I babysit a boy in the neighborhood, and his behaviour is bad. Should I spank him?

I am a sixteen (nearly seventeen) years old boy and babysit a boy in the neighborhhod since a few weeks. He is ten years old. His parents gave me permission to spank him if he misbehaves, but I was never spanked by my parents and spanking the boy was not something I wanted to do. His behaviour is very well in the presence of his parents, but when I babysit him, he is very naughty. His language is very rude for a ten year old boy, he disobeys and even spits! I wonder if I should spank him like his parents recommended. Should I spank him? And if I do that: how should I administer the spanking?

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I babysit a boy in the neighborhood, and his behaviour is bad. Should I spank him?

Feb 11, 2013 Spank Him!
by: Anonymous

I’d strip that little boy completely naked and spank his little ass til he couldn’t think straight if he exhibited the behavior you say he is.

He acts the way he does because he knows you are reluctant to spank him.

Spank his little ass!

Jan 07, 2013 Read what Kenty wrote 
by: Bim

Ray, your advise is certainly wrong. You better read what Kenty wrote.

Jan 03, 2013 Spank…but observe results
by: Ray

He sounds like he wants and needs a spanking. I would oblige him if I were you. But if you spank him once barebottom and he seems like he is liking it too much, I would stop.

You may be contributing to a spanking fetish–which isn’t the worst thing in the world, but I would be a little creeped out by it!.

Nov 16, 2012 Good thinking!
by: Johno

Good on you Kenty, very sensible view point!.

Nov 14, 2012 It can’t be right
by: kenty

My Dad and also and most people writing in here say that only Dads should spank own kids. So not even grown ups can spank someone elses kid. Worse, how can you say to a 16 year old boy child minder to spank bare butt, when most grown ups mostly don’t spank their own kids bare butt.

I think your advice is not good advice and could lead a boy minder in much trouble.Have you really though it out? I don’t mind kids anymore because it can so easy land people into trouble, so why do you give such bad advice. This forum is to help not to mislead!

Nov 11, 2012 Yes give him a spanking
by: Anonymous

Yes take down his trousers and underwear put him across your knee and spank his bare bottom until it looks like it is on fire.

Nov 06, 2012 Is that really the answer
by: kenty

Anonymous, says to spank a boy bare bum who does not behave when minding him.

As a former boy babysitter I ask, is spanking him pants and undies down really a good way for a young boy to go?

Nov 04, 2012 Spank him.
by: Anonymous

Threaten him with a spanking, tell him exactly whats going to happen to him. If the behavior continues take his pants and underwear down, put him over your knee, and spank him with your hand for as long and as hard as he deserves.

Oct 21, 2012 Just for company
by: Barney

Young baby sitters, must do no more than keep an eye on kids they sit. And act with sense in case of fire or trouble by ringing parents. No mucking around in bathrooms or bedrooms, just be there for safety and company!.

Oct 13, 2012 Good on you!
by: Johno

Last 2 contributors have smart and sensible parents
and are smart & sensible kids also. That’s the way!

Oct 08, 2012 I’ve never even been babysat
by: Anonymous

If it’s less the a day I stay home alone if it’s more If it’s more it would be in the holidays and I’d stay with a friend

Oct 08, 2012 Ya wrong
by: Anonymous

Im 11 and I won’t let my mum watch me bath… A babysitter would have called CPS by now

Sep 24, 2012 Bobsy is right
by: Fran

I reckon Bobs is right and Jur is silly.Surely a sitter must at times supervise the kids he/she is minding.

What’s the the matter if a sitter cant go in a bathroom at times to see there is no mucking.

That’s what I expect of my babysitter. And the no touching bit is sensible to. Come of it now!

Sep 22, 2012 Cant you see that?
by: Bobsy

The reason for the supervision is just that the sitter is in charge, he does not have to be in the bathroom. But they have the right if need be.

And I mean that my kids are never to be touched that’s all I need to get across. Does Jur not see that the sitter is there to make sure that my sons are OK, without coming to absurd ideas?

Sep 20, 2012 This is strange
by: Jur

Bobsy, your precious boys of 9 and 12 can not be touched in the bathroom by the sitter, but he can supervise them when naked in the tub. This is so silly. Why can’t your boys bathe by themselves. Your kids need privacy or cant you see that.

Sep 10, 2012 Just Be Normal!
by: bobsy

I always check out any babysitter for my 2 preteen boys very carefully.

Also, I prepare a list of do’s and don’t for them.
Supervising bathing is fine, touching my boys 10 and 12 is not!.

