Do you allow skinny dipping in your pool?

We are moving into a house out in the country with a pool. We have 3 kids – boys 12 and 9, and a daughter 11. My husband made the comment that he will be glad we can skip the bathing suits next summer. Apparently, growing up he went skinny dipping with cousins. He sees no problem with the kids being allowed to skinny dip – I am not sure how I feel about it. There are no neighbors around and the backyard is private – so his point is no one can see anything. I suppose if it is just family I am ok – but then what if friends come over? Anyone lived through this already? Thoughts? Experiences?

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Do you allow skinny dipping in your pool?

Oct 10, 2012 Long standing tradition in our home
by: Anonymous

Our family has a very secluded back yard pool, sundeck and patio. We also have ONLY boys, so perhaps there is a difference.

My wife has not been nude in the pool with us ever, but she has no problem that we, or just they skinny dip and run naked in the yard. This started when we put in the pool some 15yrs ago, when the youngest was 5 and the oldest was 11.

At that time it was just immediate family and sometimes cousins, also boys, when they visited. When the boys invited friends for sleepovers, the decision had to be made. Like the one comment suddenly we had a situation where there was a naked boy, not related, in the pool with my son. After that I made a point to call parents and inquire about their tolerance for skinny dipping, and boys with boys has never been an issue.

Again, I don’t have experience with mixed genders and also our family is nude friendly in the house as well. Hope this is of interest, As I don’t see a follow up report from you about your experience.

May 29, 2012 OK HERE BUT…
by: JAY JAY 

We just got a pool 4 weeks ago and are going naked in the pool . But only with family, including cousin’s and close friends that already know about the nakedness over here. Being your out in the country more than in the city it is probably already much more common practice than you mite think. I say make it swim suit optional for there friends so as not to force them to be naked. They will enjoy there new pool freedom and maybe yard and house naked as well.

May 03, 2012 Let them decide for themselves
by: Anonymous

It is the most comfortable way I’ve found to swim. My wife & daughters aren’t interested, so out of respect for them we don’t skinny dip if they’re around. My son likes it, so if the opportunity arises he (and often I) will swim in the buff.

Apr 04, 2012 Thanks so much!
by: Colleen

I appreciate everyones comments so much. I wasnt even sure if I would get any responses.

Rudy – she did answer the questions I asked as far as I could tell. The remark about needing bathing suits was just a comment. I asked if anyone had experience – she did, and told me about it.

So heres the update as we are getting ready to open the pool early because we had such a warm winter:

We are going to ask them if they are interested. If they are we will let them try it at night and see how it goes. There is casual nudity around the house – not hanging out or watching tv, but the boys will head to the laundry room or come out from the shower to the kitchen for a drink. Our kids all played naked in the back yard growing up – and we don’t hide if the kids walk in our room and we are naked. So, it wont be a whole new world – but it will be a little different.

I will let you know how it goes. Thanks again for all the input and advice!

Mar 27, 2012 Please answer the question!
by: Rudy

The final question by Sandra in response to Colleens ‘question suits any question or problem I quote: (‘not sure why we need suits now that I look back on it)’. This could be expanded for clothes or cars or husbands; kids, or honesty or any law or even money.
This is interesting and seemingly avant-garde, but does not really address the question at all.
It’s a bit like answering a serious question, ‘my 10 year old son hates me, his loving mother, intensely, what can I do? By saying: ‘Who cares about any son hating you, maybe you should just hate him back! It answers nothing!

Mar 18, 2012 Let them…your husband is right
by: Sandra

We had a situation very similar to yours – although this was many years ago now – and we had 4 kids. We got a place out on a fair bit of land. Although it wasn’t planned. Our oldest had a sleepover – and when my husband and I went to go to bed he went out to tell them it was time to come in. They resisted and finally he insisted. Well when they got out they were both in their birthday suits. My husband just laughed and came in and told me about it.

We decided that nite that if they were comfortable so were we. So after that swim suits were strictly optional unless we had company.

We had a great time – still do! I think our kids grew up with a lot less “unsatisfied curiosity” – and more personal acceptance. In any case, we never had any issues. Its swimming – not sure why we need suits anyway now that I look back on it.

Jan 23, 2012 Depends
by: Jenn

My two (both boys) skinny dip. I don’t know if I would feel any differently if i had a girl as well, so cant say about that. My oldest asked if he could try it – and a couple summers ago I let him. It wasn’t long til his little brother joined in.

I do agree you have to be cautious. I guess it depends on how you and your husband feel about it – and how the kids feel about it. Certainly, your hubby (and you) can go in at night or when the kids arent home. So they don’t HAVE to know/go. Mine wouldnt ever wear a suit if they didnt have to, but sometimes they do! 🙂

I dont know that family skinny dipping encourages experimenting – i think it depends on the family. How do you feel about it? Have you talked to your husband any further?

Jan 19, 2012 It depends
by: Anonymous

I think it really depends on what happens inside your home. Do your kids all see each other naked now? If so, I see no harm in letting them skinny dip together as long as they are all comfortable with it. If they don’t see each other naked now then I would insist on bathing suits outside.

We have two girls ages 5 and 7 who still swim naked in our back yard. A few times their 7 yr old boy cousin has joined in. At that age, it’s just not a big deal for any of them. He did get an erection once but we just used it as a teaching moment to explain that happens to boys from time to time.

Good luck in your decision.

Dec 26, 2011 Be cautious
by: Barnaby

At a very young age it is perhaps fine and harmless to have 3 siblings naked in a pool together.
It is a different Universe to have 3 older siblings nude in a pool. Particularly when it involves a 9 year old boy, often at that age prone to mischief and experimentation. As well as his brother of 12, probably just entering into the mad, mad world of puberty and hormonal activity. And their 11 year old sister, also entering puberty frolicking in all their naked glory into a small backyard pool.
It’s like encouraging young kids to indulge in the ‘harmless’ fun of juggling live grenades. Parents, who allow 3 children at that age to play nude in a pool, are perchance charmed by the children’s nudity and beauty. But ignore the risks involved, and perhaps the tears and misery which may haunt the family for decades-or forever.