3 year old and has white hair

This morning I was shocked to see a strand of while hair on my 3 year old toddler. Why would a young child at this age have white hair? Is this normal? I always thought that white hair are a sign of aging and perhaps could be also due to hereditary. Both me and my partner did not have white hair while we were younger. What could be the reason for this? Anyone has got the same thing happening to their young child as well?

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3 year old and has white hair

Jan 23, 2013 WHITE HAIR

my 7 year old daughter have some white hair in her head i am very worried about this please tell me about solution. my email is *******

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Jan 21, 2013 white hair
by: santhoschi

I’m 25 yrs old.but my hair is become a almost white. How do i stop it? Plz give me some tips.

Jan 19, 2013 White hair since 12
by: Anonymous

The very first time I noticed that I had a strand of hair that was white was when I was 12. I pulled it out later with a tweezer. Months later, the white hair grew back and stuck out from the rest of my hair, like it was stiff and wouldn’t fall easily like my other hairs on my head.

It was what you would call stiff looking. Later on, as the years passed I started getting more white hairs. Recently, I was combing my hair and one of the strangest things happened….one of the few pieces of hair that came onto my hair looked white.

I took a look at it and the end was black, the middle was white, and the beginning of the hair was white. I was amazed thinking that maybe the rest of my hair will turn black again. I did start taking my vitamins and stuff ever since when I first realized when I was 12 that I had white hair. I am 15 years old and have like 10 strands of white hair. I hope it stops.

Jan 14, 2013 white hair
by: Anonymous

I’m 25 yrs old.but my hair is become a almost white. How do i stop it? Plz give me some tips.

Dec 31, 2012 It might not be a serious problem
by: Anonymous

My mother’s hair began growing out black and white when she was 12 years old after she had pneumonia and almost died. Her hair has always been more white than black. She is 97 years old now.

If you can it might be good to talk to a doctor. It would bother me if my child had bald patches or grey hair unless I knew it was a family trait. Hopefully, vitamin therapy may be all you need.

Oct 29, 2012 my hair is changed from black to white when I was 15 years old.
by: kormed6@gmail.com

I want to changed my white hair to the black. please told me the medicine which can change my hair from the white to black.

Oct 10, 2012 GRAYING OF HAIR
by: Anonymous


Aug 18, 2012 white hair
by: sandeep kumar

My name is sandeep kumar ,and in age of 12 years my hair was white. So plz help me friends

Aug 12, 2012 white hairs
by: pavneet

i also having white hairs please tell me how to prevent it .my age is only 12 years .please friends help me.

Aug 05, 2012 white hairs
by: annie

hi im very worried cause my daughter shes 5 years old and shes got so many white hairs i wana ask is this normal or do i hve to consult a doctor thankyou and my e mail adress is www.annierana@hotmail.co.uk

Aug 03, 2012 WHITE HAIR


Jul 20, 2012 white hair problem
by: Mayank Arya

hi, i am just of 15 and white hair is growing to my head what should i do for this?

Jun 17, 2012 white hair & falls down 
by: shivangee sharma

i shocked to see white hair on my heady at age 16. what can be the reason and any remedies for that.
my e-mail:shivangeesharma2009@gmail.com

Jun 07, 2012 My Child Hair Growth Problem 
by: Pradeep Shinde

Dear Doctor,

In My Childs head some part hair fall & that parts become bald. That parts hairs not growing. Pls. suggest solution for it. I shall be grateful and obliged of you.

