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We all know that parenting styles is very important to the way we raise our kids. You can now learn parenting style based on common sense and which is full of practical, do-able strategies to train you how to raise great kids and yes, even how to enjoy the process. In this Training for effective parenting, you will learn how to abandon, punishment without being permissive and become a truly effective parent.

(Watch a Video of Jane Nelsen Ed.D. author of “Positive Discipline”)

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The Online Parenting Classes will help you find out how you can astonish your kids by doing the unexpected and uncover the secret to good behavior with this respectful, kind and firm parenting method. Taught in parenting groups and counseling offices for many years, this solution oriented parenting style is the core of convenientonline parenting classes offered at .

The approach used in these online parenting classes is based on the work of psychologist Alfred Adler and is a respected and proven method in raising cooperative, responsible children. Adler’s concepts about children have been presented in many books by several authors. At they use the Positive Discipline series by Jane Nelsen, Ed.D, distinguished psychologist and educator.

Her parenting book Positive Discipline, originally published in 1981, has remained a classic guide for helping children develop self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation and problem solving abilities. Along with co-authors, Ms. Nelsen has written over a dozen books focusing on implementing positive discipline for children of all ages.

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Choose an 8 Week or Rapid Certificate Online Parenting Class offers 7 parenting classes that allow participants to earn Certificates of Completion for the courts and/or child protection agencies. Their expert parenting coaches have special training in teaching a respectful, democratic and practical approach to parenting with an emphasis on focusing on solutions without being punitive or permissive. Online Parenting Classes: 100% online, so there is no waiting to start the class or for certificates to be mailed

Classes for young children, school age children and teenagers

– 8 week classes and rapid certificate classes

– 8 week classes include a parenting expert that gives personal coaching

– 8 week classes include a print version of the parenting book absolutely free

– Certificates of Completion are accepted by courts nationwide

– Money back guarantee if your Certificate of Completion is not accepted by the courts

You Can Choose From 2 Online Parenting Class Formats

 8 week Online Class with Certificate of Completion

– Choose a class for young, school age or teenage children

-Register and receive your login and password for immediate access to your class

-Receive a FREE print version Positive Discipline parenting book by mail

– Have a personal expert parenting coach 24/7 DURING the class

– Complete feedback forms and your FREE Certificate is available immediately

– 8 hour Certificate of Completion, accepted by courts or your money back.


Rapid Certificate Online Book Study Class

– Choose a class for young, school age or teenage children

– Choose a rapid co-parenting divorce class

– Register and receive your login and password for immediate access to your class

– Read the material and pass the true/false and multiple choice online test

– Your online test is available 24/7 and scored immediately

– Pass the test and your FREE Certificate is available immediately

– 4 hour Certificate of Completion, accepted by courts or your money back