is it normal for my one year old baby for not having teeth yet? is there any food to make she have teeth fast?

is it normal for my one year old baby for not having teeth yet? is there any food to make she have teeth fast

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is it normal for my one year old baby for not having teeth yet? is there any food to make she have teeth fast?

Oct 14, 2012 ma baby 1yrs old with no teeth
by: Anonymous

I’m very worried about my baby cuz I never seen this happen before in its getting scary I know they say the longer it takes to cum out the longer its gonna take to fall out so i’m confused and kinda upset!!!!!

Aug 17, 2012 niya
by: geetha

my baby had celebrated her b’day yet she had no teeth for her.

Apr 28, 2012 Its natural…dont worry
by: Abdul Raheem

Hi All, My baby boy is one year and one month old, i was also worried about his first teeth. with grace of God, he got his first teeth one week ago. even i checked with a child specialist 3 months ago and he told to wait until he is one and half year to do some check-up etc…so, there is nothing speciall on this and its normal.

Sep 26, 2011 almost 10 months
by: kaye

my daughter is almost ten months n keep checking every morning if she has teeth,i got frustrated n worried til nw is nt coming out bt she has a good after reading some comment i feel relieve to knw it a normal to some babies.i hope 2 c it soon

Sep 08, 2011 no teeth in 1 year
by: Tas

Tomorrow is my baby’s first birthday and he don” have any tooth yet. My husband (28 years old) has crowded teeth (for which he didn’t take any treatment). I think my baby is going to get my husband’s teeth pattern, so his teeth are fighting for space to come out. I am thinking of going for an x-ray to be sure about it.

by: jayashree 


Jul 13, 2011 no teeth yet why?
by: yzzeah

my baby girl is almost 1 year old but still not having teeth…im so much worried about it…i hope it is normal? but her gums is namamaga na na parang may lalabas na ngipin,,,pero bkit ang tagal..

May 19, 2011 no teeth yet at one
by: Anonymous

my baby girl Victoria will be one on the 21st of may 2011-2 days from now and yet no teeth.i hope all is well.bolarinwa.

Mar 16, 2011 MY BABY
by: Anonymous

My baby boy is 10 months without teeth, wondering if this is normal. is there any thing i can do to help his teeth come out soon

Feb 24, 2011 One year no teeth
by: Anonymous

My daughter is 1 month and 2 days old. She was born with two prenatal tooths below. One the doctor has advised to take it out as it was very shakely and the other is still there. But she has not got any other teeths. I am worried …

Jan 21, 2011 No Teething
by: Anonymous

My daughter is 1 year old this Jan and there is no sign of teething but she takes appropriate milk ever since she was born and also she can chew chapati but doctor said if the baby doesnt teethe till 15 months then they suspects vit D deficiency which she thinks she doesnt have but after that they give vit d course for 10 days and then babies get teeth and now i am not sure what to do. Which Calcium i shoudl give her?

Dec 06, 2010 20 months and no teeth
by: Samantha Crichton

My daughter is 20 months now and still doesnt have any teeth. When she was born she was born with 2 teeth at the bottom but dentist said that there werent real teeth he said that they were called prenatal teeth. They 2 teeth fell out when she was 4 months old and i am quite frightend that she might not get her baby teeth because she was born with the two prenatal teeth. My daughter is not a big eater at all and im quite frightend that might also be the cause of her not getting any teeth. Reading some of these comments have put abit of my mind at rest bt still very worried. Any advice? x

Dec 06, 2010 do i need to give calcium drops for my baby who is one year and two months old for the growth of teeth
by: Anonymous

my baby is one year and two months old. she is still not having teeth. i am much worried. should i take her to the dentist? please tell me your suggestion.

Oct 04, 2010 my baby has no teeth an shes one 
by: Anonymous

My baby girl is 13 months on the 7th, an she doesnt have one tooth peekin through at all … im not sure if i should be worried or not her cousin that is two months older than her has 6 teeth … an she teeths like crazy im not sure wat to do … anyone got a clue

Oct 03, 2010 teething
by: Anonymous

Do not worry that the baby has got no teeth as each child is different and get their teeth in their own sweet time…… help with teething …give them calciun chewable(a small piece).if they r not having their fill of everyday milk………

Sep 18, 2010 No teeth
by: Anonymous

my son is 17 months old and he has no teeth any help or suggestion? I am so worried about it.

May 14, 2010 No Teeth
by: Anonymous

My daughter is one and three weeks old, and she does not has any teeth. Should I be worried? Is there something that will help bring forth teeth?

May 12, 2010 one year old with no teeth
by: Valerie

I was beginning to worry until I read some of the comments. Now I feel much better n will be at ease for the time being. My son is small for his age but is a very good eater n is very energetic n developing normally so I don’t worry anymore about that. Thanks

Apr 08, 2010 My Son will 11 months on the 20th of the month and he still has no teeth
by: Bill

My son will be 20 months come April 20, 2010 and he still has no teeth is this normal should his mother and i be worried? I thought for sure by now that he would have 4 of his teeth by now.

Apr 03, 2010 no teeth
by: shirelle

My daughter is about eighteen months and she just started getting teeth last month. I had carried her to the dentist so that they could do an xray of her gums. The xray showed that she had teeth but that it was taking their own sweet time in coming in. Well she has 5 teeth now that are coming in all at once. Don’t be alarmed unless the dentist says to be. Their teeth might be taking their own sweet time like my daughters..

Apr 02, 2010 Regarding baby teeth
by: Seema

My baby is 11 month old and he doesn’t have teeth . Many people said that its a sign of good growth . But, i am worried about his teething . Can i get any appropriate answer for my question .

by: Anonymous

My son is 1 just turned one 2 days ago and still no teeth is this normal ??????????????

Feb 27, 2010 Baby having no teeth yet
by: Anonymous

My baby boy is 11 months old and having no teeth yet is it bcoz of calcium deficeincy??Bcoz he doesnt like to drink milk…so i am worried..can anyone tell me on ths..

Oct 22, 2009 teeth
by: shirelle

My daughter is one and she doesn’t have any teeth yet. Should I take her to the dentist?

Aug 01, 2009 13 months and one tooth
by: Anonymous

I am having a hard time finding things to feed my daughter who is 13 months old and has one tooth!!! Help I need Advise!!!!!

Jul 10, 2009 no baby teeth
by: Anonymous

My son was 1 when his first tooth came, and now I have a daughter who is about to be 1 month past her 1 year birthday and still no teeth,
I heard this can be a good thing cause they will grow in stronger, but it sucks cause the food is limited still.. I keep her on whole (red label) milk to keep the weight right….

Jun 18, 2009 Just like my baby
by: Jill

My baby turned 1 year old last May 8, 2009 and until now she doesn’t have any teeth yet.We visited a dentist and told me that I don’t have to worry unless the baby is already 2 years old. She can actually eat soft food and can cjew with her gums. I also checked her gums and one tooth that is about to come out. So maybe let’s just wait for it. 🙂

May 25, 2009 no teeth
by: Anonymous

my daughter turned one april 20th and she also has no teeth it is hard finding things she can eat that will be fufilling to her, due to the fact she has no teeth, we give her things like applesauce, mashed potatoes, soft veggies but she is not picking up weight that well. her docotr insisted dont worry until she is 18 months and still o teeth.

Jun 09, 2008 Dont worry
by: Rachel

I do not think its a concern. One of my friend’s child also had 1st tooth after one year. Baby can chew food using their gum. There isn’t any food to speed up the growing process. So relax. BUT if you are worried, do check with your baby doc to ensure there are no other underlying causes.