Aug 21, 2012 Asking for problems
by: Jupy

Anonymous is asking for serious problems when demanding e boy being babysat to strip nude. Why would he want to do that anyway?

Jun 01, 2012 spanked by sitter
by: Anton

I was babysat till 12 and my sitter, who was 5 years older me, never hesistated to spank me. It wasn’t too often but 1-2 times monthly I got on the bare behind. It was embarrassing but deservely.

May 26, 2012 spankings
by: Anonymous

you should make him take off all his clothes while you watch, even his socks. Then you make him wait as he stands before you in the nude, with his hands behind his head so you can see his whole body.You watch his little penis become erect as he anticipates the pain from the spanking he is about to receive.

Mar 28, 2012 Why supervise older boys??????
by: Johno

Kyle, you have received many ideas and most are at least sensible to a point. Like Mariana’s who examples her children who child mind. But I disagree with her son Joris who at 16 supervises boys as old as 13 when bathing.No,I’m convinced that Joris is a fab boy, but why must he supervise a boy who at 13 is probably well into puberty. This devalues him and he needs his privacy at that age.It is best to supervise kids only in the bathroom if they are unable to do so for one reason or an other. Best of all-avoid any chance of misconduct or wrong notions by having them bath when the parents are back. As far as spanking is concerned, well I think that you got the idea from other sensible contributors, that you should never even touch a child under your care. Best wishes.

Jan 20, 2012 No problems
by: Mariana

My daughter 15 and my son 16 both mind kids, without any fuzz.
Joris, the 16 year old looks sometimes after a family of 1 girl 6 and 3 boys 9,11,13.
The mother of the kids looks after the little girl as agreed with bathing, but Joris supervises the others. The kids accept Joris like a big brother and he has no problems. I reckon a lot depends on how the minder acts with kids. Joris would never smack or harm a child, and they know it.

Dec 18, 2011 It happened to my son
by: Roslyn

Ryan 17 was minding 2 kids one boy the other a girl.
The girl 10 was fine but the boy 13 was as grubby as possible. The parents told Ryan to make sure that Ricky would be clean before getting into his pyjamas that night.
So Ryan checked him when in the bath, and told him to wash better.
This kid screamed nastily at Ryan, who really is healthy boy and not interested in seeing boys bare but, had too.
The boy told his parents and they asked Ryan.
Then the parents agreed that Ryan had done right and they punished Ricky.
I feel that there should be a code of agreement between young sitters and their charges, to prevent, bad accusations. Ros

Nov 29, 2011 He tried
by: Ami

Young Robbie, the 12 year old, Forum contributor, tells us his unpleasant experience about 15 year old Brian his baby sitter. As the story has it Brian goes to Robbie who is bathing and tells him to wash himself properly. He even inspects the naked Robbie intimately. This upsets Robbie who can look after himself in the hygiene department.
Yet it is quite clear that the mums in this episode are the dominant players. Really, the fathers should have been involved and that’s exactly where the problem comes from.
I doubt it if Brian had any wrong motives when inspecting Robbie’s intimate boy areas, in the bathroom. It is obvious that the parents have not told him the boundaries. Sad to say all that young boys and girls are told when babysitting, make sure that he/she is safe etc. and do the right thing!
Brian was no doubt taught by his Dad, how to wash himself and Dad probably checked up on him till he was about 12, as is often the case. Brian finds himself looking after a boy and does what his Dad did; ensure that the kid is nice and clean and safe. Brian feels good about this and proudly acts like a guardian to Robbie.
Robbie, who is also left in ignorance (talking about communication problems), feels that Brian, is gross by invading his privacy.
The mums go all berserk; instead of listening and acting normally they Tear into poor Brian, who now feels he is a sex maniac.
I hope when if Robbie reads this that he might show some understanding for poor Brian, who thought he did the right thing.

Nov 28, 2011 Don’t like it
by: Robbie

I was 12 and looked after for baby sitting by a 15 year old. He was not bad and let me watch TV and played computer games wih me.
But I always bathed by myself. And he says I must check if you are clean. I said, Brian why I can dod this myself. So he comes and checks me, he tels me bend over to see if you are clean and your foreskin pull it back for me. I refuse to do that. I told my mum and she told his mum and he got a smacking from her and my mum never let him mind me again, and I am happy for that.

Nov 06, 2011 Well deserved
by: Pop

If I was the dad of the 2 young pre-teeners Bjorn
spanked bare bum, I would of let him have it on the tail end also.
Got to be mad to be a young teen not yet fully grown spanking kids just about entering puberty. Rotten part is that he complains after doing to 2 kids what only a dad should do.I still hopes the boys dad wil tell his dad a further spanking is realy deserved!

