Foster Parent Forums: Online Support Groups and Message Boards for Foster Parents

Are you a foster parent? Are you thinking about becoming a foster parent? Do you have a question regarding foster parenting? Are you wondering if foster parenting is for you? Are you needing advice on a situation regarding your foster children? If so, it might be beneficial to join an online group or message board for foster parents.

While confidentiality is a must on these for forums, you can find anonymous support and insight on situations. Here are a few forums for foster parents to join.

Foster Parent Forum #1: Cafemom’s Foster / Adoptive Parenting Group

One online group to check out is on the social networking site for moms, The most active group is the foster / adoptive parenting group here. It currently has almost 500 members. If you need advice nuturing your foster children, dealing with the emotional stress, or just need to vent, you can do it here. There are several other groups for foster mothers, one to join is here. It is fairly active and has well over 100 members.

Foster Parent Forum #2: Forums

A second message board to join is the forum here. It has several different sections for various topics including attachment disorder, fetal alcohol syndrome, relative caregivers, foster to adopt, allegation issues and more. If you just want advice on how to be a loving foster parent, or need some suggestions on dealing with a difficult caseworker, you can find it here.

Foster Parent Forum #3: Community

A third resource for foster parents is the message boards for here. It is not as active as other forums, but you can still find some great advice. There is a section for “best ideas I have encountered in foster care” and “best practices for foster parenting.” It is worth checking out if you are a foster parent, or considering becoming one.

Foster Parent Forum #4: iVillage’s Foster Parenting Group

A fourth group to consider can be found at the popular website here. You can find lots of questions and answers, get advice for your situation, or just make friends with another foster parent. You can search through thousands of archives messages to find insight on a specific circumstance.

Foster Parent Forum #5: Hannah’s Prayer Adoption and Foster Care Board

A fifth fantastic resource can be found on the Hannah’s Prayer website here. Hannah’s Prayer is a Christian ministry for women facing infertility, however there are many loving foster mothers on there that would happy to give you advice. There is a “considering foster care” and “foster to adopt” section. If you think you’d like to get some support in a faith based forum, this is a fabulous one to join.

These are just five superb resources for foster parents and potential foster parents. You can also find advice for general parenting issues of forums for moms. Read “Top Websites for Moms: Find Support and Resources Online” for some helpful links.

Kudos to you for being important in the life of a child. Happy Parenting!