Thanking you,


Pradeep Shinde

May 05, 2012 50% WHITE HAIR 
by: Anonymous


May 05, 2012 40% WHITE HAIR MY CHILD
by: Anonymous


Apr 13, 2012 white hair
by: aarif khan

i am 20 years old .plz help me m worried .due to white hair .from last 2 years some of my hair become white nw i feel so bad due to white hair ..plz help me …….. My email id . Aarifkhan.aatif@yahoo.com

Apr 11, 2012 email id
by: Anonymous

same as problem.pls sugges email id
my email id is harrish.narvana@gmail.com

Apr 06, 2012 White hair
by: Linda

Here is a link that might help. http://www.cnn.com/2009/HEALTH/expert.q.a/05/25/white.hair.child/ – I have a granddaughter and a couple of nieces/nephews that all have a shock of white hair. It is something genetic. For what ever reason, the pigment doesn’t grow in those hairs. Otherwise, they are perfectly healthy. For anyone that may be going totally gray at a young age, I would seek the advice of a doctor.

Apr 06, 2012 Solution to White Hairs in Baby
by: Anonymous

My Son also suffered from same problem when he was 2 year old. I found 3

white hair on his back head. I consulted with many doctors but result was


Finally i decided to visit Lilavati Hospital in mumbai there i met

Dr.S.G.Parasramani in Dermatology department. He just told me not to be

wooried it just becoz of lack of iron and calcium in baby.

He the advused me to give my baby:
Dexorange Syrup (10 Ml in Morning)
Macalvit Syrup ( 10 ml in Night)

Result: Within one month all white hair gone. My son is now 4 year old and

with no sign of such white hair.

As a parent i’m still concerned with my baby health.

I hope this post could help you.

Apr 06, 2012 White Hair in kids
by: Jitin

Dear All,

Solution: Give your young one Dexorange syrup 10 Ml in morning and Macalvit 10 Ml in night for alteast 3 month.

Reason: My Son when he was 2 year old, i found 3 white hairs on his back head. I was worried enough. I went to many doctors looking for positve result but all failed atlast i went to Ninavati Hospital in mumbai and i consulted with dermatologist who just asked me to give these two syrups.

Within one month i saw all those white hair went away. He is now 4 year old and no such problem of white hair.

I hope this could help you. If any query please post here.

Mar 26, 2012 White Hair
by: Anonymous

When I was born I had found out I had white hair but from this age I still dont know why.

Do not pull your white hair off or more can grow!

Mar 23, 2012 Two white hair on my son’s head who is 4.5 years old
by: Anonymous

Two weeks before I noticed two white hair on my son’s head. I was worried to see them, please help us regarding treating the problem and inform a able doctor’s address. My email ID is harishshishodia@rediffmail.com

Mar 18, 2012 white hire
by: umesh

i am 23 old. y hire is whiting now.it is poblem to me there for you can tell me a medicing it.give me a messege on my email. umesheranga@ymail.com

Mar 08, 2012 same problem
by: Shubh

I’m the mother of a seven yr old child.Last month I noticed a strand of white hair while combing her nice jet black hair.I seriously got shocked.today As I was again checking her tresses I saw one gray hair had been replaced by many such strands. Plz help as i’m really worried about this as my child is too young.If there is any herbal treatment or medicine to prevent further graying of her hair, kindly let me know.

by: Anonymous

I’m 21 yrs old.but my hair is become a white.hw do i stop it? Plz gve me tips.my e-mail is chathurikasewwandi098@gmail.com

Feb 20, 2012 My 1 year old child got white hair 
by: taruna

dear sir i saw one white hair im my 1 yeary old son. I am warried about sombody can tell me reason and solution of this problem?

my mail id taruna_20022002@yahoo.com

by: Anonymous



MY E-MAIL ADDRESE IS kunjesh.raval@yahoo.com

by: Anonymous


Feb 08, 2012 White Hair
by: Renuka

Hi… my 4 year old also had a 3 white hair strands. i am really worried as my partner had white hair while he was in his late teens and i dont want that to happen to my son.. please advice.
Mail ID: renu2912@gmail.com

Jan 30, 2012 white hair
by: shallusuresh82@gmail.com

my 2 year boy baby has white hair, can you please give me tips or antibiotic.