Nov 06, 2011 If you play with fire expect to get burned
by: Raymond

As stepdad to a 12 & 14 year old boy, gives me some qualification to at least understand a bit how to manage boys behaviour.And one thing I understand is to use physical force should be the last thing to correct a boy when they don’t behave. But if it comes to that then the person to use that correction should be a father or legal guardian of the child, and not a silly little teen lad who thinks he spank naked boys. The last forum participant Bjorn was not father or legal guardian of the boys he baby sat. So the angry father rightly gave Bjorn a bare bum sizzler! Come on kid what do you expect?

Oct 28, 2011 I copped it
by: Bjorn


I’m 15 and also a boy like you.

I say, never smack or touch a child if you mind them or perhaps never mind children. I learned the hard way.

I did mind 2 young boys 11 and 12. Like your kids they were so difficult always fighting and trouible. The mum of the kids tells me you can smack them if they can’t sort of behave themselves with you. Don’t be shy.
So one night I’d had enough, and I give each of the kids when they did fight a couple of smacks on the bum. They were real mad but sulked and behaved better.

Then 2 days later I get this phone call from the dad of the boys, he say, I need to see you urgently.

After school I called at his house, he tells me to sit down. He said you spanked my sons is that right. I felt all funny and anxious. Ilooked at my boys bottoms he said and they are blue and black where you spanked them. No I said that’s not true, I only gave them a couple of little smacks. Your wife told me I could do it if they were bad. He called the boys, they came. Boys he said tell me about your spanking by Bjorn!
The 12 year old said he kicked and spanked as on the bare bum! I don’t need to hear any more the dad said. It’s not true I said, the man said so now you kick and spank my boys and you call us liars too! The man said I want to contact your Dad and the head master of your school. I asked him not to, because this would put me in a bad light. Well he said, there is a way out, I asked him what is it. You spanked my kids, so I spank you, and I forget about it.
I saw no option. He made me take down my pants and briefs. Then he made me bend over hands on knees with legs wide. Then he hit me at least 10 times on the bum. Then he smacked me about 10 times on my inner thighs. I dared not tell my dad, because he can be so stern and probably would have believed that I did hit the kids very hard. And he could have given me also a spanking.
Anyway, I survived and learened to be more careful.

Oct 26, 2011 We all learn
by: Barnie

Kyle, Just be careful when you mind kids.

I also mind kids but I will not be spanking or dress or undress any kid I mind. That’s what my dad told me.
After what I read by Mr Perin, Matt and Kenty I reckon dad was right
Best wishes

Oct 24, 2011 I was stupid
by: Kenty

Perin, thanks for your advice.Things gone a bit wrong with my baby sitting, and already, I left that family. The boys wanted fun in the bath and I was lucky to get away from them. When I saw your advice I realise that I was not qualified to bathe boys as old as 12. Now I know not to make a mistake like it again. My mum was also happy that I got sensible advise here in the forum from you. So thank you,

Yours, Kenty

Oct 24, 2011 Never again
by: Matt

I wish I had seen advise by Perin like, I’m Mark 16 and already have girl friend and am a student. This happen to me about 6 month ago . Sometimes jus me look after some boys to baby sit.2 families ask me to do that one family have 1 small boy 5, he is no problem, as I don’t have to bath him any way. The other family have 2 boys 8 and 9, the mum ask me to bath them becuase they are still young. They are good to look after,just a little badly sometimes. I love wasing them they are so nice and cuddly in the bath.
So here no big problem. But then the boys cousin of 13 stays with the family sometime. At first he is fun. Then he says one night I want to be in the big bath with the boys. So all 3 are in the bath. Then he ask me can you help and wash me here, and he point to his boy stuff.
I said no, I can’t do that,yes you must help me he said. I ran out of the bathroom and rang the mum of the boys.
Had I read advice like of Mr Perin I would of never bath boys like that.So I quit this family and never bath kids again.

