Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Reviews of popular homeschool curriculum and guide for homeschoolers. Include Christian homeschool curriculum such as the Bob Jones Homeschool CurriculumRod and Staff Homeschool Curriculum and many more. You can also find reviews of secular homeschooling programs and online homeschooling programs.

 Flashcards for Kids

Early Childhood Learning system using flashcards for kids. Creative parents could also make use of these flash cards for kids as a form of game which every member of the family could participate. In this way, learning could be dynamic and interactive while allowing each family member to strengthen the bond between them.

Homeschool and Child Learning

Abeka Curriculum – Abeka Homeschool

Abeka curriculum is characterized by the amount of exposure it gives to your child, and the quality of intellectual challenges your child encounters. This learning system involves a real lot of reading…

Sonlight Curriculum Review

The Sonlight Curriculum instills a love of learning through literature and experience. Rather than using textbooks and rote memorization for most subjects (math is a notable exception – problems are …

Singapore Math Curriculum

Singapore math has some fundamental differences in approach compared to the standard practice of teaching math. The curriculum and study materials are designed to answer fundamental …

Saxon Math Homeschool

Saxon Math is not about amassing a number of concepts in a short period of time with concentration on one topic at a time as in a chapter of a book. It is more about incremental learning …

Homeschooling Pros and Cons

Just like traditional schooling, home schooling has both its advantages and disadvantages. This form of schooling has its own unique fortes and strengths. Some of the great things about home schooling …

Learning Styles in Children- Visual, Auditory or Kinesthetic

Not all learning programs are suitable for all students because of their individual preferences and behavior. It is crucial for you to understand that each child has a unique learning style that should …

Teach Baby To read

Once a baby crosses three years of age and enters childhood, the prospect to naturally teach reading gradually starts to subside. At and after this stage, the difficulty of acquiring such important …

Hooked On Phonics Reviews

Hooked On Phonics starts at a slow and basic pace in order not to confuse or ostracize students with very severe learning deficiencies. The first step, naturally, is to pair the verbal sounds of … – essay writers.

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Homeschooling and Child Development

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Popular Homeschooling Methods
Why homeschooling?
Homeschool Software - Educational Resources
Homeschool Physical Education
Classical Christian Homeschooling and Learning Style theories
Home School Math
Singapore Math Curriculum
Saxon Math Homeschool
Child Math Anxiety
Learning Styles in Children
Homeschool Projects – Homeschooling ideas
Homeschool Art Curriculum Benefits
Homeschool Schedule Tips
How to start homeschooling ?
Good Parenting Skills tested in homeschooling
Homeschooling Pros and Cons
Understanding The Temperament and Personality Of Your Child
Child Bad Behavior
Aggressive Child Behavior
Sibling rivalry
Temper Tantrums in Children
Speech and Language Development
Dealing with speech problems
Stuttering in children
Parenting ADHD Children
- How is ADHD children being treated?
Out of control children
Bipolar disorder in children
Anger Management For Children
Emotional Development and the Self Esteem in Children

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