Jan 30, 2012 white hair
by: priya

my son is 2 year old i saw one white hair today, i am worried please sent some tips.shalini.priya15@yahoo.com

Jan 11, 2012 i take good diet but about my 9 hair are whitee
by: Anonymous

i am 14 years student and i am healthy boy. i take always good diet but my some about 9 hairs white what is reason for this? and one thing i don’t eat meat,eggs this is reason or not? and my father and mother have not white hair in childhood so please send me solution at manishdabanggs729@gmail.com

Jan 06, 2012 HELP ME
by: Anonymous


Dec 18, 2011 White Hair Problem in 14 years age.
by: Sumit Kumar

I am 14 years old boy, I have just seen some white hairs. My parent has dark original black hair in 47 years age. what should I do what should I eat, Please suggest me if you have any solution.

Nov 22, 2011 early age white hair
by: V Loganathan

My son is 15 yrs old. For the last 3 – 4 yrs, we are seeing many hairs at the middle of his scalp getting white instead the natural colour. Due to which, he feel shameful and his co-students are also teasing him quoting the white hairs. So, we wish our son must get rid off this problem. Please send an idea as to how this problem could be cured earliest possible.

Oct 17, 2011 white hair 2 year old
by: Anonymous

My 2 year old has one white hair, i am really concerned as im 27 and i have just started getting white hair he is just a baby. I was using baby oil on him could that be the cause?

Oct 11, 2011 treatment for white hair
by: jimmy

home treatment. really easy to use. i have applied on my own baby.. it works

1. use 100% coconut oil. (no mixture of any thing)

2. give your baby. multivitamin, multivitamin & antioxident syrup once in a day.

you will see results in two months. hair will grow to its natural colour.

if you require any other suggesting. please email me at spkeng1@gmail.com

Sep 27, 2011 melanin
by: Anonymous

All of you guys might see white hair on a person who is not even old because they have no melanin in their body

Sep 26, 2011 Give me any suggest
by: Anonymous

I m 26 yeasr old. Last two months i m facing of white hair. I dont what happend last two months how can i stop my white hair plz suggest me.

Sep 25, 2011 white hair for kids
by: Anonymous

This morning I was shocked to see a strand of white hair on my 5 year old daughter. Why would a young child at this age have white hair? Is this normal? What could be the reason for this? i am searching for the reason. So suggest me diet plan, home solutions, vitamin or etc. (so pls. help me….tnx…this is my email sasivarsha.m@GMAIL.COM)

Sep 07, 2011 hair whiteness
by: Sudhanshu

I am 13 years old and my 60-70 hairs are grey what should i do to stop them pls tell me

Aug 11, 2011 my daughter has odd black hair growing not white
by: Anonymous

my daughter has very blonde hair and she has one spot that grows black. has anyone ever heard of this?

Aug 10, 2011 WHITE OUT……..
by: Anonymous


Jul 24, 2011 white back
by: Anonymous

im an 18 yr old male and i have very small white hairs growing on my neck and down my back i dont understand y i just want answers

Jul 21, 2011 WHITE HAIR IN 6 YR OLD
by: Anonymous

my 6 year old daughter too has strands of white. I first noticed 2-3 when she was 4 but now she has 30 or so and it is very worrying.Strngely also some of the white hair are turnig black again. Nobody in my family has a history of premature greying .I have been to 2 paedeiatricians and both have disregarded it as genetic. I am not satisfied by that answer and am planning to consult a dermatologist .

Jul 08, 2011 14, and already white.
by: Nana

I’m 14, and half my head is already white. No need to stress. I don’t even hide it. It’s a nice contrast to the top layers of black. My hair is naturally black, and I don’t use anything in my hair other than shampoo and conditioner. It is genetic. Both my parents had whites at a very young age, and they both had it because of malnutrition.

And to the person above me, yes, you do look smarter and wiser with your white hairs. As an honor student, I take pride.

Hair color isn’t something to stress out about. It’s perfectly normal. If you still have issues, you should go to a pediatrician. A single white hair may just fall out and so be it.

