16 year old daughter asked for a spanking what should I do?!

I have a rebellious teenage daughter who is constantly on restriction. The other day while still grounded she told me she needed a good spanking to feel better about herself and get a clean slate. What should I do?!

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16 year old daughter asked for a spanking what should I do?!

Aug 28, 2012 Not That Uncommon
by: Anonymous

What you’re doing now isn’t working. Grounding teens often fail. If your teen doesn’t have the self-control to behave, she probably doesn’t have the self-control to learn from grounding. Given an informed choice, most older daughters actually prefer being paddled over their mom’s knee.

First, girls have to know someone cares. Moms are the most significant role model in their daughter’s life. They crave mom’s approval.
Second, teens really do what to behave. They want their moms to be proud of them and behaving does that. It has to be deserved. Teens hate phony.

Third, teenagers want bright clear lines between right and wrong. That’s why life seems to simple when we’re teenagers.

Third, paddling sets a boundary in a teen’s mind. Teens internalize the lesson learned over mother’s knee as a guide to future behavior. It’s stays there even when Mom isn’t around.

Fourth, teenage daughters need to feel clean inside. Paddling does that.

Fifth, all too often, teenage daughters know they deserve a paddling long before their mothers arrive at the same conclusion.

Sixth, teens are burdened by the second guessing that plagues their mothers’ thinking. When compared to mothers, pretty straight forward. For them, consequence follows behavior.

Seventh, paddling doesn’t interfere with the social life.

Eighth, most moms paddle their teenage daughters at some point.

Ninth, getting paddled is an unofficial club for teenage girls.

Sit down and have frank mother-daughter talk. Listen. Find out what’s on her mind. She may actually have a good idea what she needs to straighten her out. What would she do if she was the mother? Discover how much she knows about how her friends are disciplined by their moms.

Let your daughter know that bare bottom paddlings are embarrassing and painful for teenagers. That’s why they are effective. Also inform your daughter that, once the two of you start down this road, all final decisions are yours. You will be willing to listen to her side of the story, but once you tell her the time has come for a paddling, there will be no getting out of it. Never bluff.

Find an implement that really stings. Don’t spank with your hand the first time. If your daughter learns to endure a spanking without changing her mind or her behavior, you are setting yourself up for a battle of wills. After a daughter has been trained with a paddle, then her mom can more informally take her difficult daughter aside and give her a brief impromptu lecture before turning her over the knee for a old-fashioned panties down spanking with mother’s hand.

Privacy is paramount. Your daughter’s panties need to come down. As her mom, responsible for what happens, you need to be able to monitor in real time what is happening in her brain as well has on her bottom. Take your time. Longer is better than harder. Look for repentant crying and the feeling of a lesson learned. Girls need this release!.

Aug 14, 2012 Please Spank Her!!
by: Jay

Please spank her. She will respect you down the road.

Aug 03, 2012 Please Spank Your Daughter
by: Mark

In my opinion, I would spank her. If you don’t spank her she will resent you when she becomes an adult. I would talk to her and explain to her that there are consequences in life and some of them may not be enjoyable. I would bring her to a private location, pull her pants down and spank her bare bottom with you hand for a long lenghth of time until her bottom turns red.After her spanking I would hug her and tell her I love you, but I had to teach you a valuable lesson in life.

Jul 31, 2012 Yes, I would spank her.
by: Joel

I would certainly spank her. She knows that she has done something wrong and needs to be disciplined. It is very seldom that young teens admit their faults and ask for a proper spanking. I would take her to a private room, bare her bottom and spank her firmly with your hand until her butt is very bright red, but not blistered. I think she will respect you and when she becomes an adult will remember that there are consequences to pay when you do something wrong. I would only use a hairbrush and wooden spoon on her bottom if she continues to repeat a wrong doing. Best of lock!

Mar 06, 2012 Let her have it
by: Pathinar

If she’s serious I would it might be what she needs. I would make sure she understands that means bare bottom with a belt or paddle and not a swat but many. If she wants the slate clean make sure she earns it.

Mar 06, 2012 Give her what she needs
by: Anonymous

Sometimes our children know what they need. First of all ask her what kind of spanking she thinks she will get and is she serious about getting one. Then give her a good hard spanking and see if that changes her attitude. Now she might just want a spanking for other reasons so be careful.

Dec 28, 2011 Don’t do as she asks
by: Ivan

To give her a spanking upon her request, so that her slate which is far from clean can have the bad erased is a falacy.
Tell her that you are willing to clean her slate if she behaves properly in future.
To spank her at 16 will leave you open to all sorts of accusations.Not for a moment do I believe that after doing as she asks that she will be of good behaviour. It will instead open the door to real bad behaviour. So don’t do it.