to deal with.

Tell her once they devolve then they will stop for awhile then boys will start to leave her alone. If not try wear one size up in shirts it helps hide them and makes you look more flat chested it what I have to do hope it help bue