Jun 27, 2011 hair
by: tarun

it is genetic or it is due to lack of biotene

Jun 25, 2011 dhara
by: dhara

Yes, I also noticed four months back white hair in my daughter (3 Years old), and searching for the reason. So suggest me diet plan, home solutions, vitamin or etc. (so pls. help me.this is my email Id ( dhara757@gmail.com)

Jun 21, 2011 White Hair
by: KITU

Yes, I also noticed few days back white hair in my daughter (2 Year old), and searching for the reason. So suggest me diet plan, home solutions, vitamin or etc. (so pls. help me….tnx…this is my email PINKU1437@GMAIL.COM)

May 31, 2011 white hair problem
by: vandana singh

same as my problem, my name vandana singh,22 yr,i have also as like same problem, and in this time my 70% hair is going to white, and i done many treatments,but no benefit, everyone insulting me, if u have any solution from ur network pls give me on my mail ID vandana_singh2011@rediffmail.com ,i will highly oblized, thanks

May 01, 2011 white hair on a seven years old
by: Anonymous!

My little brother told me to cut his hair.When i wus cuting his hair,i wus noticing that he had like 30 white hairs in the back of his head.And i never had white hair and im 17 years old.i know kids are going to make fun of him when he gets older about his hair..Does anyone knows why is this happing to my little brother.?is it just because he gets stressed out over video games.?

Apr 30, 2011 white hair
by: rakesh

my kid is 1year and 3 months ago, and starting his white hair for different areas. i counted 5 white hairs. so suggest me diet plan, home solutions, vitamin or etc.

Apr 21, 2011 nothing is wrong
by: Anonymous

Accordingly to my peers and relatives and my own knowledge gained from school it is NORMAL to have white hair. There is no need for panic because you’re not the only person who has it apparently.
It’s rather you ate too much meat or genetics. It could also be the age you gave birth. It’s fine!

IF you are yet concerned, please go to the doctors and get an maintenance. It is most definitely more efficient to have an appointment than loitering discussing this. Although rest assured that it’s normal! NOTHING IS WRONG!!

Apr 01, 2011 why?
by: Anonymous

im 17 and my hair has lots of blonde and ginger strands. had them since i was but i think its just a lack of pigment. they r all on the bottom layer of my hair too!

Mar 05, 2011 im scared….. 🙁
by: maricel

when i was 8 years old…my tita told me….,,i have white hair in my head….and when i see in the mirrow….im chuck ..till now i have so many white hair in my head….i dont know what i do ….im scared so much 🙁 so pls help me….tnx…this is my email maricel_cabisan@yahoo.com

Jan 25, 2011 wh
by: pplluver

i don’t have white hair but my cuz has sinceshe wuz born do you know why??? <333

Jan 23, 2011 Good luck?
by: Anonymous

When I was 7 my dad spot white hair upon my head he said it was “good luck!”, but now im 14 and turning 15 in july and my sister just spoted 3 white hairs on my head. I’m not really prone to any dieases that i know of, always active/hyper, and im not allergic to anything. I guess it’s really nothing to be afraid of,and maybe it might be luck!

Jan 20, 2011 me and my white hair
by: ius

I have white hair since 8 year old and now It is just icreasing little little now i am 12 but still i have white hair please tell me solution my email adreas is ius_marjan@yahoo.com

Dec 27, 2010 My son is 5 years and has a white hair
by: Anonymous

Pls help me what to do. Does he has some difficiency of vitamins and protiens or is it genetic.

Dec 11, 2010 feel bad
by: Anonymous

I’ve had white hair since i was four years old and it keeps on increasing as i age. Now I am 16 and i have lots of white hair on the back of my head. My classmates tease me and call me grandpa in school. How do I stop it because it makes me feel really bad about myself 🙁

Dec 11, 2010 white hair
by: Anonymous

i’ve had white hair since i was four years old and it keeps on increasing as i age. My classmates in school call me grandpa and make fun of me and also call me like im an old person. how do i lose it because it makes me feel bad about myself

Nov 08, 2010 13 and15 year old and has white hair 
by: farooq

My two sons is 13 years old and has lots of white hair on his head. How could I give him treatment plz help me. My Email-address

Nov 07, 2010 Is there a solution to white hair?
by: Uzmah Omar

I was 6 years when I started getting white hair. I am now 12 years and have still got them. What can I do? People make fun of me and tease me because of them and say that I am old but this is really bad. I am really sad. Can anyone give me a solution? Thanks a lot.