Oct 23, 2011 Watch out boys!
by: Perin

Kyle, this advise is not specificall for you but you hopefully may benefit also from it.
I also admire Kenty, a forthright, sensible adolescent. It is truly admirable the way he deals so conscientiously and honestly with his responsibilities.
But just a warning to him:
A)Kenty is likely to be physiologically in an advanced stage of puberty, with hormones stimulating, dominating and coursing through his young boy body.
B)One of his charges, a boy also is very likely entering into the erratic world of puberty; he is being affected by hormones stimulating his body; worse he is at an age with far less judgement and maturity to handle the situation of the body changing, then Kenty is. He would be s inquisitive, given to experimentation, at his age level and evendemonstrative-all that with typical boy cuteness.
C)Now juxtapose this with Kenty himself, a mere lad, observing/bathing him naked in the bath; a rather dangerous situation is now present; moreover in the bath is also another naked little curious little boy; this is not dangerous but like playing with a little atom bomb!
AAAAAA: potential scenario: For starters, I don?t question at all Kenty?s motives, he is a fine boy and I?m sure, worthy of trust-he sure has mine. What I question is this,? the setting is all wrong? . Why can?t the boys bathe by themselves-specifically the 12 year old? Why are they apparently happy that Kenty is doing ?the honours? in looking after the lads? male hygiene? Who gave Kenty these credentials-he is a young lad, perhaps (for all his good qualities) untrained in that area, which is a son and Dad area any way.
So, I honestly question the wisdom or lack of it of two Fathers (or mums) here: the Dad of Kenty and the Dad of the 2 young lads he is bathing and minding. Why have young Kenty placed in that situation? So often we hear of boys being molested and so often we hear of boys who accuse carers of having abused them.
In summing up Kenty is fine but he made an error of judgement-leaving himself in a situation where if anything goes wrong ( and it usually does) he is the loser and may regret for the rest of his life his poor judgement.
So what now dear Kenty: Act wisely, yes you will look after the boys, but you will not bathe or supervise their bathing/or dressing or anything that involves potential for false impression or accusation. Best wishes Kenty!

Oct 19, 2011 Good on you Kenty
by: Brenda

Kyle, I think you can learn how to look after kids by imitating Kenty, to Kenty I say:

Kenty, You are a fine boy acting at 15, so responsibly. How right you are to resists spanking the little rascals and still be in total control.
How lovely that the parents and the 9 and 12 year old boys trust you with their bathing. In a world where there is so much wrong and so much distrust, this is enlivening. Work on it for boys at that age can be so adorable and maybe you are making eventually friends for life.

Oct 19, 2011 Brenda
by: Anonymous

You can learn from contributor Kenty, how to look after kids. Kenty you are a fine boy acting at 15 so responsibly.

It is so lovely that the parents and the 9 and 12 year old boys trust you with their bathing. In a world where there is so much wrong and so much distrust, this is enlivening. Work on it for boys at that age can be so adorable and maybe you are making eventually friends for life.

How right you are to resists spanking the little rascals and still be in nice control.

Oct 17, 2011 There are other ways
by: Kenty

Kyle, I babysit as well for a bit of extra pocket money. I’m just 15 and a boy.
I look after 2 brothers 9 and 12 at times. They can be so naughty. Since the parents asks me to bath the boys I have been tempted to smack their little bums, the mum said I could. Instead I make them stand for 30 minutes in the corner just in their towels, they don’t like it-they miss out on TV if they refuse me. But Iam glad I never spank them because it is wrong at my age and not their mum or Dad.
But since they now do as I say, I am the boss and they obey. This make me feel so good and in charge. They now start to like me better.

Oct 12, 2011 Get him early in bed
by: Bob

Kyle, any baby sitter worthy of that name, should manage that task without spanking the one he is entrusted with. Spanking is the last resort for a father to deal with. You have an arsenal of other amunition to win over this war. If the boy badly again behaves badly on your next ‘sitting’, deprive him of a snack or treat(be inventive) as well whisk him of to bed an hour earlier than expected. Throughout that process, appear relaxed and smile-no further negotiation.The louder he screams,the more you give that winner’s smile,and say frostily -(still smiling)-‘your Dad will know all about your babyish behaviour and will deal with you!’
Then, next time you ‘sit’ the little pirate, sit down with him and seriously negotiate a peace deal: either he behaves exceptionally well and he can have his privileges or it’s back to bed without a snack,and this even earlier than the previous time. Emphasise, that you win whatever the outcome. Again remain icy calm and smile, you’re the boss. Let’s know how it went.

