Attitude of a 7 yr old girl child

My daughter is 7 yrs old and in II standard. After coming from school she watches TV and expects that no one should interupt her. I’m working and go back home at 18:30 hrs refresh and to make her sit to study is a very big job. In the mean time my son aged 2 yrs will come disturbing us. But she waits for a chance to get away from studies and watch TV. All the time watching TV else if we restrict she goes of to play but never sits by herself to study. How do I handle this situation

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Attitude of a 7 yr old girl child

Dec 04, 2010 hey
by: Anonymous

Take away the television. Your child is 7 not 14. She should be following your rules not you trying to follow hers. You could always tell her that she has to finish her homework before she does television, that way you both get what you want. No matter what you have to stop giving in and letting her run the show, you’re the boss.

Aug 13, 2010 Attitude of a 7 yr old girl child
by: Anonymous

I think she needs a good bare bottom spanking.

Feb 03, 2010 what i would do
by: Anonymous

If that was my daughter and she did not do as i told her i would have put her over my knee pulled down her knickers and give her what for.

Mar 22, 2009 Ouch! 
by: Anonymous

Haha, I remember I used to be like that. One day I was at home, playing with my barbies (I was 8) after school with my friend. My mum told me to clean up, because it was time for dinner, and she said that my friend had to go home. I told her very simply “No, we are not finished yet.” My mom gave me this look that quite plainly said Are-you-really-gonna-talk-to-me-like-that? then said “Clean up NOW, and get upstairs. It’s time for your friend to go home.” I told her “No, we are not done yet, and I will come up when we are.” Well, when I finished that sentence, I knew it had been a mistake and instantly regretted it. My mum said in an angry voice “Get upstairs, to your room, NOW!” On the verge of tears, I ran upstairs to my bedroom. I knew right then and there I was going to be spanked. Even though sitting in a bright colourful room filled with toys and books for 20 minutes might not sound bad, believe me, it is a lot worse when you are waiting for a spanking, and I hated it. When my mom came in, I burst into tears, telling her I was sorry and I would never talk to her like that again, and begging her to not spank me. But, my moms’s perfect record for never giving away to my pleaing was not flawed. And as she sat down on my bed and beckoned for me to come over, she said “I gave you a warning, and told you to come upstairs. You know that when you disobey me like that you will be spanked. I am sorry to spank you, you know I love you and this is harder for me then it is for you. I expect you to behave better next time. She then lifted me over her lap (I was a small kid) and I immediately put my hands over my bum, for protection. Thankfully, it was not bare-bum, but I still remember those 15 painful spanks on my bum. I had to clean up the barbies, then wasn’t allowed to go to a birthday party I was supposed to go to later on that week, and my friend was sent home. I wasn’t allowed any friends over for the rest of that month. My mom hugged me after the spanking and told me she loved me, and told me to never act like that again, and that she hated spanking me, but that she must. I remember when my mom left taking down my pants in front of the mirror and seeing that bright pink hand imprint on my bum. Needless to say, I never acted like that again.

Nov 06, 2008 Helping Your Child Concentrate
by: Jean Tracy, MSS

Hi Mpm,

I am a mom too and have been a teacher and a family and child counselor.

I don’t know a lot about the situation so ignore the suggestions that don’t help and try the ones that fit.

Your daughter has lots of positives. She’s intelligent, reasons well, a good conversationalist, likes praise, loves attention and likes to accomplish things.

The first thing I’d ask is, “Is there anyone in the family who models lack of concentration?” If so encourage that person to change.

The next thing I’d ask is, “Does she follow through at home on chores, etc.? Or does anyone complete her tasks for her? You won’t want to help her develop a bad habit.

If she gets out of her responsibilities at home, don’t expect her to change her behavior at school.

My Suggestions:

Make her follow through on home responsibilities with kindness and firmness.

Use a chart with one clear positive goal at the top like, “I finished my chores.” Have a reward that she would like at the bottom of the chart like, “Mommy will read a book with me at bedtime if I finish my chores.”

I suggest all rewards be fun things to do with you. I give 80 fun rewards to parents when they sign up for my parenting newsletter at my website,

When your child consistently follows through with her responsibilities at home, she may improve at school too. If not try these ideas if they fit your situation:

Talk with your child’s teacher and get her suggestions.

Work out a simple note system with the teacher. Your child will bring it home each day. If the report is good,she gets a reward with you, like the bedtime story or a game of cards. Post a chart on the refrigerator and mark how many times she brought positive notes home.

I hope these ideas are helpful. Let me know at I’d love to hear from you.

Aug 04, 2008 Make study fun instead of just sitting alone by herself
by: Judy

I think many parents will be able to identify with your woes. Making a 7 year old sit down all by herself and study is not the easiest thing to do. Do you have someone studying with her? I mean an adult that can sit together with her and making learning fun and giving her directions in her homework.

Another thing to consider is to put her in a room without TV. This way, she will NOT be lured into turning on the goggle box. Many a times, kids are easily addicted to TV programs. Making it a point to turn off the TV set at a predetermine time will help. Even if this means that adults will not be able to watch the favorite sitcoms. Its a price to pay- giving up watching shows for the sake of your kid 🙂 I tried that before and it seems to work for my kid.