Nov 03, 2010 3 year old has white hair
by: canny low

Hi dr, parents etc,

Today I found my 3 year old daughter has a strand of white hair. My husband & myself are Malaysian Chinese. My 11 yr old son got no white hair at all but why my daughter? Kindly comments to cannylow1001@yahoo.com.my & thanks a lot.

Nov 03, 2010 Nothing wrong with grey hair
by: Mountain

I was 11 yes old when I started noticing grey hair on my head, at 18 my beard was going grey, by 20 my entire chin was white beard. I kinda like it, really makes people wonder about my actual age.

Generally for a child to have grey hair often means that they have a medical condition, for me it turns out I have had heart problems from birth but it was never caught until I had my second heart attack at age 36.

If you have a child getting grey hair, especially if they have more and more each year I would suggest really looking to see if they have an unknown medical condition. I would like to differentiate though between having white hair and going grey, many people have white hair as children which turns dark in adolescence, my wife and daughter my father and grandmother are examples of this.

Oct 25, 2010 white hair
by: w00tzor

uhmm i am 13 and i got loads of white hair xD is it dangerous or something why are the people freaking out that much

Oct 18, 2010 White hair
by: Prakash Chand

My son is 9 years old and has lots of white hair on his head. How could I give him treatment plz help me. My Email-address is chandcyber@gmail.com

Oct 03, 2010 white hair
by: sreedevi

my son becomes 7 in this november.But now i see some white hairs in his head.What is the reason for it? What we can do for it?

Sep 22, 2010 my daughter age 8 has one white hair
by: Anonymous

i got white hair when i was 10 years old, subsequently it increases day by day. in my 3 brothers and three sisters no one had white hair. now my daughter age 8 years got one white hair. what i should do. it is because of my genetic or its nothing to worry

Sep 22, 2010 white hair on my one year kid
by: murugesh

few days ago i saw one white hair on my one year old kid. i am worrying about this because few weeks ago i went my native place and i met one of my cousin who was suffering from leprosy. That leprosy patient hold my kid for few minutes while the time (the mycobactirium leprey) the bacteria may came into my kids body, this is the only reason for my worries. Please clarify my doubt thanks ………..

Sep 21, 2010 white hairs
by: Anonymous

To day my mum found white hairs on top of head they where wary and stuff i’m only 11 years of age am i turning into an old women HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sep 14, 2010 3 year old with white hair

my son is 3 years old and i discovered 3 white hairs in his head and went to my doctor and he said it was nothing to worry about it is genetic so anyone out there with the same thing dont worry to much about it unless you are really concered….

Aug 10, 2010 i am 15 and i have whit hair
by: wafa

i am 15 and i have olmost 40 white hair what should i do pls answer mw

Aug 08, 2010 White Hair
by: Anonymous

Okay really, it’s either heredity, allergies, or it’s just simply a dying hair strand that lost it’s pigmentation. Really parents, I’m 12 and I have some white hair, but I don’t freak out about it. Relax, it’s fine. Your son/daughter won’t grow up to be a mutant monster or anything.

Aug 08, 2010 white on my back
by: Anonymous

i’m 16 years old and i found white hair on my back, and now it is just growing more.

Jul 30, 2010 i dont wory
by: leahgirl

my son has had white strands of hair sence he was born he is now 3 years old the doctor said that it is more common in multi raced babies. my son is mostly native american and his dad had it to when he was a baby and still does and he is now 31. so i dont worry his dad is healthy and so is my son. i hope this helps someone if you need to look back in your family tree and see where it may have come from

Jul 29, 2010 I got white hair man
by: TakBolehTahanle

Hey,I dont know why i got white hair.And my white hair just got in behind only in front dont hv anyone can help me?

