Best Magazines for Preschoolers: Top 5 Fun and Educational Titles

With a two-year-old who loves reading, I wanted to find a magazine he would enjoy getting in the mail, that would be fun and colorful, age-appropriate, and also quite educational. I knew about “Highlights” and “Ranger Rick“, the classic kids magazines I received in the mail and loved reading when I was young. But what about preschoolers? Were there magazines out there, geared toward children in the two to four age range?

Here’s what I found. The following titles are the five best magazines for preschoolers, written just for their age group. Each educational magazine is filled with colorful illustrations and photos, fun games and more.

#1.) Highlights “High Five” – ages 3 – 5; “High Five” is the spin-off magazine geared toward preschoolers, published from the same company that produces the classic “Highlights for Kids” magazine. Filled with engaging pictures, puzzles and fun activities suited for young children, “High Five” also includes simple recipes for kids, easy crafts, introductions to other languages, poems and rhymes. This magazine will keep preschoolers entertained for hours by themselves, but is also an excellent way for parents and grandparents to interact with kids. A basic subscription is approximately $35 for 12 issues/1 year.

#2.) National Geographic “Little Kids” – ages 3 – 6; “NG Little Kids” is published by the same parent company that produces the iconic “National Geographic” magazine. As imagined, the nature and wildlife photographs are spectacular, with educational information and plenty of opportunities for preschoolers to learn about the world around them. An added bonus to “NG Little Kids” is a free website (you don’t need a subscription to participate) that contains age-appropriate online games, videos of wild animals, and coloring book printouts. For the bi-monthly magazine – 6 issues a year – a basic subscription is $15, if you purchase through their website (URL at end of article).

#3.) National Wildlife Federation’s “Your Big Backyard – ages 3 – 7; Winning a 2010 Parent’s Choice Gold Award, “Your Big Backyard” magazine is a stand-out, produced by the National Wildlife Federation. Each magazine is meant to help kids learn to love and protect the environment. A magazine full of learning opportunities, preschoolers gain knowledge of nature and wildlife through games, trivia, and other fun activities. The NWF “Your Big Backyard” website includes bonus educational games, fun crafts, snack recipes, teaching tips for parents, and even an art gallery where preschoolers can send in their drawings and artwork to be displayed online. For a 1 year subscription/10 issues, the cost is approximately $20 (S/H included) if you purchase through the NWF magazine’s website (URL at end of article).

#4.) National Wildlife Federation’s “Wild Animal Baby” – Also published through NWF, “Wild Animal Baby” is a magazine suitable for older toddlers ages 2 – 4, with delightful illustrations and fun stories. According to the NWF “Wild Animal Baby” magazine website, “Its mission is to introduce very young children to wildlife in ways that lay the foundation for a lifelong love of the natural world.” Also on the website, parents can check out a sample issue for free to see if this magazine is right for them. Preschoolers will love the big pictures, while parents will love the big, easy text and the emphasis on shapes, colors, numbers and more. 10 issues are published each year, for an approximate cost of $20 (including S/H) if purchased through the NWF “Wild Animal Baby” magazine website (URL at end of article).

#5.) Turtle Magazine for Preschool Kids – ages 3 – 5; From U.S. Kids, the same company that publishes older children’s magazines “Jack & Jill” and “Humpty Dumpty“, “Turtle” magazine successfully engages parents and children in fun, educational interaction. With plenty of read-aloud stories, this magazine is an opportunity for families to spend meaningful time together. Hidden picture games, easy science experiments, a children’s art gallery, and healthy recipes are bonus activities included in this publication. 6 issues (a bi-monthly subscription) can be purchased for approximately $15, if ordered through the “Turtle” magazine website (URL at end of article).

Each of these five titles is educational, age-appropriate and guaranteed to hold your preschooler’s attention, but also very affordable. What a great idea for a holiday or birthday gift that keeps on giving, helps your child learn and gets them excited to check the mail each day. Final tip: please note that each title is cheaper for a subscription if the magazine is ordered through the publication’s website, rather than through a general magazine subscription company.

Turtle magazine

Wild Animal Baby magazine
Your Big Backyard magazine
National Geographic Little Kids magazine
High Five magazine