Sep 29, 2011 Consider the consequences
by: Hamus

Kyle, since you are just a kid looking after another kid; understand what is meant by parental consent to his spanking. It is 100% essential to have agreement with the boy’s father what the spanking & discipline should-or-should-not entail. It’s nice that he consents to you spanking his kid, but does he allow bare bottom or completely bare spankings? What if he doesn?t spank his son bare butt? In well adjusted families with mum and dad loving their off-spring to pieces, there?s nothing new or wrong in seeing them unclothed-and boys no matter what age are rarely ashamed of a father seeing their bodies-in fact this is at times essential. And it occurs naturally; though respect for modesty must never be ignored. Even fathers, who believe-as I do- in bare butt chastisement- consider a son with modesty concerns e.g. when boys enter puberty, some become very shy and crave privacy. Parents therefore are sensitive and respectful to these needs. But they are not fooled when the kid tries avoiding the more painful bare punishment by shrewdly claiming modesty issues. Boy spanking (though not exclusively so) is a father and son thing, whereby the object is not to hurt or offend the lad but to teach and benefit him so he grows up with sound values and behaviour. Ultimately this will make a dad and his lad love each other more, because after spanking comes that wonderful word forgiven!
So find out from the father what he wants from you, otherwise he may look at things like this: ?here comes Mr Kyle- a mere kid just into puberty, rips my lovely son’s pants and undies off, as though he is the dad and spanks him like a door mat?. You may well end up getting a spanking from the irate father yourself. Now if the father pertinently agrees that bare butt is no problem, nor is harshness, don?t then become inventive benefit the lad and maybe you have a friend for life. You are not the boy?s father and sadly, never spanked yourself. A little10 year old boy bum is still very soft and tender, without experience be sure to spank tenderly. Spank him in undies initially and later when you develop trust (and are allowed to) bare bottomed by all means, but always, benefit the boy!

Sep 23, 2011 Spank the kid
by: Freddie

Yes he must be spanked. Since they trust you with this you must do what you are paid to do baby sit him and spank him.
If he does the wrong thing agin take down the pants and underwear over your knee and spank him on the bare bottom till he cries.
Now have him stand bare bottomed in the corner for 30 minutes then wait again until he begs for his pants.To shame him he must face you and make his promise to be a good boy from now, wait another 5 minutes. Give him his pants and hug him. You probably will not soon have problems again.

Sep 11, 2011 I cant believe my eyes!!
by: Anonymous

I was disgusted by this whole thread! r u serious? never should u hit a child especially a child thats not yours dispite then fivibg u permission – they were wrong to do thus im starting to question abuse . if his bad behaviour carrys on and u cant handle it i sugest u stop sitting him and leave his parents to deal with this matter. you are to young and it is not your responsibility . do u want to end up in jail for abuse? children only misbehave for a reason he obviously needs specialist help.

Aug 14, 2011 spanking for discipline
by: pat

Next time he misbehaves ,turn him around & give him 2 slaps on his bottom. talk to him about it and explain : next time youre going to take down his pants ! next time, take down his pants ,but leave his briefs on since its not your child . tell him to bend over yor knee . place him correctly so his bottom is sticking well out . Then spank him 5 times moderately . Then ask him “do you understand “? Then give 1 more real hard one Youll be surprised at the results !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aug 05, 2011 you are too young
by: Petra

I think you should avoid to spank him. To my mind you should inform his parents about his misbehavior. His parents will know how he is to be punished.

Jul 31, 2011 how to spank
by: Anonymous

What you do is just spank him 20 to 30 hard time with you hand. on his bare butt. he will kick a lot when you are doing this he will be cry a lot than pit him up tell why you spank him. give the kid a hugn. tell him you love him. I have spank my brother a lot when i am with than one 14 the other is 18. so just hit him 10 to 20 hard ge the point over

Jul 07, 2011 Yes and no
by: Dave

Well first of all Kyle I was going to say no you have the parents permission which I see you have. Now are you threating him with a spanking if he does not behave? If you are not willing to spank him then stop threating him with it, Because if you have not noticed here trying to see whether you are a man of your word and so far you are not I know you are afraid to but what you are doing to him is not right did you know how you treat him now is how he will behave later yes its a minor thing but really its not he is trying to see how far he will push you until you spank him even if you do spank him he’s guessing no. Way its time for you to take back your power if you do not want to spank that fine so then stop threating him with it you are sixteen think back to when you were that age what did your parents do? ask his mom what other punishment could you give him. Try time out no tv or no computer no games but be firm about it if at the end you find you have nothing else then the spanking it is. So what you do is you take a chair you sit down you call him and tell him to get over your knee if he starts to give you a hard time its simple you tell him you will only spank him 10 times but if he is not over your knee by the time you court to three he will get five more you have to be firm spanking is a very serious thing and should not be treated lightly so after he’s over your knee you spank him ten time firm spanks but not to hard but hard enough he gets the picture Just remember what ever you say you are going to do then do it so him you are a man of your words, good luck let me know what you did?