Jul 09, 2010 Im 14, I have one single white hair and im fine.
by: Anonymous

I’m fourteen and I have a single white hair in my hair. Calm the hell down people. One white or gray hair is nothing. Heaps of indian kids are born with one white or grey hair. It’s nothing to worry or care about. If you know, your kid’s got more than a few grey or white hairs, then you might want to worry, but apart from that having one grey or white hair doesn’t matter. As I said before, alot of kids are born with one and it was probably just a screw up in the making of the baby.

Jul 03, 2010 Don’t worry about it!
by: Anonymous

Jeez, there’s a lot of ridiculous theories about white hair. Well I for one was born with a strand of white hair on the side of my head. I’m thirteen years old and still alive (for those of you who think your children will die early if they have white hair…they WON’T)My dad has it too. Might be genetic might not. I do have allergies but just to pollen (that’s not weird) I am not prone to diseases either. I’m healthy, I eat plenty of fruits AND vegetables. So the lack of eating vegetables is not the result for white hair.
And what’s with the FUNGUS theory, you just make me feel like a dirty person when you say that!
Some people think your smarter if you have white hair at a young age, but it’s just myth (maybe)

Parents…just calm down. Heck, if you’re still worried ask your pedeatricion. Duhh.

Jul 01, 2010 whit hair in 3 yrs child my son
by: guru

yesterday i saw a single white hair i went to child specilasit he say it is normal because of hereiatery genetical problem dont worry it will automatic fall down

Jun 23, 2010 Grey Hair
by: Anonymous

my hair is naturally black and one day my sister found a white hair,but what was so odd about it was half of it was grey and the other half ot it was black.

Jun 21, 2010 Not to worry about it I guess
by: Anonymous

I have had five white strands of hair in one spot of my head I guess since I was born. My hair is completely black ands I am now 12. I had forgotten the fact that my mom told me so I just pulled out that hair.

But, I don’t have any problems, no allergies,I’m not prone to dieseases, and I’m a very smart person. I live a normal life. Of course I can’t answer why this is happening. I’m a child myself and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t inherited from my grandparents because i am the only one in my family like that.

I’m sure there souldnt be to much to worry about.

Jun 15, 2010 6 year old almost all white
by: brassy

my 6 year old has blond hair if his hair was black he would be salt and peper i just hope it has nothing to do with a mediacal reason. i was told that my grandmother was gray by the time she was 15 and i never remember my mother being with out white hair.i just dont know if i should worry about this. i will talk to his doctor about it and try to repost her answer for everyone

Jun 11, 2010 3 year old w white hair
by: MReyes

I just now saw that my 3 year old daughter had a hair that was brown and lightened to blonde then white! I m so scared and worried about this. Can anyone offer some ideas as to why she had it? I pulled it out to see it closer accidentally. I’m 27 n never had a white hair til i was 26. Even now i only have maybe 3. Headed to the dr first chance i get

May 29, 2010 white hair
by: secret

heloo i am 10 years old but i dont know why i have a white hair

Feb 21, 2010 white hair
by: akpk

my son is 2.5 yrs old.
He eats veg and non-veg . i dont think there is any issue with his diet, but i found a white hair today. wonder by now if any one has got an answer for it. We dont have any family history regarding this.

Feb 09, 2010 white hair
by: t-bear

Im a kid with white hair at the age of 12.i dont know why this is happening.its on the back and front of my hair.

Jan 10, 2010 sad
by: sam

i am of 14 years and have 20-30 white hairs but it only at the back of my head and there is not a sign of white hairs on front of my head

Jan 04, 2010 white hair in 5 years old child
by: anish porwal

dear sir i saw some white hair im my 6 yeary old son. I am warried about sombody can tell me reason and solusation of this problem?

Dec 09, 2009 white hair
by: Anonymous

i shocked to see white hair to my child at age 6. what can be the reason and any remedies for that.

Nov 21, 2009 Wondering the same Vitamins? Toxins?
by: Anonymous

I recently discovered a few white hairs on myself. Being almost 37, I thought it was normal.

Then I found a very few white hairs on each of my three children, aged 7,8, and 10.

All of our white hairs are about the same length; about 2.5-3 inches. Being that hair grows about 6″ a year, and we’ve lived in our house about 7-8 months, this seems very suspicious to me.

I’ve been doing internet searches for clues. Most of what I’m reading about points at Vitamin deficiency. However, there hasn’t been any significant changes in our diets.

There are a number of diseases listed for childhood premature graying. I didn’t find anything related to exposure to specific toxins. Again, it does appear that this is related to something in our current home, so it seems dangerous. I’m going to test our water. Even though we one the best water filters, we bath and cook with our house water.

I read something about a fungus possibility.

My instinct though is that unless there’s a family history of childhood graying, something is not right and should be investigated and treated. It’s not natural.

Oct 27, 2009 White hair too
by: Anonymous

Hi… my 3 year old also had a 2 white hair strands a lil while back and then they disappeared…. and now i saw again tday another white strand… i am really worried as my partner had white hair while he was in his late teens and i dont want that to happen to my daughter.. please advice

Oct 04, 2009 My 1 year old child got white hair too
by: Joselin

I’m a Malaysian and I’m a Chinese. I’m very nervous now because my one year old child also have white hair. When she was born, her hair was balck. After a few months, some part of her hair changed to Gold colour. Then now, she got gold hair and white hair.

Sep 08, 2009 b12, not from vegetables.
by: mk

Just to point out a mistake below, vegetables are a *very* poor source of b12.

While vegetables are good for many things, b12 is not one of them. In fact, it is very difficult to get b12 from plant sources of any kind, which is why b12 deficiency is a common concern (although less often a problem) among vegans.

Good sources of b12 are animal proteins (meats, fish, eggs and milk), fortified foods (i.e.: cereals), or vitamins. There is also some production of b12 by bacteria in our intestines, but it forms pretty far down where absorption is poor in most people.

However, deficiency is very unlikely unless they have digestive problems. Most children have diets that contain vastly more b12 than they need.

It doesn’t take much b12 to satisfy the body. One cup of milk or yogurt has more b12 than a 3 year old needs in a day (0.9ug), as does 2 eggs or 1 ounce of beef.

Unlike most other b vitamins, the body can also store very large quantities of b12 (many years worth!) so you don’t even need to get it every day, or even every week, as long as you get enough on average.

Unless your child is not eating any animal products, fortified cereals, or vitamins, the odds of b12 deficiency are small.

Aug 24, 2009 white hair
by: >?

my 1 year old son had white and red strands of hair and i was wondering i started noticing when he was one now hes three

Jul 14, 2009 lack of vitamin B12
by: Judy

It could be due to a lack of vitamin B12 which usually comes from eating vegetables. I wouldn’t be overly worried as it is usually just a passing phase which could be overcome as they grow older. Maybe a simple blood test by your pediatrician could help to determine any B12 deficiency.

Jul 14, 2009 White hair at 6 year old girl
by: Anonymous

Yes, I also noticed few days back white hair in my daughter (6 Year old) , and searching for the reason. We all love our childrens, Can anyone help us why this is happening?

Apr 14, 2009 3yr. old has white hair
by: Anonymous

I was worried when I noticed my 3yr. old had a white hair also. Lately I have seen more. A friend to me that it was a TIN deficientcy (sorry on the spelling). On our next doctor visit I’m asking about it.

Apr 11, 2009 3 year old also has a strand of white hair!
by: Anonymous

I was also shocked today to see a strand of white hair on my 3 year old sons hair. I’m wondering why he has it?